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Joel Asoro
at 21:18 9 Jul 2018

19 year old Sunderland striker- we are interested according to Alan Nixon
Fans, players and managers
at 01:18 9 May 2018

First of all hats off to the fans, I’ve been very critical of our support at times this season. But we created a brilliant atmosphere- one which the players should of fed off

The players didn’t seem to handle the accasion well, the were reluctant to play a pass with any sort of risk which saw us passing along our back 5 for the majority of the first half. Most of the players put a shift in today, but we just don’t have the quality. We seem to have lost any structure and build up play and have resorted to hopefully long balls up to the Ayew brothers. In reality we have a team full of average players just hoping that Jordan Ayew will create something. Ask yourself how many of our players would get into the Southampton starting line up? Very few.

We’re down now imo, it’s inevitable that the likes of Alfie, Ki, the Ayews, and probably Fab will be on their way- but hopefully we can use some of the money to get in a few decent creative players- otherwise I believe we’ll struggle in the Championship.

Carlos gave us hope when he came, he has done a good job to of put us in a position which we really should’ve survived from. However his lack of tactical flexiablity in the last couple of weeks has cost us. He seems to start games negatively, then go gung-ho when we go a goal down.
We needed not to loose today- why he brought on Abraham for Olsson at 0-0 baffled me. There’s no doubt Olsson was having a poor game but it’s clear that Clucas lacks the pace and defensive awareness as a wingback. Especially when we know that Southampton were about to throw the kitchen sink at us. Very strange decision.

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What can we realistically do?
at 05:02 27 Dec 2017

I'm hearing a lot of Brilliant ideas about boycotts, walkouts etc. but what are we actually going to achieve? These days 60% of the liberty stadium are just there for the sake of it.

I know for a fact that over the last 7 years we have lost 50% of our core support due to rising ticket prices and plastic supporters (who will thankfully be gone come relegation) occupying the seats.

The atmosphere at the liberty is dead and it's embarrassing! You only have to look at clubs in the Championship which put us to shame.. Sheffield Wednesday for example. (YouTube it)

Yes there are many clubs such as ourselves where the atmosphere is dying, but up until the last 3/4 years we have always been praised for our support and the atmosphere we as a fan base are able to generate, but I suppose it's easy to show support to a team on the up rather than a team in decline, and that's what hurts me the most.

With these new owners, the disagreements and poor perfermances, it's horrible to realise this club is only heading one way.

Divided we stand and united we fall.. the fans, board, yanks and players
Who's next then lads?
at 02:48 21 Dec 2017

I actually feel for Clement. A good coach, (knew how to set up a team and backed by the players) done over by the board with no investmest imo. I don't agree with all of his tactical decisions.. i.e Watford, Newcastle at home. But given the current situation who do you think can do a better job? And why?
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Our fans..
at 04:57 5 Nov 2017

Half the problem in my opinion, Yes.. we are absolutely sh*t at the moment, but players feed off the crowds energy! And singling out individuals is not helping anyone. Okay Carroll and Clucas were abysmal today but for those who have actually kicked a ball in their lifetime (rather than those armchair idoiots who have never stepped across the white line) know that anyone can have a poor game, and sometimes you can't do much about it.. those fans who jeered Carroll and Clucas off the field are absolute idiots. I guarantee they didn't have a poor game on grow up! The problem lies with our poor recruitment, and nothing else.. we sold our 2 match winners and replaced them with players.. some with raw potential and some who aren't good enough! But for our own sake... next home game realise that we are in this together and get behind the team rather than looking for scapegoats! Otherwise it will be a long, hard season.. and also next season in the championship! We are all part of it.. realise this and GET BEHINHD THE TEAM
Kyle Naughton
at 19:14 26 Aug 2017

I thought Kyle had a great game today, highlighted by the press and tackle for the second goal.
He's normally the whipping boy, so hopefully talk of genuine competition for his spot arriving (Arias) will be a blessing for us
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