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Anyone watching Las Palmas game?
at 13:37 13 Jan 2018

Jesus Christ, I thought we were up against it. Anyone thinking Viera is the answer to our problems is severely deluded, once again he has been utterly, utterly dreadful. They are now 5-0 down away to 15th placed Girona. 11 points from 20 games so far.
FA Cup 4th Round draw. Get your guesses in.
at 16:57 8 Jan 2018

7pm draw time

1. Sheffield United

2. Watford

3. Birmingham City

4. Liverpool

5. Brighton or Crystal Palace

6. Peterborough

7. Bournemouth or Wigan

8. Coventry

9. Newport County

10. Huddersfield

11. Yeovil

12. Nottingham Forest

13. Notts County

14. MK Dons

15. Manchester United

16. West Brom

17. Rochdale

18. Tottenham

19. Middlesbrough

20. Fleetwood or Leicester

21. Hull

22. Cardiff or Mansfield

23. Manchester City

24. Shrewsbury or West Ham

25. Wolves or Swansea

26. Stevenage or Reading

27. Newcastle

28. Millwall

29. Southampton

30. Preston

31. Norwich or Chelsea

32. Carlisle or Sheffield Wednesday
Positive performance
at 21:50 2 Jan 2018

Nothing like we have seen in years gone by but we could have easily scored 3 in that game. Their goal was a mile offside and only got their second as we were pushing forward, not to mention the fact they should have had a certain red card.

I have a positive feeling after watching that, just a shame that the league table looks the way it does. Some quick fire wins and we will have every chance.
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Carvalhal breaks down tactical side of match
at 12:48 31 Dec 2017

Nice to see a manager pro actively making observations and changing systems to combat it. I felt at time Clement did his ore match stuff and let the 90mins ride on that, I guess that is a coach mentality - Carvalhal is a manager.

Despite his erratic history. I have a lot of faith in this man.
Sums us up
at 15:37 30 Dec 2017

at 33 mins


Watford 1-0 Swansea

''The Swans somehow get a corner from a throw-in that Watford fail to deal with properly.

Chance now to throw a few players forward...

No, you'd think they were 1-0 up in the 90th minute. Just the four men in the box and the visitors opt to go short, before losing it.

Tom Carroll grabs a nice handful of Abdoulaye Doucoure's shirt to stop a Watford break and adds his name to the list of bookings.''

at 31 mins

Watford 1-0 Swansea

''Well, Swansea get the free-kick in a decent area and you'd think they'd fill the box, wouldn't you?

Instead they just send four men forward and Watford easily deal with Renato Sanches' floated delivery.''
Dave King forced to make £11m bid for Rangers shares.
at 17:28 22 Dec 2017

Another high profile case of the judges ruling against the ones who choose to ignore rules.
Getting cut adrift now. Will the trigger get pulled?
at 21:35 18 Dec 2017

Not even a win in the next game takes us out of the relegation zone. In serious danger of getting cut adrift with Liverpool and Spurs matches on the horizon.

Anyone think Clement gets the boot prior to New Year?

I cant see it. Change needed though, that is clear.
Vote of no confidence thread.
at 18:21 15 Dec 2017

Not a member but will happily join again if this was to get off the ground.

Any members have any ideas how to do this?

Looks like the only way of stopping this deal now. I have asked several times what are the benefits of this deal, it cannot be continuing to have a voice as conceding drag rights will probably mean the Trust survives as an organisation for a shorter period than if it was to go legal. They are not long term owners.

...those who recommended the deal still have not answered.

Swans Trust,
12 Dynevor Avenue,
SA10 7AG

I, the undersigned member, believe the current committee no longer represents the wishes of this organisation's members. I would like to register a vote of no confidence and ask you to call and extraordinary meeting of all Trust members so that we can be heard. We would like to table a motion that the following committee members should stand down and call an election at the earliest opportunity.

Alan Lewis
Stuart McDonald
Viv Brooks
Ron Knuszka
Cath Dyer
Viv Williams
Sian Davies



** any Trust members for the deal I have missed out feel free to add or any I have included that are against it then again feel free to omit.
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Fastest shot ever crossing the goaline at the Liberty?
at 17:00 9 Dec 2017

That has to be it.

