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Cancer 22:20 - Dec 5 with 4477 viewsGowerjack

I've been posting on here for years and made some friends and a few foes!

I've some news.

I've been diagnosed with a tumour in my left kidney. I'm going into Morriston Hospital on Sunday for surgery to remove the offending article and hopefully that will be the end of the matter.

The point I want to make is that this was only found by chance whilst undergoing investigation for something else. My initial symptoms were only ongoing fatigue nothing more.

So please guys do yourselves a favour and badger your GP for blood tests or if you have private cover get yourself checked out.

You've nothing to lose and maybe plenty to gain!


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Cancer on 22:24 - Dec 5 with 1917 viewsHumpty

Hope everything goes well.

All the best.

Cancer on 22:25 - Dec 5 with 1911 viewsDarran

Even though you’re a bit of a knob you are going to be fine.

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Cancer on 22:36 - Dec 5 with 1891 viewsBrynCartwright

Best of luck GowerJack.

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Cancer on 22:38 - Dec 5 with 1884 viewslifelong

All the best to you GJ.

Cancer on 22:43 - Dec 5 with 1872 viewsSwanzay

ATB YJB, keep us updated.
Cancer doesn't discriminate, so be proactive all, if you can and share knowledge!

Cancer on 22:43 - Dec 5 with 1870 viewssainthelens

Good luck GJ. I've got a stomach ultrasound just before Xmas so that stuff does focus your senses. Fingers crossed for you buddy.

Cancer on 22:53 - Dec 5 with 1853 viewsbuilthjack

Stay strong and beat the bustard. Good luck

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Cancer on 22:57 - Dec 5 with 1831 viewslonglostjack

Top post. All the best.

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Cancer on 23:02 - Dec 5 with 1812 viewsUxbridge

That's bloody awful news, but a very admirable message. Hope all goes well on Sunday.

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Cancer on 23:05 - Dec 5 with 1808 viewstrampie

All the best Gowerjack.

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Cancer on 23:17 - Dec 5 with 1784 viewsdickythorpe

Keep strong and beat the fecker. Rooting for you and you will be in safe hands. Those nurses and surgeons are heroes.

Cancer on 23:39 - Dec 5 with 1745 viewsmonmouth

Beat The bastard The Gowerjack. Do it!

Good luck

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Cancer on 00:15 - Dec 6 with 1711 viewscontroversial_jack

Wishing you a speedy recovery, mate

Cancer on 00:42 - Dec 6 with 1699 viewstheloneranger

Good luck GJ

Cancer on 02:44 - Dec 6 with 1660 viewsbonymine

A Positive Mental Attitude will fight this head on and your post is a great early example of that.

Stay strong all the best for Sunday.

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Cancer on 05:21 - Dec 6 with 1633 viewsJack_Meoff

Best wishes and positive vibes to you mucker, hope everything goes well Sunday

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Cancer on 05:53 - Dec 6 with 1619 viewsjackal

Good luck, mate.

It's marvellous what can be done about cancer these days. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Cancer on 08:01 - Dec 6 with 1551 viewsswan65split

Best of luck GowerJack YJB

Cancer on 08:12 - Dec 6 with 1542 viewsItchySphincter

Good luck Steve.

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Cancer on 08:41 - Dec 6 with 1529 viewsCatullus

Good luck YJB!!

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Cancer on 08:49 - Dec 6 with 1514 viewsMrSwerve

All the best Gowerjack.

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Cancer on 09:18 - Dec 6 with 1489 viewsPhil_S

All the best for Sunday and very strong and good advice

Cancer on 09:56 - Dec 6 with 1460 viewsoldcob

Good luck Gower Jack.

Cancer on 10:00 - Dec 6 with 1458 viewsjohnlangy

Best of luck GJ .

Cancer on 10:03 - Dec 6 with 1453 viewsWarwickHunt

All of the above.

Good luck, pal.
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