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Imminent return from US
at 16:58 22 Jul 2017

...and preparation for Birmingham & Sampdoria.
Will Siggy be integrated back into first team training or told to continue training on his tod or with the youngsters? Either way, it will hopefully bring the tedious transfer saga to a head...or will it?
at 15:40 14 Jul 2017

A mate has spotted Siggy having a coffee in the Departure lounge.
at 10:57 13 Jul 2017

....needs shooting.
The start of the end of football, only a matter of time.
Koeman & Everton
at 19:56 12 Jul 2017

Getting really phucking tedious now.
First chance Koeman gets, he'll be off himself to somewhere like Barca.
Stick around Siggy, you know it makes sense.
Llorente at Wimbledon
at 19:15 8 Jul 2017

Giving Federer a good match in the guise of Mischa Zverev.
Serving well with his broken arm.
We've had our worst season in the Prem....and yet
at 17:05 17 May 2017

If we beat WBA, we'll only be 4pts behind them in 9th spot and of the top 8 teams, we beat Liverpool, Everton & Southampton and drew with Chelsea & Utd, but got nothing out of Spurs, Arsenal or City.

Its been a strange old season all round.
Let's phucking do this!!!!!
at 15:13 30 Apr 2017

3 wins & overtake Hull AND Palace.
Hull v Sunderland 3pts
Palace v Hull 1pt
Hull v Spurs 0pt

City v Palace 0pt
Palace v Hull 1pt
Utd v Palace 0pt

Dafter things have happened.

Magnificent today, cheated out of 2pts.
This minor miracle....
at 18:59 10 Apr 2017

....should do the trick...
Watford 3pts
Stoke 3pts
Man Utd 0pts
Everton 1pt
Sunderland 1pt
West Brom 3pts
39 points.
The Ayew Bros
at 17:43 7 Apr 2017

The last time they opposed each other, they each scored and the team in white won and the team in claret & blue lost. They've since swopped colours (if not clubs).

Would be nice if the team in white took the 3pts again 👌
Can kick & rush hoofball win....
at 22:53 14 Mar 2017

....the Champions League?
29% possession against Sevilla.
Will they get more than 10% if they draw Barca, Real or Bayern?
Shame Nasri didn't follow through on Steptoe Junior, to make his red worthwhile.
Chelsea v Swans...prediction?
at 13:09 18 Feb 2017

I reckon its about time they lost 😁
Swans win @ 12/1.
0-1 @ 40/1.
1-2 @ 40/1.
Can any of our US friends clarify the following...
at 08:59 13 Feb 2017

Is Dirk Nowitzki a Jack?

My son sent me a link to a photo of him on the Swans Supporters Trust Facebook page wearing a shirt & congratulating us on yesterday's win. Neither of us can find it again to follow it up?

I'm interested because I saw him play for the Dallas Mavericks against the San Antonio Spurs a few years back at the American Airlines Centre in Dallas.

A basketball legend 😊
2016 > 2017 Transformation
at 05:50 13 Feb 2017

End of 2016, looked like we were dead & buried.
6 games later into 2017, PC has given us more than a fighting chance.
Similar "transformation" to Leicester's 2 seasons ago.
So, next season.....???? 😁
Meanwhile, can't wait for Chelsea 😜
100th win
at 00:51 13 Feb 2017

In 215 top flight games.
Decent win ratio that 😁
Top 6, mid-table or relegation zone?
at 15:33 23 Jan 2017

It goes without saying that I'd love to be in the upper reaches of the Premier League. But, being realistic, is it wrong that I'm finding it "more interesting" to be where we are than being comfortably mid-table?

That said, I'd prefer to be "safe & bored" at least 4 games before the season ends, don't fancy it going to the wire!
[Post edited 23 Jan 15:34]
Tom Carroll
at 15:36 21 Jan 2017

Just another average £5M player, eh!
If he keeps that up, bargain of the season. Twice the player he was when on loan.
We beat Liverpool & the ref today.
Hat's off, boys!!!
Bottom 4-6
at 17:40 14 Jan 2017

Amazingly, we're still not cut adrift, although we might be by the end of the month.
As a natural optimist, I keep thinking things will improve...but....
* We have little quality.
* Confidence is shot.
* Today a 50/50 decision went against us (Ki pen/dive).
* Lady luck had a laugh with 2 deflected goals, just to rub it in.
I'll probably keep thinking we can "do a Leicester style revival" until its mathematically impossible to do so.

[Post edited 14 Jan 17:41]
Never mind today.....
at 17:23 7 Jan 2017

.....we've now got Arsenal, Liverpool, Saints, Leicester & Chelsea up next 👌
Bradley has been SACKED...
at 03:37 19 Dec 2016

Head coach Gus has parted company with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Good times...Bad times...
at 09:06 4 Dec 2016

Everything that's going on with our club at the moment is self-inflicted and has been brewing for a few seasons. Apart from the performances & results of the U23's, everything is a shambles. That said, by way of perspective, it doesn't take a lot to nose-dive in the unforgiving world of the Premier League. Just ask bigger clubs like West Ham & Leicester who are in bother, with (it appears) none of the background bollox that we're having to endure. Also, unlike ourselves, they both have a "quality" manager and "quality" players...but its not doing them any good at the moment (apart from Leicester in the CL).

Are we capable of the following miracle?

Sunderland 3pts
West Brom 1pt
Boro 1pt
West Ham 3pts
Bournemouth 3pts
Palace 1pt

If not, we're down 😞....whoever we buy in the January window.

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