We all laughed at Alex Ferguson claiming RVP could have died after Williams kicked the ball at the back of his head... But I wouldnt be 100% confident of survival if someones head was in the flight path of Bony's shot today
And that is the toys well and truly out of the pram folks
at 21:15 19 Nov 2017

If only legal advice could be done for something that actually means something rather than bruised egos.... although it would be ignored of course.
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Llorente to start against Real Madrid tonight.
at 18:39 17 Oct 2017

2 up front. Interesting call if true.
Chadli superb free kick
at 21:19 16 Oct 2017

Vastly underrated by many.

Shame he was too expensive.
Palace will be first side since records began (1888)
at 14:00 16 Sep 2017

To lose their opening 5 games without scoring a goal.

They have 18 mins to change that....
Sanches will need time
at 16:57 10 Sep 2017

Sanches is going to need a bit of time.

Clearly low on confidence, second guessing himself all the time and then making a decision that was probably inbetween what his options were, and under hitting a pass. Also not match fit. The sharpness, or lack of, very noticeable. This is where Clement comes in and I think will tell him that he doesn't have to do anything spectacular every touch, keep it simple and surely the confidence will flow back after a few games

He has barely played in the last year however and has only been with the squad a few days plus the fact we must remember he is barely 19 years old. We need a few weeks patience with him and hope the fans don't get on his back due to the huge expectations on his shoulders, certainly looks like this will be a slow burner - but his quality is clear.

Where can you find full matches on tinternet?
at 13:45 3 Sep 2017

I want to watch 70th - 75th minute of yesterdays Wales match with the english commentary, as they recognised the moment and were quiet the whole time during thr anthem.

I have found the full first half on youtube but nothing from the second.

That spontaneous anthem/woodburn goal is special. However all the clips doing the rounds on various places start halfway through it. Doesn't give the full effect.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Welsh National anthem
at 21:19 2 Sep 2017

Anyone noticed when it is spontaneously sung halfway through a match, we tend to score like 10 seconds later.

Happened when we played Belgium last year in the qualifying group and several times since including at the Euros.

Just happened now and turned to my colleagues and said ''we usually score a few seconds after the anthem is sung''... Woodburn steps up an hammers one in from 25 yards seconds later.

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So how will we line up?
at 13:06 31 Aug 2017

Where do we think Sanches will fit in? I have got him as our holding midfield player but would be happy switching him and Clucas and allowing him a more attacking role too. Thoughts?

------------------- Fabianski ----------------
..................Renato Sanches.............

Only concerns are center back. VDH scares me, had a decent game last showing but will have to keep that up for a good few games to ease my concerns. And playing Tammy behind Bony will take away Tammys greatest strength in my opinion which is his natural strikers instincts and predatory tendancies in the box.

What it does show however is there is going to be few chances for Mesa this season. What a strange signing. Certainly has the feel of a Borja type signing. We could have spent that on a quality center half.

The overwhelming feeling I have looking at this side however is that we certainly should not be competing at the wrong end of the league this year come the final few weeks of the season.
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Llorente to Spurs
at 00:20 31 Aug 2017

Huge price move. Chelsea still favourites but Spurs coming in strong.

Looks like either way he is off. 9/1 odds of him staying with 24 hours to go is too big to be wrong IMO
That is how you replace a player with a system
at 18:53 26 Aug 2017

A lot of people on here could not fathom how a system could replace a player. Today was a fine example. Not a vintage display but we defended as a unit, kept possession, knocked the ball around and put the pressure on at the right times. As a result players such as Ayew got the chance to score when ordinarily they wouldn't.

So someone coming in doesn't have to replace the goals and assists of Siggy. The system change should replace the majority of them by allowing others to score more than they normally would, as long as the players that are brought in continue to be of sufficient standard. We do look two positions short, one at right wing back and another in the wide attacking midfield role.

I hope both get filled although suspect now that only maybe Arias will be brought in as well as the Bony/Llorente transfer.

Very positive.
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