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The Power of Prejudice
at 02:38 2 Jun 2020

Welsh NHS Staff sing Bridge over Troubled Water
at 13:45 14 May 2020

and are praised by Paul Simon

But come on guys, did you really reed to reinforce the stereotype that all ordinary Welsh people can sing like angels?
It's Pelican FeedingTime?
at 14:34 7 May 2020

Are there any other live webcams that you would recommend? Doesn't have to be in this timezone.
Is Trump correct?
at 04:42 5 May 2020

"The US has recorded 1,015 new deaths linked to Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, the lowest daily number in a month. Overall, 68,920 people have died with the virus."

They are about 5 times bigger than we are. So are they doing things better than us?
Will you download the new tracing app to your phone?
at 04:09 5 May 2020

Maybe someone should start a poll.

For myself, absolutely I will.

But I completely understand the concerns of people who don't like Big Brother watching them and doubt if they will reach their percentage target, whatever that is.
[Post edited 5 May 4:10]
Why don't people do polls any more?
at 03:22 5 May 2020

When was the last one?

I'd start one myself but I just can't be arsed. Caution: anyone who can be bothered to reply to this pitiful, nonsensical excuse for a post better not have an out of date poll attached to their message. Nod.
at 01:29 4 Apr 2020

Are the Club or the Trust setting up a Zoom site for Swans fans to join?

Or are there any general Swans websites that people can recommend? Getting a little bit stir crazy here in London.
Positive news in the Corona virus pandemic
at 16:29 3 Apr 2020

It may be outnumbered by the bad, but it deserves its own thread.

Put any positive pieces of news here. Especially welcome are anything you have witnessed personally.

And on this occasion you are allowed to big yourself up, even if it is something tiny. No false modesty!
Fact-checking Websites, e.g. Snopes
at 19:12 13 Mar 2020

Misinformation can kill so it's vital to have websites that can quash unfounded scare stories. Snopes is one of the oldest (and positively mentioned by Tummer). Any others that people here go to every day?
[Post edited 13 Mar 19:14]
Brexit means More Red Tape
at 20:16 7 Mar 2020

Well of course it does. Strange that Brexit politicians said the opposite with a straight face.

Here's one of many, many examples. Feel free to add your own.

Or alternatively, provide examples where there's less bureacracy because of Brexit (are there any?).
[Post edited 7 Mar 20:17]
TV Recommendations - any suggestions?
at 15:23 7 Mar 2020

UPDATE: The heading has been changed. If you think there's something worth watching, let us know.
[Post edited 8 Mar 13:03]
Should heading be banned?
at 23:08 14 Feb 2020

It's not just on the pitch: it's the hours on the training pitch. Of course kids shouldn't do it.
The last decade was the hottest in history
at 20:54 8 Jan 2020

Last year was Earth’s second hottest year on record, with the decade as a whole the warmest in history, the European Union’s climate monitoring service has said.

Data released by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) found that the average temperature in 2019 was only a few hundredths of a degree below the record 2016 level.

In Europe specifically, 2019 was the hottest year on record, the EU‘s climate service said. Within the decade, Copernicus also found that the five last years were the hottest on record for the planet.

“These are unquestionably alarming signs,” Copernicus director Jean-Noel Thepaut said.

Global temperatures in 2019 were 0.6 Celsius hotter than the average in 1981-2010. Additionally the last five years were 1.1C-1.2C warmer than the pre-industrial era.

There's a lot more in the article.
[Post edited 8 Jan 20:55]
Bobby Madley's statement
at 18:59 3 Jan 2020

It's an interesting read.

Anyway, a belated Happy Christmas, peace and goodwill to all.
Growing Up Poor: Britain's Breadline Kids. Channel 4
at 20:57 2 Dec 2019

This is at 10 tonight, please watch it if you can bear to because it's hard viewing. And this isn't to do with party politics because both Labour and the Conservatives have let these children down.

If you don't see it tonight, it will be on the C4 site later, fair warning, it's easier to watch a horror movie.

How in our lifetime did we end up with 4 million (four million?!) children in poverty like this where they are going hungry? This isn't families not being hard working, or not being responsible parents, or spending money on crap instead of food and housing. It's just wrong.
[Post edited 2 Dec 2019 20:59]
Poverty is at crisis levels
at 12:47 19 Nov 2019

In another thread, someone implied that being homeless is a lifestyle choice. But you can work hard and still be homeless. Good luck to this young lady.
Nominate a charity to donate to.
at 15:01 15 Nov 2019

We had a thread about this last year but I couldn't find it.

Nominate a charity that deserves a few pounds, explain why, provide a link or an address.
Well done, Norwich Council
at 12:57 9 Oct 2019

Building streets of houses rather than tower blocks. I would have liked to know what the council tenants think though.

"Goldsmith Street in Norwich represents what has become a rare breed: streets of terraced homes built directly by the council, rented with secure tenancies at fixed social rents. And it’s an architectural marvel, too."

[Post edited 9 Oct 2019 13:00]
What's your points forecast for October?
at 13:10 3 Oct 2019

There are five matches this month and everyone starts with 3 points for the win at Charlton.

We now have a sequence of matches against lower ranked teams: Stoke (home), Barnsley (away), Brentford (home) and Cardiff (home).

I think we'll win the first three and draw against Cardiff to get 13 points out of a possible 15 and Cooper to be awarded Manager of the Month again.
[Post edited 3 Oct 2019 13:11]
FREE Charlton ticket
at 21:27 29 Sep 2019

UPDATE. This ticket has now been taken. There were five responses.

I have a Charlton ticket but am now unable to go there because of a (small) family emergency. Send me a message and I'll be happy to post it to you tomorrow by 1st class post. Please put whatever you think that this is worth into a charity box somewhere.

Absolutely gutted, because I've a feeling that we can win this match.
[Post edited 30 Sep 2019 14:21]
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