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at 23:51 11 Aug 2020

Will not be allowed to leave Russia's sphere of influence via the ballot box it would seem.
It is obvious that they have assisted Lukashenko and his regime to rig the country's recent election.

My question...what is the EU's position on this?
...and do our 'Remainer' posters agree or disagree with the policy?
Kamala Harris Vs Donald Trump
at 23:32 11 Aug 2020

How do you think she will play it?

How will Trump play it? I'm sure he will attack Biden personally but does his campaign focus on discrediting Harris?
Room 101 - Desert Island Vids mash up.
at 15:47 6 Aug 2020

The Rules

- Choose 8 music videos which make your ears bleed, the soundtrack to your Room 101

- Please accompany each video with your reasons for hating it, it can be a sentence, it can be a paragraph

- You will also be taking the Bible (or alternative religious book), the complete works of Shakespeare, plus the worst book you've ever read in your life.

- and one pointless item. The thing you wish you'd never bought/been given.

- and choose one person to take along, the worst company imaginable (maybe provide a photo)

[Post edited 6 Aug 15:49]
Desert Island Vids
at 23:41 5 Aug 2020

You've heard it a million times, you know the rules, but here they are anyway...

The Rules

- You each get to choose 8 music videos to take with you to the 'Desert Island' up the videos so we can have a listen.

- Please accompany each video with your reasons for picking it, it can be a sentence, it can be a paragraph

- You will also be taking the Bible (or alternative religious book), the complete works of Shakespeare, plus one book of your choice.

- and one luxury item.
(the chosen luxury item must not be anything animate or indeed anything that enables the castaway to escape from the island, for instance a radio set, sailing yacht or aeroplane)

Good people
at 21:56 5 Aug 2020

If you could single out one person who had the most positive effect on your life (other than your parents)...

- who would that person be?
- and why?
at 16:35 4 Aug 2020

Have you been known to get up and blast one out when the mood takes you?

What do you sing? (Stick a video of the song up to help us picture you in full flow)
Ins & Outs + Squad Updates and Transfer links
at 14:53 4 Aug 2020

So here's the idea, I'll update the squad as the transfer window progresses regarding ins and outs, I'll also add all players that we have been linked with at the bottom.
We could use this one thread to discuss transfer targets as we go along and watch the squad for next season take shape.


Steve Cooper

1) Steven Benda - Possibly Leaving (Linked to West Brom & Celtic)
22) ??????????????

2) Connor Roberts - Possibly Leaving (£6m - Sheff Utd)
12) Kyle Naughton - Possibly Leaving.

3) Jake Bidwell
13) Declan John

4) ???????????????
5) Joe Rodon - Possibly Leaving
14) Ben Cabango
15) Brandon Cooper

Defensive Midfield
6) Jay Fulton
16) Tiv Rushesha

Centre Midfield
8) Matt Grimes
18) George Byers

Attacking Midfield
10) Bersant Celina - Possibly Leaving
20) Yann Dhanda
23) Barrie McKay - Possibly Leaving

7) Nathan Dyer
17) Aldo Kalulu
24) Jordan Garrick

11) Wayne Routledge
21) Kristoffer Peterson - Possibly Leaving
25) Joel Asoro

9) Andre Ayew - Possibly Leaving
19) Liam Cullen

Most promising youngsters that haven't had a go yet...
26) Joe Lewis (Right back)
27) Jordi Govea (Left back)
28) Jack Evans (Defensive Midfield)
29) Oli Cooper (Attacking midfield)

Players we have been linked with in the press

Goalkeeper - Jonathan Bond - £Free
Centre-back - Robert Ayala - £Free
Right-back - Kieron Freeman - £Free
Left-back - George Friend - £Free
Centre-Midfield - James Garner - LOAN
Striker - Charlie Kelman - £???? (Southend)




1) Erwin Mulder - to Heerenveen - Free
2) Mike Van der Hoorn - Free
3) Courtney Baker-Richardson - Free

Transfers we were linked with in the press but didn't sign
Grant Hall (Centre-back) - Signed for 'Boro on a free

Gethin Jones (Right-back) - Signed for Bolton Wanderers on a Free
[Post edited 11 Aug 12:27]
Kieron Freeman
at 14:33 4 Aug 2020

Press are claiming we wish to sign this young Welsh right-back on a free...

