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Cheating Bob Bradley
at 09:19 4 Oct 2016

Cheat or genius ??
Monk Signs Hernandez Then
at 11:46 2 Aug 2016

After all the talk that he was against the Spanish contingent, he's brought him in on a 6 month trial.

I thinks he's getting a fair little squad together there. Good luck to him,
West Ham 7th may
at 11:50 8 Mar 2016

Anyone know when they are on sale, or when dates, time may be sorted. Just got early train tickets and late that evening.

Got something else to do up there same day so hope its that day 3 pm
Anyone looking for single in EAST Norwich
at 10:10 4 Mar 2016

Due to the fact I am taking my grandson tomorrow and have to sit in West with him, my season is available. If anyone wants it just at the going price to cover my move over to the West.

My three mates sit there too so it would be just meet, and hand my season to my mates.

Or I can get a ticket from the shop, would hope to get sorted today
at 14:59 2 Mar 2016

Anyone got a ticket going for Saturday must be in the East, looking to get my grandson in who is 6, he will sit by me (down from the drummer,) just need to get him into the ground, I will take ticket to the ground to change details.

Ideally a child's or seniors be best as price for price.


In advance.
David Ngog
at 14:19 27 Jul 2015

A very nice car passed just passed me on the M4 heading for Swansea number plate ended NGO.

Not a rumour don't worry just a coincidence I am sure, just brought the memory or lack of memory of his time here.

Season ticket for next year
at 21:19 9 Feb 2015

Anyone else renewed their season using the interest free option.

I went through the application last week and at the end it came up sayng accepted by GX or whatever the finance company is, but the season ticket was still in the Internet shopping basket, I didn't hit the key again as I didn't want it to go through the system twice. Nothing out of bank yet but there probably wouldn't.

Had no email confirmation so rang the ticket office who said you won't see any emails till its gone through their system, I would have thought they would have some way of saying my seat is now confirmed. Anyone else in this predicament?
Velux Light Tubes
at 14:24 20 Jan 2015

Does anyone know anyone who fits these, basically it's a small velux window, with what looks like a flue that lets light into a dark room.
The Who
at 11:55 4 Jul 2014

Anyone got tickets, I dont mean the kids, and the kids are allright, but it's mainly my generation. I know theres only two left but should be a good show, hope the substitutes will be OK .
Europa League
at 16:45 10 May 2014

Anyone know what we actually made by getting through qualifying, though groups and then our final round. I dont really mean gates I mean funds from the UEFA
Gary Pcikford Hopkins and AC/DC
at 12:08 2 May 2014

Just reading December 2013 Rock magazine, and found out that he was on the back up list to replace Bon Scott.

I knew he was with Rick Wakeman but this was a bit of a shocker.

Great singer fairplay to him. RIP
Guitarists "Old Guitars"
at 07:50 23 Apr 2014

Whilst I would love a 59 Les Paul Burst or a 1962 Strat, a little out of my league.

I have a Gretsch White Falcon (obviously I suppose), strats, telecaster and a Gibson Les Paul, and a few others bits and pieces, but always wanted a real vintage guitar from the year I was born 1960.

A 1960 Hofner Colorama 2 was what I got, bit battered but all original. Didn't cost too much, and plays well.

What old guitars you got out there.
Laudrup spotted at Manchester airport
at 15:44 21 Apr 2014

Getting back to Denmark as fast as he can in case they offer him the job.

United same as the rest of us by the look of it now, sacking club.
Monk and the Future
at 10:36 21 Apr 2014

I think it is obvious he won't be the number one next season, think he will stick around as coach? Or will he not even be wanted by the new man, or will he say furk this I can do it all by myself and go off and get a job at a 1st Div or Championship side.

Or do you think he will be our manager?

Whaddya think?
Manager of year
at 22:50 20 Apr 2014

Has to be Pullis surely?
Victor Meldrew Moment
at 14:36 20 Mar 2014

Boring old day so my top ten niggles recently, whats yours ?

1. Play Dates - Where the fook did that come from ?? Going out to play, going down my mates/friends for goodness sake. Posh mothers eh!

2. Crossing the road diagonally on a cross roads with lights - Tufty sqirrel told me you have to cross at 90 degress even if it takes longer,

3. Roundabouts and Women - Inside lane, is for you - You are not entitled to swing into MY outside lane before you filter left.

4. Get your purse out, you kinow you have to pay.

5. Math - It's MATHS over here mun.

6. Trousers hanging down your arse - Dont want to see you pants mate, it's not fashion its your trousers around the crack of your arse.

7. People who wont let you take a chair in a pub as their missus is coming, and sit there alone all night.

8. Screaming banshees of women in pubs, who always say "ahh I'm the crazy one I am" - If you got to tell me you are, your not.

9. Facebook - Liking, your likes etc.

10. Facebook post " Will you like these heroes, if you dont your a bastard". No I wont like it cos you said to, I'll put money in a box or buy a band, will you.
The Blues
at 09:53 3 Mar 2014

Bought some old blues albums the weekend, a bit of Son House and Muddy Waters, always have liked the early Delta stuff since I was a lad as I am a big Stones fan and like to listen to their influences, favourites of mine are Leadbelly, Howling Wolf and Robert Johnson. I know it's cliched but I like the "woke up this morning" and "Gonna write me a letter " type stuff.

Anyone got any tracks and artists to recommend, I know the names of most of the guys obviosuly but dont want to get into downloading an album to hear one or two tracks that I may like.

For all the youngsters old stuff to me doesnt mean Clapton and Rory Gallagher
Difference Monk/Laudrup
at 08:19 21 Feb 2014

Certainly not slating ML just looking for differences, what you all think highlights this.

For me yesterday I straight away thought that it was emphasised when he brought on Emnes to continue chasing the game, ML would have brought on Amat IMO and just tried to hold it. (If he wasnt already playing that is)

I think we are far more positive in overall approach, direction and attitude.

Look at Chico no petulance just solid performances every game.
Alan Curtis
at 13:04 19 Feb 2014

Anyone heard a rumour that he jacked about 2 hrs ago, jsut had a call from a mate ??

Hope it's not true, and probably bull.
Neil Sedaka
at 22:15 15 Feb 2014

Watched the doc last night, always thought that he was the sole writer, but no he he had a lyricist bit like Bernie taupin and Elton John. Watching him play piano so naturally makes my years of learning guitar look like a waste of time. Why are some people so naturally talented ?
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