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Paying for social care
at 11:22 27 Jul 2020

I see the UK government is considering making some form of insurance compulsory OR just adding a new tax on income for the over 40's.

Now I have nothing against a small increae in tax but I do object to only the 40 plus having to pay it. We will all grow old, assuming we live that long of course.

Isn't a fairer way to have a graded tax regime where the over 18's pay a fixed rate but the rate rises as time passes. Could we start at 0.5% which rises to 3% by 55 with businesses paying a fixed rate per employee, a smaller rate for small businesses but the global corps paying the highest rate.
Then should social care maybe be nationalised so that all care homes charge the same for the same standard of care with the fee graded according to personal needs?

The way my health is going I might need a home one day
Is Covid just the beginning?
at 11:30 3 Jul 2020

What are we seeing across the world? Is Covid a one off or just the start of our problems. There has been a new virus dscovered in pigs that may mutate and be transferable to humans and now this in Botswana,

They worry it could be neurolgical and capable of being transferable in the future. That's before we get into the disaster this is for the elephant population.
State pension triple lock
at 18:33 18 Jun 2020

Quite the dilemma? Bojo promised the lock would stay kust last month. Atre there any pensioners on here? I can't remember. An 18% raise wouldn't go amiss eh!

But then, how badly would people be affected by inflation at that rate?
Another scandal
at 12:38 14 Jun 2020

Yet more evidence that political party's should be centrally funded, oh and possibly more evidence of political corruption?
Tha calm has come and gone
at 09:23 14 Jun 2020

can we have it back please?
Any PC/Gaming PC experts on here?
at 14:37 6 Jun 2020

My son wants a gaming PC. Like many kids these days I guess, an Xbox just isn't good enough by itself.
I've looked into it, checked out PC world and a website called Cyberpower who build cutom rigs.
Has anyone got any recommendations or ideas? We're looking at round £600/700, nothing too posh.
Hey Professor....
at 20:43 31 May 2020

scroll down to the Copper Clothing bit please and tell me if this thing about Copper is true?

Are these masks worth buying or just a rip off? Is the advice about Copper medically accurate or just hogwash?
The Home schooling experience
at 10:33 24 May 2020

First up you realise how hard a job teachers have, maybe it's harder at home with so many distractions.
Second you realise how much you had forgotten but there's been another revelation, not a nice one.
We mved our son to a new school, he'd had some problems in his previous school and the causes and effects of it weren't going away. So new school, new start and it was going very well then the virus hit. So at home we are looking at the info the school sends and trying to get our son to do his work, that's where it hit home. His previous school had a better ofsted ranking than his new school yet a lot of work he's been getting causes problems because he keeps saying he's never been taught it, some of it seems quite basic.
I wish now we had fetched all his school books from his last school to show his new teacher so we could judge where he is. His old school (and I have complained about it before) is a pioneer school for the new curriculum and it seems to me if they were putting in and using the new curriculum and our son is behind other kids in other schools then all they have done is to dumb it down.
Both schools tell/told us our son is bright, it's his last year of Primary school, 3 years ago he was ahead of the curve but now he's behind and of course the lockdown is making that worse for all kids. It's worrying that schools (specifically his previous school) could be so bad yet given good ratings.
Gardening tips
at 16:39 18 May 2020

Been spending a lot of time in the garden. it's starting to look better but still a lot to be done.
We had a raised flower bed but it was only about 6 inches high. A neighbour is taking down one of his garden walls which was handy because we started taking the stones/rocks out of his skip to use to build ours up. Has anyone got any tips re building stone walls?
The raised bed will be about halfway down the garden then we plan to turn the back end into a vegetable patch.

Anyone else been pushed into a new interest by the lockdown? I used to hate gardening but I've grown to enjoy the outdoors time.
Corona Virus study
at 12:12 16 May 2020
An unnecessary journey?
at 18:56 15 May 2020

Oi, you're breaking lockdown rules, hop it!
African famine
at 22:26 1 May 2020

I'm watching this on the news now. Apparently the W.H.O have warned 5 African countries are in danger of a famine of biblical proportions!

A plague of locusts started it and now a second even bigger wave of locusts is making it worse, they have Covid-19 to deal with too.

What a time to have to face this.

V-E day
at 12:50 28 Apr 2020

It's not far off now, the 75th anniversary. People have had a habit of knocking our role in WW2, saying we didn't do as much as most people think but others think differently,
Race around the World
at 21:27 27 Apr 2020

I got into this program and have really enjoyed the competition and seeing parts of the world we don't normally see on tv.

What really was nice though, the winners of the South American race had been through Sao Paolo and seen the homeless kids, at the end they said they'd donate half their winnings to a charity for those kids.
It wasn't their only charitable act during the race either. They seem genuinely nice guys.

PS, I am dead jealous, I would have loved to do something like this.
In other news...
at 17:05 24 Apr 2020

I wonder what this will mean for sea levels?

It also makes me wonder, if this news is accurate and taking into account the drop in pollution because of the lockdowns, has Covid-19 shown us what we need to do to save our environs?
at 23:15 18 Apr 2020

Time has become meaningless, I'm losing track of the days, time doesn't matter when you can't leave the house. Because we have managed to get a regular food delivery (and my wife was told to stay at home when I got my shielding letter) none of us need to go out except for random trips to the local corner shopr for bread and milk and then to walk the dog.
There is no schedule, no routine, no reason to worry about bedtime or getting up. Has anyone else fallen into just wandering through the day with the actual time meaning next to nothing?
Insurance companies
at 15:45 10 Apr 2020

I read a news story yesterady about car insurance. I can't find it now. It said some car insurance firms in the USA were giving partial refunds because people eren't using their cars so paying for something they weren't using. One telematics company in particular was giving rebates.

I haven't moved my car in a week, probably won't move it for several more. Maybe I should contact my insurance and ask about a rebate?

Isn't the premium set partially on miles driven?
at 19:13 8 Apr 2020

Just had this from Greenpeace,


The UK government has handed out a publicly funded, £600 million loan to EasyJet. [1]

This comes just weeks after the founder of EasyJet received a £60 million pay-out from company profits - while the airline also asked its staff to take unpaid leave. [2]

We’d hope that any government loan would go to support their employees during this crisis. However, given EasyJet’s track record, it’s hard to be sure.

It’s also been revealed that across the world airline lobbyists are pushing governments to roll back environmental taxes that are there to try and protect our climate. [3] It’s outrageous.

That’s why we need to come together and call on the government to protect the vulnerable among us and protect employees. And before no-strings-attached bailouts are handed out to major polluting industries, our government must also make sure the money will drive positive change for both the climate and nature - no exceptions.

Can you call on the government to use public money to support both people and the environment?

There's a petiton running.
A Planetswans government
at 18:30 5 Apr 2020

Obviously based purely on posts, who would you nominate for each minsterial position?

You might even have some fun with this.
Oil prices
at 13:27 2 Apr 2020

What is going on with oil, is it only a Saudi v Russia trade war or is there something else going on? Shell are concerned, is it an attack on western economies,

The Saudis are set to ramp up oil production pushing prices even lower at a time of vastly reduced demand.
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