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Growing Up Poor: Britain's Breadline Kids. Channel 4 20:57 - Dec 2 with 506 viewsGlyn1

This is at 10 tonight, please watch it if you can bear to because it's hard viewing. And this isn't to do with party politics because both Labour and the Conservatives have let these children down.

If you don't see it tonight, it will be on the C4 site later, fair warning, it's easier to watch a horror movie.

How in our lifetime did we end up with 4 million (four million?!) children in poverty like this where they are going hungry? This isn't families not being hard working, or not being responsible parents, or spending money on crap instead of food and housing. It's just wrong.
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Growing Up Poor: Britain's Breadline Kids. Channel 4 on 21:52 - Dec 2 with 478 viewsFieryJack

I've taped it - got to be up early for work.

It's a shame stuff like this gets aired so late.

Should be on at 7 or 8pm - on all the main channels at once!

Growing Up Poor: Britain's Breadline Kids. Channel 4 on 21:58 - Dec 2 with 470 viewsbuilthjack

If there were not so many greedy bastards about there would be no poverty.
People worth tens of millions, billions. Yet others can't feed their families.
It really gets to me.
Craig fcking Revel Horwood (Bluey) will now come along and defend the rich again. Just fck off.

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