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AmericanSaint added 17:41 - Sep 18

Good game for Saints but the score should have been 3-0 at least.

bigrob68 added 17:45 - Sep 18

thank god we won, Redmond is NOT a striker.

dirk_doone added 18:29 - Sep 18

It probably would have been 3-0 if Austin had started. Long and Redmond missed several easy chances. Austin's the only reliable goal scorer we've got. However, he has appeared to be limping towards the end of both games this week so maybe that's why his appearances are limited.

It's good to win 2 games in a week but it is nevertheless looking clear that we shouldn't have sold both Pelle and Mane and not bought a replacement striker. We all knew that both Rodriguez's and Austin's fitness to play 90 minutes regularly for a whole season was doubtful.

Our defence looked as solid as last season in both games this week so that's a positive. A win against Palace will make it 3 in a row and that will be great for team spirit. But, we'll need to buy a striker in Janauary.

Ali_Diarea added 19:35 - Sep 18

Agree with all of the above.

What is the betting though that Nick's match review will say "I told you so...we have plenty of strikers...we should all blindly agree with the management and not express concerns for OUR team etc..

My other concern is who will replace Romeu when he is injured/suspended/exhausted? We seem to have only one natural anchorman.

aceofthebase added 20:48 - Sep 18

It should have been a comfortable win but Long and Redmonds finishing far too poor. Please someone tell Redmond that if he is going to lean or fall back as he shoots then the ball is going to go high. If he masters that simple skill he could be a striker. Two qualities thata striker needs is 1, to get in the correct goalmouth position and 2 put the ball in the net, well he is nearly there,
I thought that we played good football today, our defense was solid tho Cedric looked vulnerable as soon as a decent winger came on, We destroyed all Swan attacks with ease and we created chances. All round a good performance helped by some good subs.

SanMarco added 23:03 - Sep 18

We should have bought that goalscorer. Redmond will get very few and if Austin doesn't stay fit (which he probably won't) then we will continue to struggle. In previous years we would have usually won this far more comfortably. Even so it's good that we are up and running and next opponents Wet Spam are certainly in the wars at the moment...

Bettwsresident added 08:44 - Sep 19

Phew...although Redmond cost me a few quid (I bet on 3-0), he did have his best game in a saints shirt. Shooting practice needed please Nathan, preferably speak to Charlie. That was a top notch finish and reminded me of Graziano at his best.

Consigliere added 09:41 - Sep 19

At the end of that game, I found myself asking why, since we won, deserved to win and didn't concede any goals, it still felt more like the relief from getting out of the dentist's chair unscathed than a grand day out? Overall, this was an assured team performance, with outstanding contributions from Davis, Romeu and VVD in particular but the weaknesses were there for all to see. Fonte (bless him) is still in danger of giving away a foul or a penalty each time a striker gets near him and he really isn't quick any longer, though his positional play is still excellent. Redmond reminds me of Fabrice Fernandes (younger readers will have to ask their dads) who drove us all crazy with his twisting and turning and then disappointing style of football, poor old Shane Long can't buy a goal at present and Austin (as others have noted) is prone to injury though there is no mistaking his potency.

Nevertheless, the green shoots are there. One goal will make all the difference to Long's confident and Redmond is young enough to learn and can be drilled out of his bad habits. Fonte will gradually bow out with our grateful thanks. Puel will adapt from his silly diamond formation.

We will meet better teams than Swansea for sure, but they were a lot more testing than Sparta Prague and carried a serious goal threat for much of the game. Would I prefer to see a painful one nil win or a glorious defeat? Well the answer to that is obvious!

TimSaint added 11:06 - Sep 19

Take a win any day and with our current Prem record, this win was not the best but grearly received.

I think the word frustrated best described the team and the fans.

Too many poor decisions in the opposition box.

Long periods of slow play with lack of drive, pressing and cutting edge. First 10 mins and last 10 mins of the first half were superb - but the bit in between was lacking. We saw how easy it was to cut through the Swansea back line, but play was severely subdued in the lull - similar to the Watford and Sunderland games I suppose. I don't expect high intensity throughout, but in all 3 home games,the opposition were there for the taking and we scored just a solitary goal in each of those games

Awful finishing from ALL of our front men, but thankfully Charlie scored from a chance that was far more difficult than the ones he, Shane and Redmond had previously fluffed.

Goals not only change, but win games. The worry for me is that we are not taking our chances and it is costing us.. We created enough chances in the other home games and to an extent at Man U and Arsenal, but failed to take them. Shane cannot buy a goal, Redmond needs composure and vision, Charlie needs a bit more fitness and the midfield needs to chip in. We cannot keep going on about People and Mane though. They have gone and we need to get on with things - at least until everyone is fit or the Jan window.

Will take a 1-0 win every week and it looks like we are getting better. Just hope that the composure in front of goal returns for Wednesday (for our cup team) and more importantly Sunday - where everyone will be expecting a 4-2 Saints win, if West Ham results are anything to go by !!!

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