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Swansea slap £30 million price tag on Llorente as Chelsea speculation mounts...
at 18:48 21 Jul 2017

Looks like our valuation is stopping the deal.

Surely that is essentially a "not for sale" statement rather thana genuine valuation, as nobody is going to pay £30 million for Llorente.
Indian businessman interested in buying out Americans
at 11:00 21 Jul 2017


India media are running a rumour that VJ Mallya, the disgraced former chairman of United Spirits, wants to buy a Premier League football team, specifically Swansea City, for about £110m.

The team, which narrowly avoided relegation last season, would add to his portfolio of sporting interests, including the Force India Formula 1 team (which he is said to be in the process of renaming the better to attract sponsors) and the Royal Challengers Bangalore Indian Premier League cricket franchise.

Swansea was taken over by an American consortium just over a year ago. Neither side has commented on the rumours.

Mallya, who has been declared a ‚Äúwilful defaulter‚ÄĚ by Indian courts as well as being found in contempt of the Supreme Court for failing to make a full disclosure of his assets, is contesting extradition from Britain to India after fleeing to the UK in March 2016.

At the centre of the case is some £1.1bn in debts and interest Indian banks claim Mallya owes them. He has always contested this sum and maintains that he wishes to agree a settlement.

Meanwhile, India’s legal authorities have now delivered to the Crown Prosecution Service details of the charges against Mallya. They include laundering some £150m through various shell companies in India, Ireland, the US, France and the Seychelles.

That money is alleged to have been part of a loan to Mallya’s now bankrupt Kingfisher Airlines from IDBI bank, formerly the Industrial Development Bank of India. It was said to have been used for purposes such as aircraft leasing and maintenance but, it is alleged, no confirming records have been found.

Mallya denies all the charges all charges against him and claims they are politically motivated. One of his arguments is that Indian jails are substandard compared with European institutions and thus, as he will be imprisoned to await trial immediately he sets foot in India, he will be caused undue suffering.

India’s government has told Britain that anyone extradited from the UK will be lodged in a jail with proper facilities but that nobody will be given preferential treatment. It claims that it has already instructed the Maharashtra regional government to upgrade Mumbai’s Arthur Road prison where Mallya will be held if he is extradited.

The full court hearing on the extradition warrant will be start on December 4. Meanwhile Mallya remains on bail in the UK.
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Swexit poll result: 37 votes for legal action 12 against
at 17:29 1 Jul 2017

Before the poll was compromised by multis.

Certainly a clear direction here.

Let's hope the Trust members follow suit in what seems to be a pretty closed book of rhetoric on their part to sway decision one way rather than the other.
[Post edited 2 Jul 9:16]
Mawson and Abraham
at 20:10 22 Jun 2017

England U21 v Poland U21

Currently 1-0 to England through Damarai Gray.

Mawson starts, Abraham on the bench.
Another season of struggle say the bookies
at 16:04 26 May 2017

Although impossible to price accurately due to it being before the summer transfer window, they have instilled us as 4th favourite for relegation.

Brighton - 6/5
Burnley - 6/4
Watford - 6/4
Swansea - 2/1
Newcastle - 7/2
Palace - 9/2
The Trust and the Americans
at 11:33 16 May 2017

Now we have had the soundbites that there will be little spending in the summer. Is the Trust going to sit down with them and find out what the plans are for club monies? Especially in the event we sell Gylfi for example. The Trust own 21% so there should be no shocks in the accounts when they are released next and everything should be in the open. They should be made aware of the exact amount of any concurrency fees, wages or any other vessels to extract money from the company. As 21% owners surely you are entitled to know what your company is being charged. I think the Trust should be proactive and preemptive now.
Will lessons be learned if we survive?
at 06:46 8 May 2017

I genuinely believe that the Americans took over completely underestimating the need in constant, quality investment in the playing side. Seeing us as a safe mid table Premier League side, and they would be able to get a cheap deal with minimal investment and get some nice dividends from the profits every year. Sadly I think Jenkins did nothing to convince them otherwise, not to rock the boat. If they knew the club needed £15m-£20m net spend at least per season they wouldnt have been so keen.

Unfortunately football, and more specifically Premier League football, isnt like that. You can not scrimp and save otherwise you will be found out extremely quickly and your £100m+ business could end up a £30m business struggling to even pay its running costs before you can say "Blackburn Rovers".

If we do stay up by a gnats hair, and there is still an awful lot of work to do for that to happen, do you think the Americans will have realised the errors of their ways and redirect club income towards the playing side (Gylfi and Borja sale + the usual £15m) or do you think we will continue to let our top players go and replace with the standard £5m player?

