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Polls for the election
at 12:55 31 Oct 2019

MyGov tracking various polls.

Shows the Tories in the lead but quite a few on here wil like the Brexit Poll.

In the recent Canadian elections the Conservatives won the majority of votes across the Country but the Liberals won the First Passed the Post election.
Awkward attempt to talk to girl ends up as sex offender
at 14:04 24 Oct 2019

Seems a shy guy simply touched a girls arm and hip and ends up with his life destroyed.

The sentence seems way, way over the top. can't believe it was even taken to court.
Premier League v Championship finances
at 21:31 29 Sep 2019

An indication of the gap.

I hate the Premier League, the monster created by greed. If we want to maintain a high standard we must get back. If we stay down we will inevitably in my opinion go down at some point, so we have to aim high.

When I was a kid the TV money came from the BBC and ITV, dwarfed by the current money available.

Every game played saw the gate being shared between the two teams played, therefore the bigger teams with bigger crowds over the season made more money, which gave them an advantage but overall most teams were on a fairly level playing field, where good managers and shrewd player acquisitions made the difference. The players were mainly from the UK as well.

The start of the downfall was the bigger clubs changing this system so the gate receipts went to the home team, the slide to the greed state we are at now started then in my opinion, when the league bent to that demand.
How to abandon a Child (the easy way)
at 23:05 17 Sep 2019

It appears like this.

Change her legal age to 22 (how I have no idea), buy her a cheap flat, then move to another Country.
Stoke 2 Up
at 20:30 27 Aug 2019

Feral teenage girl? The great Pizza gang of Penlan!
at 17:55 31 Jul 2019

Oddly enough the two boys look like two murderer's on the run in Canada.

Cardiff City v Real Valladolid
at 13:45 12 Jul 2019

So should I go and see this as its playing in my home City.

Thinking I will as it will no doubt include before and after beers, get a chance to see the opposition, probably take a neck brace though.
at 13:49 5 Jul 2019

Loaned to Oldham for season
Matt Grimes - Supporters player of the Year.
at 00:23 29 Apr 2019

Well done Matt Grimes, been outstanding.
Can we get 74 points
at 23:55 6 Apr 2019

Now we are all feeling good.

Stoke (h)
QPR (a)
Rotherham (h)
Ipswich (a)
Hull (h)
Derby (h)
Blackburn (a)

These last 7 games all look within our grasp if the stars align.

74 points usually would be short, Sheff Wed reached the play-offs in 2015/16 on that total but usually you need more.
English hospital will refuse Welsh patients
at 03:20 6 Apr 2019

except emergencies

Is the Trust responsible for Global Warming?
at 21:01 3 Feb 2019

I'm sure I read somewhere or heard something from somewhere that I'm not telling you that sparked the knowledge that they are.

at 18:59 5 Jan 2019

Isn't it time something was done about the rise in knife attacks.

When I was young if you got into an argument in the street, usually on a night out, the most you could expect was a good kicking.

Nowadays, the most daft of arguments could end up with knives and death.

There are already laws deterring carrying knives, these should be strengthened in my opinion with severe sentences and the law should be able to search anyone and not be held back by any perceived discrimination.

Anyone caught in possession of a knife should be in a cell straight away, a heavy fine and if caught again then looking at time.
Celtic after CR?
at 14:34 17 Nov 2018

Rotherham fans reminiscing over the game in 2000
at 04:18 2 Nov 2018

Fenella Fielding RIP
at 04:37 12 Sep 2018

Absolutely loved her in anything she did.
FAO Phil Sumbler. Swans TV
at 19:24 25 Aug 2018

Hi Phil,

As your back on the trust board I'm hoping feedback to you can be in some way passed to the club.

Like a few others I had issues with SwansTV and did not get what I paid for.

In my case, I started watching the game but after just 3 minutes the screen froze, I did what many people would do when if freezes, I just refreshed the screen.

After refresh I was taken back to the pay for entry page, I could not get back to the stream unless I paid again!!

Once your in this position there is nothing or no-one who can help.

The maddening thing, the email you get from SwansTV when you buy the stream ticket is from a noreply email address which obvously you cannot contact.

To add insult to injury, a line in the email says "If you have need any further assistance or support, please get in touch with us.". But has no way to get in touch!!

There is no contact info, no phone number, no email, nothing.

On the Swans Official site the only option is to fill in the Contact Us page where there is no SwansTV option.

I have entered my complaint there under ticketing asking for a refund but have no idea if I will get a response.

I think the fans need better than this.
at 01:57 12 Aug 2018

Thought he had an excellent game, should have scored 2 goals, penalties are always hit or miss but that chance second half was a great chance he made with his run, bet he'd score that any other time.

Thought he held the ball well, a lot better than the re season games and hassled their defence plus getting back to defend.

The more games he plays the better he'll get.
Rangel to QPR!
at 19:07 10 Aug 2018

Thats a suprise
Chances of relegation
at 17:33 31 Mar 2018

Swansea 12%

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