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The guy outside Swansea market 14:48 - Mar 25 with 797 viewsbuilthjack

Who has been stood outside with a placard "The end is nigh" for the last 40 years.
I bet he is doing a few fist pumps now.

Poll: Birch - Would you trust him ?


The guy outside Swansea market on 18:38 - Mar 25 with 602 viewsFlashberryjack

His prediction finally came true last Monday.....well it did for him.



The guy outside Swansea market on 23:30 - Mar 25 with 414 viewsCatullus

This thing could go really bad, not because it was inevitable but because so many people haven't even been able to folow a simpe request like social distancing. As a result many more people will get infected, more strain will fall on the NHS, the police, on the food chain. If those things break then it will be time to panic.

People need to calm down and wise up, quickly.

Just my opinion, but WTF do I know anyway?
Blog: In, Out, in, out........


The guy outside Swansea market on 00:01 - Mar 26 with 389 viewstheloneranger

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