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Was Clement offered a job (that he turned down) ?
at 12:34 6 Dec 2017

had a chat with a guy who claims to know a member of Clement's close family - told me Clement was a man in demand after keeping us up last season and that he was offered two jobs at Prem clubs, turned one down without discussion and turned the other one down after discussions with our Board. If true (and nothing my contact says suggests it isn't true) then is this the reason for the Board supposedly backing by Clement through thick and thin , maybe because he was promised this when offered another job.
Halloween Party costume. Any ideas ?
at 22:39 18 Oct 2017

Looking for some costume ideas.
I’m going to a Halloween party but I’m currently short of ideas for a suitable home-made fancy dress costume. All adults attending so no need for anything toned down or PC.
Hoping someone out there in Planet Swans Land can offer some ideas.
Thanks in advance.

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Montero Spotted At My Local Polling Booth
at 22:14 8 Jun 2017

but didn't vote as he failed to put a cross in the box !
Me playing devil's advocate !
at 23:57 3 Oct 2016

Just a few points.... Just putting them out there for discussion..

1 - was Guido's grovelling apology to Taylor the act that sealed his fate ? Like, did the board perceive him as weak and pandering to players? Should a manager simply say (in public) "I am the manager, I am paid to make decisions & I am the one who carries the responsibility for those decisions. I don't have to explain them to a player, especially one who hasn't trained or played thus season". Bradley has a reputation for discipline and strong leadership. You can't have a weak manager !

2 - are the board being 'ruthless' and not shying away from making tough decisions ? In my opinion it's about time we had a board prepared to make a tough call and not namby pamby around being scared of the local PR

3 - Is the HJ comment "we are happy with the summer additions" a coded way of saying Guido had failed to get the best out of the current squad ? I believe we have a weak 'squad' but have more than enough quality to stay up at a canter. Guido's tactics and team selections did not utilise the players and that had to be addressed.

4 - we will stay up with 44+ points

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Rooney Punches Our Gylfi ......
at 23:58 29 Jun 2016

How dare he ....

Financial Compensation For Swans Players Involved In Euro 2016 (and qualifiers)
at 08:28 3 Jun 2016

Read this interesting article aimed at Scotrush based players but the same financial arrangements apply to Swans players too.

Anyone care to calculate how much cash will flow to the club as a result of our international players?

Next Sunday's Live Sky Matches
at 00:38 9 May 2016

Judging by the tv listings sky have made provision for up to 4 live games to be shown next Sunday.
Means as Man City may have to win to be guaranteed a champions league spot, do you think the Swans will be selected as one of next Sunday's live games ?
Rested ? Or 'moved aside' ?
at 21:43 8 May 2016

Cynical me !?!

Interesting that a team minus Ash, Gylfi, Rangel & Taylor actually played better than any Swans team this season!

The midfield looked cohesive, energised and threatening without Glyfi as the fulcrum.

Fernandez looked a different player with Amat long side him rather than captain Ash. Think he won nearly every header & marshalled Andy Carroll excellently. No confusion as to who picks up who at set pieces! No finger pointed in his direction when (if) things went wrong at the back !

The cynic in me likes to believe that dropping (sorry, resting) Ash, Rangel, Taylor & Gylfi (all 4 powerful voices in the dressing rooms, respected by other players and influencial around the club) suddenly lead to the team looking at peace with itself, playing for each other, with a skip & a fight. Ash stated in the press that he met Guido on a daily basis and, as captain, clearly has the ear of Huw Jenkins. All 4 players also know Brendan Rodgers very well and, I presume, will be at the forefront of any player voice in support of a Rodgers return!

Is the 'resting' of these players a Guido show of "don't mess with me, I don't want you guys bad mouthing my quest to land this job permanently" and the "aren't I a good guy giving you guys a rest before the Euros" a convenient smoke screen ?!?

Curt yesterday voiced his own support for Guido having the job. Curt is close to the 'rested' players and knows damned well if they want Guido as boss or not.

As I said, may be its me being cynical again !

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Sixth Consecutive Season In The Premier League ......
at 15:15 3 May 2016

.... for little ole Swansea City

Is this one of the biggest ever sporting achievements of modern years ?

A rare positive post !
at 11:45 12 Apr 2016

"Give us the grace to accept the things we cannot change and the grace to change what we can"

Come on guys & gals. I fully understand the doubts and negative outlook regarding the latest takeover news. No one on this board wants a deal that weakens our club and puts at risk all the club has achieved in recent history BUT my take on this is one of rare positivity on this board. We have no choice or say in anything to do with the major Swans ownership. Swans cannot continue in our present format and our club will have a chNge of ownership st some point - if not this takeover attempt maybe the next, or the next ! why worry about things we cannot control & trust that things will continue to go well. Be positive - We are in Premier League next season. Be positive - we all have our individual views on who our manager should be next season but there are lots of top class managers out there who would love to manage us - when was the last time Swans had so much choice of top class managers? I accept the worries about our clubs futures but my stance is more positive - we don't really know what tomorrow brings in our own lives (which we have some level of control over) yet alone that of our club (which we have no control over). We won't expand or buy the stadium for the foreseeable future under the present ownership but a takeover might make this reality. There is no guarantee we'll stay up next season whoever owns the club. There's no guarantee we'll keep the players we wish to keep, or sign the players we'd like to bring in whatever the ownership. Try and be positive eh? I feel supporting the Swans is a privilege, it's supposed to be fun.
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Huw's Trip To South America
at 18:35 5 Jan 2016

Did Huw travel to South America to scout & sign a few strikers ?
I heard that Bielsa is on good terms with the Swansea board, respects their work and the club - just didn't want the managers job at this moment in time - but is acting as an advisor in terms of available talent in South America. Introduced the board to a few agents and key people.
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Man Utd Away Tickets
at 08:43 17 Dec 2015

Paid for my Man U away ticket ages ago but not received it yet.
Has anyone received theirs in the past ?
I'm away over Xmas so want to make sure I'm home when it is likely to arrive.
Thanks guys @ gals
One Good, One Bad ....
at 10:13 6 Dec 2015

One Bad
Our style of play is our international calling card - it isn't just about our identity in this league, our competitive advantage to attract players who could go elsewhere, but its what promotes us to potential new signings and gives Huw credibility when speaking with agents and players. Once this goes (and Garry id doing his best to erode this style) we lose our ability to attracy players and change the current shite malaise with new players.

One Good
The Swans have always been at our most dangerous when we have been the underdogs. When we were fighting to stay in the league, when we were under the radar battling to play our style and stay in the leagues. All this "pushing on from last season and going for Europe"bollocks, the "no bookie backing us to go down this season, we are now established in this league" bollocks, and the "look at us, the great SCFC, lets make a movie about us and show how great we are" bollocks has eroded the fight, passion and meaning of playing for Swansea City. Now we are under the cosh again, will the lads start fighting again, believing we have a new purpose and 'something t fight for' ?
A wounded Swansea in the past was a dangerous Swansea. We have the ability in the squad to get us out if this shit - lets hope the underdog spirit kicks in again.

(2 wins from somewhere and we are mid-table again!)
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Panic ...?? We are one win away from top 10
at 17:50 8 Nov 2015

Are we really that poor a team that we won't stay up ?
We need only 7 more wins from 27 games to stay up. For heavens sake guys and girls, we are not going down ! Keep the faith !
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