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How does Swansea’s junior teams play?
at 07:33 13 May 2018

Do they play accordingly to a specific philosophy (possession)?
Clement - Sacked - what would you choose?
at 14:08 24 Nov 2017

If you could pick of these two - which one would you pick?

1. A lose tomorrow and Clement would get sacked same day.
2. A small 1-0 victory (in the last seconds) and Clement would stay until christmas time
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Sell Llorente?
at 07:22 19 Nov 2017

Was it bad managing skills to sell your best striker (Llorente) this summer when Swansea also sold Gylfi (Llorente contract ended in summer 2018).

If Swansea would wait, if would off cause lose the option of selling him for a good price.
Do the players want to get rid of Clement?
at 16:54 4 Nov 2017

Did the game today show, that the players want to get rid of Clement?

No more will to fight for the man?
Any talk of a Gamepass in PL?
at 13:00 20 Oct 2016

Here in Denmark it is extremly hard to watch Swansea matchs (if the club do not play the big 5). Is there any talk in the UK of a gamepass like in NFL where you can pay 200 pounds for a season - and watch all your teams matchs?.
Guzman - wanna leave Napoli - he is cheap
at 22:16 12 Aug 2016

Guzman don't play in Napoli and wanna leave the club, so he can play some ball. He is now 28 and we can get him cheap. Should Swansea try to buy him for 2-3 million?

Ben Davies have just scored a own goal
at 13:16 25 Apr 2015

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Do Swansea have a destinct style of play anymore?
at 11:49 12 Feb 2015

We are doing better then ever (more points in the Premier league) with is fantastic - but do Swansea have a destinct style of play anymore or do Swansea play like any other midtable team in the Premier League (and/or is this a lose)?.
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Stream today Swansea vs West Ham
at 14:40 10 Jan 2015

Any stream today.
Stream today
at 14:03 1 Jan 2015

With Wiziwig gone - where do we have a good stream for todays Swansea match?
Dortmund - Bayern - German Super Cup - right now (n/t)
at 17:31 13 Aug 2014

Offical - Swansea has offered 7 million for Federico Fernandez
at 22:41 7 Aug 2014
The backbone of players have left - Will Swansea struggle?
at 11:39 6 Aug 2014

The backbone of Laudrups players - Pablo, Chico, Guzman, and Michu are all leaving Swansea - within 6 months after the old manager was sacked.

Seem there were a general anger (among this group) against the decision made by the Swansea board in January. - true or not,they feelt that Laudrup was'nt treated fair. Both Pablo and Chico even seem to join Laudrups new club.

It is not interesting to discuss the sack of the old manager (enough have been said about that). Would be much more interesting to discuss what effect will the major changes in starting linie-up have for Swansea in the new season.

Will Swansea hit the ground running or will the squad struggle for the first months?

Who has left among the starters:

[Post edited 6 Aug 2014 11:41]
Will Jenkins sell Canas before we have a new DM?
at 20:35 4 Aug 2014

Rumours about Canas returning to spanish football. But will Swansea sell their only fit defensive midfielder - before they buy a new one. Swanseas first PL game is in only 12 days.

Might we see the club keeping him until january or will Monk just use Shelvey or Ki instead.
Monk - Ki will get a new contract
at 16:09 30 Jul 2014
Who is going to play DM against United?
at 15:09 28 Jul 2014

Who is going to play defensive midfielder for Swansea against Manchester United - since Britton has a knee injury)?

Canas - or can Amat (or Ki) do the job ?

[Post edited 28 Jul 2014 15:12]
Do we need someone to replace Pablo as "type"
at 20:51 18 Jul 2014

Monk used Pablo, as a creative central midfielder with great succes in his first months as Swansea manager.

Do we need a new creative center-midfielder alla Pablo or Pozuelo in our squad for the new season, since they are both leaving, to make those unpredictabel/leathal passes/moves.

Or are Guzman and Shelvey up for that job.
[Post edited 18 Jul 2014 20:59]
Gylfi - Do we really need another attacking midfielder?
at 17:36 2 Jul 2014

With players like Shelvey, Michu, Pozuelo and Guzman that all are very aggressive and play on the central midfield, do we need another aggressive midfielder (Gylfi) or could we use the money (8-10 million) better in another position (or keep them)? :).

[Post edited 2 Jul 2014 17:49]
Lampard as a Swansea player?
at 13:35 28 May 2014

Could Frank Lampard as a midfielder be any good for a Swansea team with his immense experience?
What is Bony's market value.
at 21:40 28 Apr 2014

This summer several clubs will try to buy Bony. The Swansea board will do what they can to keep him.

Swansea got him for 12 million. What do you think his market value is now after his first season in Premier League?

Beside what he is worth - what do you think his price should be, to let him go?
[Post edited 28 Apr 2014 22:32]
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