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John Mcrirrick 11:28 - Jul 5 with 946 viewssainthelens

Dead 79.
Legendary racing pundit and all round sexist .

John Mcrirrick on 11:37 - Jul 5 with 928 viewsHighjack

Big swans fan.

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.
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John Mcrirrick on 11:53 - Jul 5 with 890 viewsLohengrin

Irritating tvvat. Imagine having been stuck in a lift with him...

An idea isn't responsible for those who believe in it.


John Mcrirrick on 13:49 - Jul 5 with 785 viewsepaul

What were the odds on that?

The hair and the beard have gone I am now conforming to society, tis a sad day The b*stards are coming back though


John Mcrirrick on 14:21 - Jul 5 with 762 viewsdickythorpe

Big Newcastle fan if memory serves me right.

In fact he was his own biggest fan.

I imagine he couldn't boil and egg, and smelt of shít and crap aftershave to poorly disguise his dungness.

His wife must be delighted today.

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John Mcrirrick on 12:28 - Jul 7 with 518 viewsCountyJim

Funeral will be at 10/1 followed by cremation at 5/2 and wake at 5/4

John Mcrirrick on 12:54 - Jul 7 with 479 viewsdickythorpe

Looked very ill in his final years.

Poll: Should I go down to the woods tonight?


John Mcrirrick on 13:29 - Jul 7 with 452 viewssainthelens

Met him at Newbury few yrs back, watching horses before the race, few of us went to say hello he was great...very friendly. Contrary to his public image of a cantankerous sod.
RIP big man.
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