Anyone seen him play?
TikTok deal with Microsoft
at 14:18 4 Aug 2020

Do we need to call him 'The Don'?
[Post edited 4 Aug 15:32]
F1 drivers v Footballers
at 00:11 4 Aug 2020

Why is it that F1 drivers have enough about them to refuse to take a knee whereas Footballers just do as they're told like lambs?
James Garner
at 00:04 4 Aug 2020

We are being linked to this young centre-midfielder in the press;

Anyone seen him play?
Is he what we need in there?
Anyone else amused?
at 23:01 3 Aug 2020

The self-appointed intelligentsia all flounced off to the new board;

"Hope (Insert poster with common sense's name in here) don't come across", many of them declared.

On the new site there were threads devoted to how shite this board now was, one stock line was that the posters that remained here were just a bunch of oddballs and racists...

Frankly, this attitude drove me back on here.

....and now, one by one, they all come back!

What's to be done about London...
at 22:54 3 Aug 2020 place to bring up kids.
Sadik Khan does not appear to have the answers.

What would you do to get the streets of London back under control?
Squad - What would we do if we were manager...
at 22:08 31 Jul 2020

...presuming it was possible to sell who we wanted and bring in who we wanted (fantasy land).

What I would do...

Erwin Mulder
Steven Benda

Connor Roberts
Kyle Naughton *

Jake Bidwell
Declan John - Sell

Mike Van der Hoorn *
Joe Rodon *
Ben Cabango
Brandon Cooper

Defensive Midfield
Jay Fulton
Tiv Rushesha

Centre Midfield
Matt Grimes
George Byers

Attacking Midfield
Bersant Celina *
Yann Dhanda
Barrie McKay - Sell

Nathan Dyer
Aldo Kalulu
Jordan Garrick

Wayne Routledge
Kristoffer Peterson - Sell
Joel Asoro

Andre Ayew *
Liam Cullen
Courtney Baker-Richardson

Most promising youngsters that haven't had a go yet...
Joe Lewis (Full-back)
Jack Evans (Defensive Midfield)

My shopping list
1 x Centre-back
1 x Left-back (although I understand there is a local youngster who is a bit special at left-back...can't remember his name right now though)
1 x Defensive midfielder (on loan)
1 x Centre-midfielder
1 x Winger (on loan)
1 x Striker (on loan)

* = Players that might not be here next season whether I would like them to be or not.

What would you do?
Which position needs strengthening most urgently for next season?
at 17:23 31 Jul 2020

Which position needs strengthening most urgently for next season?

Your Vote:

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US Election 2020 - Delayed?
at 00:25 31 Jul 2020

Donald Trump doesn't like postal voting as he says it is susceptible to fraud (it really is actually) and has floated the idea of delaying the election.

Postal voting will be increased due to Covid-19.
The USA have never delayed an election in all it's history.

If Trump gets his way on this should we be worried about what that means?
Or do you have some sympathy for his position?
EU Corona Virus Bail Out Fund
at 14:22 27 Jul 2020

Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann has this to say;

"I generally consider collective debt for extensive transfers to be alarming,"
“At the very least, the package shouldn't serve as a stepping stone for large-scale EU debt for regular household financing."
“It is important that relief measures are limited."
“Then they automatically expire in the further course and the public finances stabilise again."
“They may be necessary now, but the state should withdraw quickly after the crisis."
“The state is not a better entrepreneur.”

Yannis Varoufakis says that the bail out fund is too tiny (once split up between 27 nations) to actually fix the problem.

It is estimated that the UK is £55bn better off as a result of not being one of the contributors to this fund.
Do any posters wish that we could have taken part?
Why would it have been advantageous to the UK to have been a part of this deal?

at 17:15 10 Jul 2020

Where do you stand on the subject?

Here is a video where the subject is discussed (I think the bloke makes some interesting points);

I welcome alternative points of view.
Jimmy F*cking Kimmel
at 23:20 23 Jun 2020

Who next?
How many of our own Planet Swans woke Lefty thought police have their own skeletons I wonder?

This is of course the French revolution replayed and is a pattern of behaviour on the Left.
Munira Mirza
at 10:50 21 Jun 2020

BLM and their Lefty chums are now demanding this young lady's head...

...her crime? Demanding that we discuss race in this country based on facts, stats and what the law says.
She believes, as I do, that this country is not a racist country and fares very well when measured against other countries on any analysis of the facts.
Mirza has stated that the claims of some that this country has institutional racism can be attributed to their 'perception'.

This rational analysis of course now makes her one of those 'brown racists' or something. We, who remain rational, must stand firm and not allow this person to be bullied from her job.
It only takes the silence of good men to allow all sorts of evil to be unleashed.

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