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Cardiff will not stop until they have stolen everything Wales has
at 13:32 15 Nov 2018

Not only have they taken the MTC despite all the opposition against it, and it defying all logic, they're now going to stop us getting the chest and lung surgery centre

Well done Labour supporters. You must be very proud.
Cardiff gets highest WAG spending increase - and we continue to vote Labour
at 21:14 9 Oct 2018

We deserve everything we get for voting in this shower.
FAO Plaid Cymru Nationalists
at 11:34 5 Oct 2018

Can someone explain something to me, please?

So, you want to leave our biggest market (the UK), on top of all the financial aid we get from England (infinitely more than from the EU, the south east of England basically bankrolls the UK), to join the EU and expatriate those powers to another foreign power in Brussels?

This post isn't meant to be inflammatory, I genuinely don't get it. Besides an irrational hatred of England, the stance of 'life isn't worth living outside of the EU', doesn't match with 'life isn't worth living inside the UK'. They're entirely contrary, in fact.

If you want independence, and be in charge of all our own rules, then fine, I get that, but then don't then gift all those powers to Brussels. If you're concerned with leaving the single market, why would you advocate leaving our BIGGEST market - not to mention the number of people who commute across the border. The EU isn't the land of milk and honey that the nationalists and media portray it, just look at youth unemployment across the EU - there are much bigger and wealthier countries with higher unemployment rates than us, because we're part of the UK.

It just strikes me as 'we're willing to take anything to stick it up the nasty English', but would love clarification on how these two stances aren't contrary. Thanks
Take Action: Stop Cardiff from stealing more from Morriston
at 08:53 9 Aug 2018

The WAG are banking on nobody from Swansea filling this out. That way, when they get tonnes of complaints from the spoilt brats, they can say 'due to overwhelming opposition we have decided to stop the decision'.

Please, take two minutes, fill out the form, and try and stop more services being sucked into Cardiff, leaving us with a skeleton hospital service which is not fit for south west Wales.

You never know when it'll be you or your loved ones who need this. Remember, apathy is the enemy.
Now Cardiff is trying to steal more from Hospital
at 11:13 3 Aug 2018

They really are the spoilt brats who get everything and won’t let anyone else have anything.

How long until Welsh Labour reverse the decision and apologise to Cardiff? At the end of the article, there’s a link to the consultation, please fill it out before they steal more from us
Promoting a business
at 12:42 8 Jul 2018

Just started doing some freelancing, and I was wondering if I'm allowed to post a link to the website on here for my fellow Jacks to keep me in mind? Is this okay or does it break rules?
We're paying £400,000 pa for Cardiff to have a studio
at 08:27 12 Jun 2018

Funny how this never happens in Swansea isn't it? Welsh Labour - can always find money for vanity projects in Cardiff. Meanwhile, the rest of Wales plummets.
[Post edited 12 Jun 2018 8:28]
Next FM to be from Cardiff
at 08:11 24 Apr 2018

We are truly f*cked. Supported by our very own Mike Hedges...says a lot.

Yes, I know he's from west Wales, but he's lived in Cardiff for over 20 years, there's no doubt the city-state machine will continue apace. It was bad enough under Carwyn and he wasn't even from there. I thought with the way our AMs tamely accepted their party decimating our city it was to advance their own careers in the party, but neither even attempted to get it.
Swansea bids to host Channel 4
at 08:15 20 Mar 2018

Unfortunately, as we know, Cardiff has also bid and received support from the Welsh Government, so no doubt where it'll go.

However, perfect opportunity to write to your AM and the Ken Skates to explain why Swansea should get it

Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport
Ken Skates:

My focus will be on;

* Spreading wealth & economic recovery
* Avoiding the mistakes of England - focussing too much wealth in SE giving a lop-sided economy
* Ensuring Labour appears to treat all areas the same. No preference for the affluent
* Ties in with City Deal
* Carmarthen got S4C, Cardiff got BBC. We'd be a perfect halfway between them both.
* Welsh Government closed BBC offices in Swansea to create more wealth in Cardiff. Also went against all logic to put the MTC in Cardiff. Spent billions regenerating Cardiff, yet less than £100m on Swansea.

Please write. It'll take 5 minutes. If you don't know who your AM is, or their contact details, they can be found here:
at 10:17 3 Feb 2018

Swansea West MP Geraint Davies is asking people to copy & paste the following email to NHS Wales to protest Cardiff getting everything.

It takes 2 minutes. If you don't, please don't complain when you or your loved ones get trapped having to go to Cardiff when an emergency happens.
How to make the Americans act
at 09:15 19 Dec 2017

The two most important things for survival, in my opinion, are;
A) That Jenkins goes
B) That Clement goes

Now, the question is, how to make the Americans act, who don't want to spend money? My view, a highly visible protest. Let's not forget why they're here; they're here to improve the value of the club and sell it on. If we look like a club in turmoil, whose fanbase is in total revolt, we make a far harder proposition to sell.

