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Walking football 08:55 - Feb 13 with 409 viewsPegojack

No, this isn't a thread about the Swans' current style of play!
Do any of you older guys play walking football regularly? For those who don't know, WF is a form of the beautiful game for older players who would find flat out running for an hour difficult but who still want to enjoy the skill and fun of footie.
I run the WF group for Oliva U3A (an expat organisation) here on the Costa Blanca. We play for an hour every Friday morning on an outdoor five a side pitch at the local sports centre. When we have the numbers, we can also play on a bigger artificial turf pitch next door. We have a hard core of about 12 guys but have had 16 or 17 turn up in the past. The players range from 50 to early 70s, mostly Brits but also Dutch, Argentinian and Romanian.
We'd only been going two months when we were invited down to Moraira to take part in an eight team tournament including two visiting UK teams, and ended up as losing finalists. I was the manager - watch out, Cooper.
So if anyone plays and wants to bring a touring team over, let me know.
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Walking football on 09:42 - Feb 13 with 375 viewsdickythorpe

Brilliant Pegs!

I think this is a brilliant initiative for the "seniors" amongst us on so many levels.

Poll: Was the WRU correct in cancelling today's game?


Walking football on 15:29 - Feb 13 with 266 viewsMuteswan

For the first two months of the season Cooper did well and we got to the top of the league at one point. Then, we all know what happened. Careful PJ, it’s all downhill from there. πŸ˜‰ hope it’s a better outcome for your team.
Good for you, integrating with the locals and keeping fit. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Walking football on 15:37 - Feb 13 with 260 viewsWhiterockin

As a matter of interest are there any teams in Swansea.
Walking football on 16:32 - Feb 13 with 242 viewsBarrySwan

Walking football on 15:37 - Feb 13 by Whiterockin

As a matter of interest are there any teams in Swansea.

You there is a team in or around Swansea They compete in the WF Welsh league

I've been playing for six months or so now and it is a surprisingly good workout, with a number of ex professionals starting to play alongside all the strappers such as myself.

The teams are in the 50+ 60+ and I believe also 70+ categories.

The leagues take the form of about 4 or 5 Saturdays or Sundays throughout the year where most of the teams from all over Wales turn up and play about 5 games. All games played are then totted up throughout the season to give the final league placings.

League games took place at Merthyrs Penydarren Park last weekend and Barry's Jenner park the week before with days in Newtown and North Wales still to come.

The games are about 15 minutes long everyone gets a game with unlimited rotated substitutions and as I mentioned before are a surprisingly good workout.

There are also various tournaments and competitions abroad in sunnier climes open to all teams to enter.
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Walking football on 17:35 - Feb 13 with 221 viewsCatullus

Walking football on 09:42 - Feb 13 by dickythorpe

Brilliant Pegs!

I think this is a brilliant initiative for the "seniors" amongst us on so many levels.

Maybe when I get my new hip I'll find a team and give it a go....maybe we need to start a Planetswans team for us 50 plus posters?

Who'd be favourite to run it? Maybe Cooper will be looking for a new job by then!

Just my opinion, but WTF do I know anyway?
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