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Championship clubs are money blackholes. 00:13 - Dec 14 with 48 viewsomarjack

Owners of Championship clubs that fail to get promoted are constantly bleeding money on their investment.

It's safe to say that we won't be playing PL football next year. Which brings me to the obvious question..

The owners don't give a f*ck about Swansea or "soccer". They would have no reason to hold on to the club as it'll bring them nothing but losses when the parachute payments dry up in few years..then what exactly? I'm seriously worried. What stops them from selling all players that are worth over a million over the next year or so, leading us down to League One, and then sell the property for peanuts, make their money back and more, then abandon ship as we tumble down the divisions?

I'll answer that, absolutely nothing. That's the only scenario that awaits our club. There are no rich fans queuing to take over and save the club like Coates is to Stoke for example. No big name brand like Aston Villa, waiting for an Egyptian shining armour to sweep in and save us when sh!t hits the fan, We're the next Hull city if not Sunderland..going to sink like a rock within a couple of years no doubt.

We've already discussed this many times, but now that our promotion has become a delusion rather than us being pre-season strong contenders. It's time to take this more seriously.
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Poll: England vs Croatia (who's going to win)


Championship clubs are money blackholes. on 00:25 - Dec 14 with 22 viewssainthelens

Yes Omar, but at least it's Xmas soon. Cheese board on offer in Tesco.
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