We should have a small squad full of quality in order to finance the wage structure. A but like the Laudrup era. The frustrating thing is after this debacle is over, we have a real chance to progress given the right backing, yet I have a horrible feeling that the vision of the fans and the vision of the owners do not marry up.

I think after this season is out, as 21% shareholder the Trust deserve to know what direction the club is going in, what are the actual immediate plans regarding transfer budget and whether it is a low investment "surviving excercise" or are we actually looking to improve the club.

Is this something the Trust will be doing?
Win at Sunderland - would leave it very hard to get relegated
at 13:11 7 May 2017

Regardless of what the others do, If we win the next game then the scenarios would look like this with Swansea on 38 pts:-

Hull win

Palace 38 pts
Swansea 38 pts
Hull 37pts

With us having WBA (h), Hull having Spurs (h), and Man Utd (a) then it would take a monumental screw up for us to be relegated. A draw against Spurs would not be good enough, Hull would have to beat them and we would also have to lose.

Hull draw

Palace 39 pts
Swansea 38 pts
Hull 35 pts

This essentially relegates Hull, barring a crazy last day of the season where we lose 4-0 to WBA and they beat Spurs 4-0.

Hull lose

Palace 41 pts
Swansea 38 pts
Hull 34 pts

Obviously spells the end of the drama.

So I hope we do the cliche and treat this as THE Cup final.
BT Sport - Gylfi transfer all but done
at 20:16 6 May 2017

Anyone catch that just then? They said they are hearing that Gylfi has all but sealed a mega money move to Everton for next season??
Fernandez, Carroll and Ayew.
at 14:10 30 Apr 2017

Utterly outstanding.

The rest of the team put one hell of a shift in and were superb. deserved so much more than the point we had to settle for.
So so boring
at 13:04 30 Apr 2017

It is like we have to score 2 minimum to win as one will need to negate the now customary awful decision. It must be so demoralising for the players, they can give everything and play the other team off the park building up a head of steam only for a ref to say "naaah". Such a waste of effort and makes the game a complete farce, it's more like the WWE at times with almost scripted storylines dictated by these refs. It's awful for the game and the standard of this refereeing is ruining the game and the lack of video ref is allowing people to cheat to take advantage of these idiotic refs.

[Post edited 30 Apr 13:17]
Man United v Swansea
at 18:06 24 Apr 2017

I have the option to swap shifts for this game. Does anyone know any reasonably priced second hand websites to buy tickets for our end from? After that shocker at West Ham and the even larger one at Spurs.. I need another go at witnessing a rare away win this season.
Retrospective commentary
at 13:27 23 Apr 2017

Anyone else hate this or is it just me?

It happens on the youtube U-23 game highlights all the time. I tune in looking forward to watching the action unfold and I get...

The clip begins and the attacking move starts..''Dan James put the Swans 2-0 up with this well worked goal....''.

Great so we score here then?
at 08:50 19 Apr 2017

Does anybody know how many goals we have scored with Gylfi out wide?

I would rather him dropped all together and play a winger there than play an out of position Gylfi. I have never seen anyone with such little pace given that role, not just once but repeatedly. Gylfi is at his best when he is linking centrally with the striker amd can put through some defence splitting passes, or take a long ramge shot. Out wide he cant really do any of this at all. I just don't get it.

If he plays him out wide against Stoke killing one of our post potent attacking streams then I have lost all faith in him, we have scored 1 in 7 hours of football (not been unlucky either) and it seems clear why. If anyone does have that stat though I would love to see it.
Shall we see if we can poach this guy from Billericay?
at 13:16 15 Apr 2017
Our bitter little brothers
at 20:28 13 Apr 2017

Apparently we are lucky to be above league 1, this last decade is a blip and there is a big chance of us being non league within 10 years
[Post edited 13 Apr 20:29]
14 years apart and its Swansea v Hull all over again
at 22:04 10 Apr 2017

Amazing that 14 years has passed since the famous 4-2 win to keep us in the football league. Even more amazing to think we now essentially fight another battle against Hull dining at the very top of the footballing pyramid.

Somehow this feels different though, then we were a team that was just starting it's journey. Had some incredibly raw and talented players and there was a buzz about the place despite our awful predicament. The likes of Leon Britton not seen in a Swans shirt for a few decades.

This sadly very much feels like the end of a journey, one that has been needlessly caused by greed and betrayal at the hands of the very people who kick started it all and subsequently became poisoned by their own success.

I have not totally lost hope. 6 games left. 2 points behind. I am just noticing a completely different feel about the place 14 years apart and quite poetic that it has yet again come down to the fact that the very match up that started it all, is the one that will probably end it.
Did Bluto get his comeuppance?
at 18:05 8 Apr 2017

What a tw*t of a fat mess. Anyone who went will know who I'm talking about.
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