If anyone if the newly-formed Supporters Alliance reads this forum, please consider using your Twitter presence to get this to happen.
It's almost as if Welsh Labour's plans to invest solely in Cardiff...
at 13:51 13 Dec 2017

Don't work

Get them out.

Never mind, at least they'll have a nice new Trauma unit, despite all common sense.
As we hurtle towards relegation, what action is available?
at 08:23 4 Dec 2017

I've read so much on Twitter over the past few weeks/months. Anger, apathy, disdain & despair for the way the club is run and the direction our once-model club is going. For those of you who are interested, here's how I see it;
- Jenkins has become drunk with power. Turned the club into his own little fiefdom.
- The Americans have absolutely no interest in making the club succeed. Indeed, their only enterprise has been to expand our commercial activity to generate more revenue to then sell on. However, I feel they have no conception whatsoever what relegation to the championship entails.
- PC has been dealt a bad hand with an awful squad. However, he's a pretty rubbish manager, playing awful football and if it wasn't for Llorente finding form and Siggy being Siggy, we'd have got relegated last year.
- Most fans are now afraid of rocking the boat too much for fear of making the team worse and hastening relegation. This usually evaporates as soon as we start losing.

For the last few seasons we've operated under the same mantra;
Sell our best players.
Buy cheap & crap youngsters
Do crap
Sack the manager
Narrowly avoid relegation.
Rinse & repeat.

So, with Huw et al. giving themselves another transfer window to buy more crap and keep PC in place until probably March when they realise he's too bad to get the best out of the limited resources we have, what action can we take? Based on other clubs' experience of dealing with this sort of stuff, what action can leaders (like the Trust, albeit without a figurehead), organise?
* Match boycott - boycott the full game. Hit the Americans where it hurts.
* Turn up late - Turn up 15 minutes in. Again, it'll ram the point home.
* Mass exodus at a certain time - at 19:12 seconds perhaps?
* Pre-match protest - probably wouldn't have the same impact

These are the only ones I can think of seeing employed, but feel free to suggest others. But, if we're going to prevent another disastrous transfer window and the same useless manager taking us forward, the time to act may be nigh...
Stop Cardiff from getting the MTC over Morriston!
at 15:12 21 Nov 2017

Feedback here. Do it

This is risking the health of south west Wales to make Cardiff even wealthier. Make a stand. Fill it out. One day, it may be you or your loved ones who need this centre and have to travel to Cardiff who have 2 within the space of 30 minutes.
Cardiff's new MTC
at 08:15 13 Nov 2017

Does feel like a fait accompli.

Already out for public consultation

Why bother with the pretence that we had an option? People will literally die for Project Cardiff.
Dog friendly pubs in Gower
at 11:48 19 Oct 2017

Looking to branch out past the usual places (King's Head/Greyhound etc). Realised recently that there are quite a lot of pubs in Gower I've never been, such as pubs in Kittle/Bishopston etc. Looking for a winter pub, that's dog friendly, where you can have a meal, but it's not overly restauranty.

On your marks
Get set
How long before Welsh Labour takes our hospital entirely?
at 09:04 26 Sep 2017

Never mind, keep voting Welsh Labour...don't forget that Thatcher closed the mines. I would vote for any party to keep this disgrace from governing us. They not only actively try to prevent us dragging our city out of despair by thwarting our city centre regeneration plans and plowing all our money into wealth creating in Cardiff, but now, our health is expendable as well because they know we'll continue to vote them in.

Couldn't make it up. We really are the turkeys that vote for Christmas.
Swansea business closes because of Welsh Labour
at 12:44 17 Aug 2017

Their continuous neglect is putting people out of work

Funny how they manage to get enough money to spend £20m pa on maintaining Cardiff Bay, and the hundreds of millions they found for Callaghan Sq isn't it?

Honestly, some people would vote for this contemptible bunch even if they personally evicted them from their home. Thatcherism to its very core. Centralise wealth in the capital. Close healthcare facilities in other towns to relocate to capital. Unless you live in the capital, your health and wellbeing means f*ck all.
Welsh Government: Channel 4 should move to Cardiff
at 08:39 17 Jul 2017

This is incredible. Why oh why do you people keep voting for this?!

Please, email your AM!
Chris Pearlman - makes some good points
at 16:00 16 May 2017

Read this earlier. He makes some excellent points, not just about the Swans, but about how the whole city needs to make the most of the Premier League brand. I've always been disappointed with the short termism of the Swans board that they adopted a completely laissez faire attitude towards helping regenerate Swansea.

When you look at the work that Man City's owners have done with former run-down parts of the city, it shows what can be done (obviously on a smaller scale). I've been calling for years for a club shop in the city centre - granted, it won't fix its woes by any stretch, but in half terms/summer hols, kit launches etc etc, it'll bring in footfall.

The Swans need Swansea as a city to have money to support it. The Swans also need a nice-ish city centre so players enjoy living here. It feels like, until now, they've made very little effort to address either concern. Pearlman seems to be moving things in the right direction. The club has also joined the Swansea Business Improvement District. Again, another thing lacking under our previous uninspiring owners.
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