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July 3rd New Kit Launch, 50 Years of being a City Anniversary
by jackharris at 11:06 26 Jun 2019
Making your own way v Going by coach to aeay games
by STID2017 at 10:40 26 Jun 2019

What do people prefer ?
Myself, I tried going on the coach a couple of times and found the getting to a town early, then hanging around for an hour or more, before proceeding to the ground an hour or more before the game a bit much. I can see the appeal for drinkers, but apart from that ?
All the other games I preferred driving and apart from Villa (I caught a train which was fine getting to the game but was chaos after the game) and Stoke (stayed overnight and waited ages soaking wet for a taxi) all were better.
Probably just me but prefer setting my own agenda.
Thoughts ?
Would this be an idea for Britain to follow?
by dickythorpe at 09:30 26 Jun 2019
FAO Jack_Meoff
by Darran at 23:26 25 Jun 2019

Good to see you tonight A.

Don’t tell these nosey fuçkers on here where we were though.
Africa Cup of Nations
by Landore_Jack at 21:42 25 Jun 2019

Anyone watching Ghana? Andre Ayew has just equalised against Benin.
by raynor94 at 20:50 25 Jun 2019

Could anyone please recommend one to me, I have a problem with my fuse box it keeps tripping out and leaving me without lights.

I was able to switch it back on, but now it will not switch back on at all.

Thanks for any answers in advance
Will Vaulks
by Darran at 18:32 25 Jun 2019

Not going to Cardiff.

War Memorial Vandalised
by union_jack at 17:40 25 Jun 2019

It’s sad but I reckon there are a few in here who’d support this vandalism.
The Swansea Way (Feature length special)
by jackrmee at 17:27 25 Jun 2019

An hour long documentary of last season.
Anyone seen it yet?
Best Ground /Worst Away Ground Visited Watching Swans Last Season
by STID2017 at 15:55 25 Jun 2019

Best for me regarding view, access to and from the ground and amenities was Bolton.
Worst for all of the above was Villa
Lewis Webb
by Martyrman57 at 15:21 25 Jun 2019

Merthyr’s teenaged goalkeeper joins Swans. Top prospect.
Hillsborough retrial
by Darran at 15:06 25 Jun 2019

Will it ever end? 🤷🏼‍♂️
Goal keeper coach gone
by Darran at 13:53 25 Jun 2019

Eddie and Meghan pad
by raynor94 at 09:25 25 Jun 2019

£2.4 million to do it up, the builders who got the contract must have thought they had won the lottery
Away games fans will be going to in the coming season.
by Swans9 at 08:42 25 Jun 2019

I have booked my travel for Charlton away and hotel for Brentford. Will also try and go to Sheff Wed Luton Cardiff boro and Forest.
Jurys Inn Derby 25% off
by westside at 21:42 24 Jun 2019

(scroll down terms and conditions to the bottom for derby 25% off offer)

Jurys Inn Derby 25% off offer if you stay 2 nights.

another 10% discount if join rewards membership.

£80 for Friday/Saturday weekend of our fixture in August.
The Oficial Glastonbury 2019 thread
by Gowerjack at 19:23 24 Jun 2019


Let's get the usual responses out of the way 1st.

No as good as it used to be
Too expensive
Too corporate
Too many Hooray Henry's & Henriettas
The line up's shìte
No as good as it was during the 70s 80s 90s 00s
I've not been since you could climb over/tunnel under the fence
It's too wet/hot/flooded
The drugs are rubbish
The ale is too expensive
It's easier to watch on the TV
I coudnt get a ticket
I'm not interested
All of the above

Etc etc

So anyone else on here going? 🤔

The Man United template Cardiff City must mirror
by Jacket at 19:11 24 Jun 2019

I knew Nathan Blake has long since lost the plot, but at last we have confirmation of this in this bonkers opinion piece. What planet is he on? On the one hand Wales Online is having a proper hard-on that Warnock is going to take them up at the first effort, on the other they want them to play like Man United. Are there any similarities at all between Warnock's style of play and Solskjaer? Basically, I'm just pissed off with the way "Wales" Online are having a boner over Cardiff while taking every opportunity to knock the Swans.
Barafundle Bay
by Ebo at 14:11 24 Jun 2019

Went there for the first time Saturday. My god what a stunning place and absolutely spotless too.

Anyone else been?
New Tory Poll - Wow!
by costalotta at 14:04 24 Jun 2019

LBC been going on about this new poll. Wow...

A new poll of Conservative party members demonstrates a chilling’ attitudes towards Muslims have been revealed.

"43% of Tory members would not be happy with a Muslim Prime Minister and 40% want fewer Muslims to be allowed into the UK, according to the YouGov survey carried out by anti-racism campaign group Hope Not Hate."

"67% revealed they believe “there are areas in Britain that operate under Sharia law”, and 45% think “there are areas in Britain in which non-Muslims are not able to enter”."

"In addition just 8% of Tory members said there is a problem with Islamophobia or racism towards Muslims within the Conservative Party. 79% don’t think there is a problem."

And these guys are deciding a PM!
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