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Pre match warm up today
at 20:59 9 Dec 2017

I like to take an interest in these sort of things at games, 90% dont and either don't pay attention, or dont get in the ground in enough time to see it, each to their own..

As I do with every game, I arrived in the ground today to watch the pre match activity, and I was genuinely shocked, for a team at almost as high a level as you can possibly get, it is (was) poor, very poor.

'Ahh its just the warm up, means fack all..' some will say, but its all connected, otherwise whats the point in it, at all. You can observe and tell an awful lot about any player/team in just that 30 minutes or so, and if ours today was any kind of reflection of what happens in regular training sessions, then this is where the teams problems are stemming from.

I don't know the name of the gentleman who was leading the activity, but a big sign of the kind of influence he has on the players was when he was leading the dynamic movement exercises at the start, and the players were either doing something completely different or poor versions of what was asked/demonstrated.

There were many alarming facets from there onwards, but the one I really couldn't believe was that at at one point, a team in the PL would have its players standing in a static line in front of one another, passing the ball back and forth, you know, like a terribly outdated U8 grassroots activity.

Leon looked like a garden gnome, no input whatsoever.

Without surprise, first 20 minutes, many in the team couldn't trap cement, with another combination with the advertising hoarding failing to come off (I think this is 3 seperate players to my knowledge that have done this, this season, all in recent weeks). These things are not coincidental.

Usually if the training is poor, it finds a way of coming out, as I remember happening with Laudrup/Sousa, but is it a surprise that our players are looking very poor with the technical basics these days, when the level of our coaching setup, looks very poor?

Brief videos on social media of the training sessions, dont really do much to dispel this argument, so is this where the real issue is? Anyone with an ear to the ground know more?

Wales v Kazakhstan - WC qualifier - 7pm KO
at 15:03 24 Nov 2017

Big game tonight for the national womens side.

Record crowd at the CCS expected.

7pm KO on BBC Red Button, and online.

Currently top of the group, ahead of England, albeit having played one game more.

Come on Wales.

The Eternal Optimist thread
at 17:11 15 Apr 2017

It's still only 1 win away from going above Hull

3/5 of our remaining games are at home, and all against teams that are theoretically done for the season. We HAVE to win these and we CAN.

For me it's a shot to nothing now, we're odds on favourites to get relegated so what have we got to lose? I'm done with the negativity.

Theresa to pull the trigger next Wednesday (29/03)
at 11:58 20 Mar 2017

Lets get this show on the road.
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Leyton Orient served winding up order
at 12:16 1 Mar 2017

Sad. Propa club and supporters.

Didn't they do something for us when we were in a similar position? I think they may have showed a banner of support in one game, but I can't recall exactly.
Rod Stewart does the Scottish cup draw
at 12:20 23 Jan 2017

What's wrong with this mun, he was just having a good time

Go on Rod
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Jonjo Shelvey
at 12:52 20 Dec 2016

Oh dear

at 16:51 3 Dec 2016

It's like the penny has dropped with some that we're in some sort of a relegation battle with probably the weakest squad in the league. WTF did anyone expect to happen against a team like Spurs away from home? It's not like we're at opposite ends of the table or anything..

Get behind the team and manager this week, in time for probably the biggest game we've played in many a year, against Sunderland, and then whatever the result and situation at 5pm, have at it.
[Post edited 3 Dec 2016 16:51]
Man City v Arsenal on ITV
at 18:08 7 Aug 2016

ITV: "please somebody watch our channel"

They must be taking a kicking, especially to be putting a pre season friendly on Sunday evening prime time.
Olympic Football
at 20:06 4 Aug 2016

Brazil v South Africa on the red button now and an absolute feast until the early hours, including Mexico v Germany, and Portugal v Argentina.

Interestingly, the Nigerian team were still waiting to board their plane in the USA around 12 hours before their scheduled match against Japan
Blast from the past
at 13:30 29 Jul 2016

Stumbled upon this earlier

at 22:44 19 Jul 2016

New comedy that aired tonight on BBC 2

I thought it was funny anyway
Neil Taylor
at 16:14 16 Jun 2016

His limitations were magnified massively today, against his domestic counterparts as well, not some world class winger or fullback. They went after him big time down that flank. Simply not good enough, the position needs urgent attention.
[Post edited 16 Jun 2016 16:15]
In other interesting news
at 12:12 7 Mar 2016

Swansea City have now passed Ipswich Town in the all time Premier League table, having equalled their points tally of 224 points, playing 21 games less.

Only 15 points above Swansea City are Nottingham Forest, who the Swans have an outside chance of surpassing this season, if not, inevitably (touch wood) next term.

Further above the Swans are a clutch of teams, including Derby County on 274 points, and Portsmouth on 282 points, and then currently active PL team Crystal Palace, who are 62 points ahead of us (having played 84 games more),

----------------------P ------W--------D------L--------F---------A----------Pts
Crystal Palace------265----72------70----123-----272-----381------- 286
Derby County----266---- 68---- 70-----128----271-----420--------274
N'Forest-----------198---- 60---- 59-----79------229-----287--------239
Swansea City-----181---- 58---- 50-----73------219-----242-------224
Ipswich Town----202---- 57---- 53-----92-------219-----312-------224

Good to see that our own PL record is now equal to, or better than, some historically 'big' clubs. We are now part of the furniture, some could say.
[Post edited 7 Mar 2016 12:43]
Footballer has rape conviction appeal date set
at 14:04 2 Mar 2016
End of season prediction thread
at 16:33 1 Mar 2016

No doubt between now and the end of the season we will be all doing our nuts in trying to predict the different permutations, week by week, game by game, thought we could all stick them in here and see how much they change throughout the weeks ahead.

Here's the result after my stab at the bottom of the table going into the last day (without re-arranged fixtures). Hopefully it'll be a bit more serene in reality!

15 Bournmth 37 -17 41
16 West Brom 37 -18 41
17 Swansea 37 -10 38
18 Norwich 37 -23 38
19 Newcastle 36 -26 36
20 Aston Villa 37 -42 26

and then on the last day

15 Sunderland 37 -15 43
16 Bournmth 38 -20 41
17 Swansea 38 -10 39
18 Norwich 38 -23 39
19 Newcastle 37 -25 39
20 Aston Villa 38 -44 26

Top 4 out of interest

1 Tottenham 38 38 75
2 Arsenal 38 26 72
3 Leicester 38 23 72
4 Man City 37 32 66

predictions made using,pro,hideFinished,show
Poll that shows % of local support for PL teams
at 12:39 19 Feb 2016

If anyone hadn't already seen it..
at 13:12 11 Jan 2016

Sums up everything that is wrong at the moment. Get him the fook out.
[Post edited 11 Jan 2016 13:12]
If Dogs wore bottoms
at 23:13 6 Jan 2016

Which way would they wear them?

Worst thing is not's even a joke ffs

The world's gone mad mun

Wales Online live update
at 10:54 8 Dec 2015

Garry near exit

Brendan approached, but reluctant
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