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Today is Carers Rights Day
by Darran at 14:40 21 Nov 2019

And for all you young fellas out there you need to marry a woman that looks at you like this. 😍
Extinction Rebellion co-founder sparks outrage after Holocaust comments...
by Kerouac at 14:12 21 Nov 2019

Extinction Rebellion's co-founder, Roger Hallam, has caused outrage after telling a German publication that the Holocaust was "just another f***ery in human history".

In an interview with Die Zeit, the 53-year-old appeared to downplay the genocide of six million Jews by Nazi Germany and claimed Germans' attitude towards the massacre was holding them back.
He said:
"The extremity of a trauma can create a paralysis in actually learning the lessons from it".]

"The fact of the matter is, millions of people have been killed in vicious circumstances on a regular basis throughout history".

Hallam mentioned other mass killings during the last 500 years, including the Belgians' slaughter in the Congo, adding:
"They went to the Congo in the late 19th century and decimated it."

He suggested that because other genocides had repeatedly taken place over the centuries, the Holocaust could be considered "almost a normal event".

Middlesbrogh and Barnsley Tickets
by STID2017 at 13:39 21 Nov 2019

I have 2 x Aduit Tickets available for each game.
Virtually in the middle of the East Stand.
One is at the back the other is immediatelyi n front of it.
Usually room so can move to sit together if needed.
£15 per ticket per game.
PM me please
Nice story
by pencoedjack at 12:32 21 Nov 2019
Tommy Craig ... 69 Today
by theloneranger at 12:26 21 Nov 2019

Happy Birthday YJB
Pembs fans forum last night
by pembsjack at 10:13 21 Nov 2019

attended a fans forum last night, Trevor, Leon and Coops came down to answer questions etc. All 3 came across really well, Trevor seems level headed and was fairly open regarding money etc.
The more I hear of Coops, the more I like him. He's very detailed in his planning and Leon compared him to Brendan several times, so he must see something he likes also.
Birch openly admitted there's no money for January signings unless we sell first.
My main worry from the night was Birch mentioned the decreasing parachute payments and went on to say all assets are under review including players, academy level and the training grounds themselves.
That bale Welsh flag
by Best_loser at 09:58 21 Nov 2019

With its wales, golf, madrid, in that order written in it, can't see James or Ramsey in the pic, are they thinking of future transfers 😁 , it's upset RM , and I wonder if bale and Ramsey talk about Ronaldo with respect, no chance
Bob Monkhouse: The Last Stand
by Thrasher6 at 09:38 21 Nov 2019

BBC Four tonight at 21.00. A must watch for anyone interested in comedy.....very very good
Stop recycling
by Darran at 09:02 21 Nov 2019

Turn your central heating up high,light fires,buy diesel cars.
Eventually you get a result. 🤣
Who will be first to 100 caps for Cymru ?
by builthjack at 07:52 21 Nov 2019

Or Bale
Beaujolais day 2019
by MrSwerve at 07:34 21 Nov 2019

It’s that time of year again!
Woman's tits set on fire...
by NotLoyal at 00:09 21 Nov 2019

How much for the compo?
Brentford away Boxing Day
by builthjack at 23:39 20 Nov 2019

370 of the 600 seats sold so far
420 of the 1000 terrace tickets sold so far.

JA members - get them next Monday or they could be gone.
The red button
by pencoedjack at 22:20 20 Nov 2019

Has something changed with this recently?

Up until last week used to be able to get a ceefax type screen (I know I’m old) where I could see football on page 302.

Has this been shutdown? I go to some digital format on the red button now.
The Official Swansea City vs Millwall FC Championship Match Thread
by jackharris at 22:18 20 Nov 2019

New Zealand v England first test
by exiledclaseboy at 22:00 20 Nov 2019

Proper cricket is back in about 30 seconds. Wonder if England have learned how to bat in test matches again yet.
What is going to become of the Labour left after this election ?
by ladyjack at 21:37 20 Nov 2019

When Corbyn, Skinner and McDonnell go [and they may step down/go after this election] then I don't know how many of their ilk will be left in the Parliamentary Labour party to keep the Red flag flying high, the next generation would have been the likes of Plaids Leanne Wood and Adam Price as they might have ended up in Labour when they were young if Labour had not lurched to the right, who knows, and as regards the younger generation Mhairi Black of the SNP would also fit into that category.
After a 100 odd years the red flag might well be starting to be lowered.
Mysterious cash
by dickythorpe at 21:01 20 Nov 2019

I wish the perpetrators would come round my way!!!
Who would make a Wales Euro 2020 squad of 23 if all players are fit ?
by ladyjack at 20:38 20 Nov 2019

Lots of choice for Giggs to pick from if all players are fit

Forwards -
K.Moore, Volkes, T.Roberts

Attacking midfielders -
Bale, Ramsey, Dan James, H.Wilson, Brooks, Tom Lawrence, Joniesta, Woodburn, R.Matondo, Hedges, G.Thomas, D.Levitt

Defensive midfielders -
Allen, Morrell, Ampadu, M.Smith, Vaulks

Central defenders - Roden, Chester, Williams, Mepham, J Lawrence, Lockyer

Fullbacks - B.Davies, C.Roberts, Gunter, N.Taylor, D.John

Goalies - Hennessey, D.Ward, A.Davies, O.Evans, T.King, C.Maxwell

Not sure if the above list is correct or if there are some players missing but if Wales play a 4-2-3-1 formation Wales have a World class squad of attacking midfielders to pick from, if Wales pick 2 players for every one position for example the 3 reserve attacking midfielders would be superb with the 3 first choice players playing for 3 of the biggest clubs in the World, Real Madrid, Juventus and Man Utd.
I would pick at least 7 for the squad in that area as we are so strong there and possibly just go with just 3 siting midfielders to accommodate, we are also very strong in the central defence areas as well.
Newport County v Grimsby live on BBC2 Now
by SgorioFruit at 19:55 20 Nov 2019

FA Cup replay
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