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Pearlman 23:39 - Feb 2 with 1130 viewsMagic_Michu

Surely fans shouldn't let him step foot in the Liberty Stadium for future games.

Life needs to be made as uncomfortable as possible for the Americans from here on in.

Twitter: @swanseadan
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Pearlman on 23:43 - Feb 2 with 1085 viewsSmellyplumz

Totally agree

""Although I cannot promise or predict the future, I can guarantee one thing - the current board of directors will always fight, as we have done over the last 12 years, to work together as one with the Supporters Trust to make 100% sure that Swansea City football club remains the number one priority in all our thoughts and in every decision we make."
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Pearlman on 23:46 - Feb 2 with 1048 viewsQJumpingJack

There was talk at Ashton Gate today that he could be next CEO of DC United as it would be an "easier role"

Pearlman on 23:47 - Feb 2 with 1032 viewstrinityann

Surely he is the wrong American to vent anger towards. The syndicate you should be targeting and in a non violence way.

Pearlman on 23:48 - Feb 2 with 1012 viewsKrisP

Why? We didn't stop Jenkins and what part has Pearlman played in our downfall compared to him?

Pearlman on 23:54 - Feb 2 with 958 viewsMagic_Michu

Well Pearlman is the Owners ‘man on the ground’ at the club earning a huge wage. He’s the voice piece for Levien and Kaplan. They never come so he takes their flack.

Twitter: @swanseadan
Poll: Will the Woods deal happen?


Pearlman on 23:55 - Feb 2 with 949 viewsQJumpingJack

HIs reported salary if true is scandalous.

Pearlman on 10:09 - Feb 3 with 624 viewsYossarian

He’s got more right to keep us out though...hasn’t he?

"Yossarian- the very sight of the name made him shudder.There were so many esses in it. It just had to be subversive" (Catch 22)

Pearlman on 10:21 - Feb 3 with 569 viewsPrivate_Partz

Pearlman on 23:48 - Feb 2 by KrisP

Why? We didn't stop Jenkins and what part has Pearlman played in our downfall compared to him?

Well Jenkins has been stopped. He is offski.
His life has no doubt been made uncomfortable and I am sure had an effect on his decision to go.

Pearlman, if he gets the gig, will be the one in the firing line. Those in American can hide away unless our American contingent get in on the act.

For me the most important job is Supporters Director of the Trust. We must ensure that whoever is in this very difficult role is up to the task.

You have mission in life to hold out your hand, To help the other guy out, Help your fellow man. Stan Ridgway

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