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Under 16 months of Yank ownership we're now on our 4th manager
at 12:42 28 Dec 2017

Yes, you read right. Fourth manager in 16 months.

I just had a look back at Levien's first press conference after the takeover. Hearing him say that he was going to run a stable and prosperous football club literally made me burst out laughing. By the time he got to talking about how him and his partners were going to "invest" to ensure that we will be "competing with the top teams in the league," I lost it.

Levien, along with Kaplan, is the most shameless and disingenuous two-faced liar this football club has ever seen. It's not even appropriate to compare them with Petty. At least Petty made no mistake about who he was and what his intentions were. These American cvnts are a million times worse.
Dead last in net spend yet again
at 14:13 1 Sep 2017

Just like in the last summer window (and cumulatively in the last 3 years), we've once again spent the least. A profit of £24m in this window. How lovely.

It's an awful feeling knowing your club is owned by some parasitic foreigners who want nothing except to spend the bare minimum, if even that (since these Yanks took over we have a transfer surplus of +£14m), and that all they want to do is keep us in the Premier League before selling us for a tidy profit. Both Levien and Kaplan are two no good lying cvnts, and they should be held accountable for all the BS they spouted after the purchase about how they want to win, how ambitious they are, and how we're no longer going to be a stepping stone club.

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For all the people who said good players never go to relegation fighting sides
at 08:31 5 Feb 2017

How do you explain Ndidi going to Leicester, Sakho going to Palace, Oviedo going to Sunderland, and Ranocchia and N'Diaye going to Hull??? Please tell me. All I heard from you lot was how clubs in positions like ours can't sign good players and that no decent player will ever want to go to a side in danger of going down no matter how much money is offered to them.

All throughout January you imbeciles were going on and on about how it's impossible for teams fighting to stay up to sign good players when others rightfully criticized our lack of transfer activity, completely ignorant of the fact that it happens nearly every season and was happening as you spoke. It seriously boggles my mind how our supporters just cannot accept the fact that we have a chairman and director of football who is woefully out of his depth and completely incompetent when it comes to attracting decent players to Swansea and persuading them to sign with us.
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Clement says that we're done signing players for this window
at 04:49 31 Jan 2017

PC: "I will not be on the phone when the game is on, I am confident we are wrapped up on everything."


Not sure if we did enough in this window to stay up. We could really use a right back, a defensive midfielder, and perhaps another centre half.
It's time to break the bank and get in Laurent Blanc, van Gaal, or Mancini
at 19:23 26 Dec 2016

Only a world class manager can keep us up now. There's no other hope.

As much as I like Marcelino and Alejandro Sabella, even they wouldn't be able to save us from relegation. This is as dire as it gets.
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Monk is not the right man to take us forward.
at 19:19 24 Jan 2015

I really don't know why people are only now beginning to realize we're on the slide and that Monk has been doing a horrible job after this Blackburn loss. I've been saying this forever before but was constantly criticized and berated for being "negative." Anyone who follows us week in and week out should be able to realize this--in the league, we've scored only 7 goals in our last 8 games while conceding 16 in that period. The last time we actually scored more than 1 goal was when we scored 2 against QPR back in the 2nd of December. Its been utterly pathetic.

I don't even know where to begin. Our passing game has gone completely, there's absolutely no sense of urgency, we no longer press and seem to give opposing players a 10 yard radius of space when they're on the ball, woefully out of form players are being selected constantly with the dumb hope that they'll be able to play themselves out of a slump, and tactically, its been a joke. We've just been looking clueless, and we just can't score any goals. Its been week in and week out of this nonsense with no improvement in sight, and yet our manager doesn't want to make any changes.

We all know Garry is a legend and a stalwart of this club. That's never going to change. But going forward, he's not the right person for the future. Something has to be done. This is not at all sustainable, and we can't go any longer like this.

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Is anyone else unconvinced about Federico Fernandez?
at 21:05 17 Jan 2015

For £8m he certainly hasn't proven his worth at all thus far. Frankly, I don't know why even bought him when we already had Amat and Bartley, and he hasn't performed better than them either in my opinion.

It's not just today. I don't like to use the term "flat track bully," but Fernandez seems to only perform well against bad teams, and even then, he's prone to making mistakes. Remember that horrible "clearance" he made which went straight to Fer and resulted in him scoring in the QPR game the other week?

I have no idea why Monk felt the need to shell out £8m on a position we already had covered. That money should have been spent on a position we actually really need help in and completely lack--a defensive midfielder.
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Anyone else feel Dyer should be in the starting lineup over Routledge?
at 18:33 14 Dec 2014

I don't understand why Monk favours Routledge so much. Ever since he's been appointed, he's been in every one of his starting XIs and he's almost never subbed off regardless of how bad he's been. I know he was solid today and assisted Bony's goal, but lately, he's been bad. That game last week against West Ham when he lost the ball every time he received it and struggled to even complete a pass was perhaps the worst performance I have ever seen from a guy in the Prem since Ali Dia.

He constantly gets the ball nicked from him, he almost never completes a decent cross, and his finishing is just piss poor. Piss poor. There's been like 3-4 times this season when he was clear on goal and did nothing but hit the ball straight at the keeper.

Dyer started off the season fantastically, scoring 3 goals in 3 games, but then Montero established himself in the starting XI and he got injured. Monk sacrificed Dyer, playing Montero in his natural left wing role and moving Routledge to his unnatural role on the right where Dyer normally plays. It hasn't really worked out thus far, and I seriously think we'd benefit greatly if our natural right winger starts on the right over Routs.

We're only scoring about a goal a game, and this needs to change. Stop playing Routledge in a role he's unaccustomed to and hoping that its going to work Monk. The time to drop him and play Dyer is long overdue.
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