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at 23:08 6 Nov 2019

...this c*nt sums up the modern Scummy Labour Party voter perfectly;

"‘Oi @Jacob_Rees_Mogg you need to resign you’re an actual piece of s**t. ‘I beg everyone watch this – MP Jacob Rees Mogg in a nutshell saying Grenfell Victims should of [sic] had the common sense to escape. ‘I can’t believe the cheek f**king hell these politicians are actual aliens.’ He added: ‘My man said “if either of us were in fire, whatever the fire brigade said, we’d leave a burning building” as if to say “come on bro, they were just dumb” as if those who lost their lives weren’t smart enough to escape. F**king hell this man is the scummiest. ‘You can’t even make this stuff up. Donny said “If you JUST ignore what you’re told and leave you are so much safer” BRUV!!!!! ‘Let’s bare [sic] in mind for 2 secs how horrifiying and terrifying the situation would of been for the victims. Deep that for 2 secs.
‘And then imagine they’re being instructed by fire fighters – trusted government authorities – to stay put. ‘This scumbag is saying “well boy you lot are dumb to of [sic] listened then” can you imagine ?!!!! Oi get this p***k out of here these man are scumbags and they are wicked and evil.’ "

The Death of the 'Left'
at 01:24 27 Sep 2019

It seems to me that Brexit sounds the final bell for the 'Left wing' in this country.

They have deserted their principles,
deserted their voters,
deserted democracy,
deserted the real world (evident in Parliament right now as they prefer to exist in their bubble, enjoying the platform and the sound of their own voices...pretending they haven't got to face the public)

My questions for you to discuss;
Will the Labour Party be destroyed at the coming election?
Will they continue to be the opposition?
When are we likely to see a left-wing government in this country again?

This fella seems to have summed it up as well as anyone...

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Jordan B Peterson
at 00:20 20 Jan 2019

Listen to this guy, you won't regret it.

The Italian Budget
at 00:23 24 Oct 2018

The Italian government want to do what the Labour Party have been saying we should do here...namely, spend more government money to stimulate growth.

The EU Commission is "demanding changes", telling Italy to revise it's budget.
The Commission said the first draft represented a "particularly serious non-compliance" with its recommendations.
The Commission Vice-President for the euro, Valdis Dombrovskis, said Italy's response to the commission's concerns was "not sufficient" to assuage fears - and the euro's rules were the same for everybody.

So I ask, as many of the Remainers on here are also supporters of higher government spending in the UK how do you feel about the statements from the commission?

Should Italy press ahead with their budget plans regardless?
Plaid Cymru Disgrace
at 23:07 3 Oct 2018

Simon Thomas, one of the most disgusting examples of humanity ever shat into existence.
Could have been leader.
I am sure Trampie would have gushed.
at 12:31 13 Aug 2018

I'll start us off with another youngster (19), with another good pedigree, came through at Arsenal and an England U20 International...

Josh DaSilva

He plays Defensive Midfielder but is versatile and is left footed.
Potter compo...
at 00:02 7 Jun 2018

...being reported that we have paid Ostersunds £683k in compensation for Potter (buying him out of a 4 yr contract).
Same source claims that we will be paying him £900k-£1m a year, £20k a week.

Scouts 'R Us
at 00:07 9 Apr 2018

...tell us some players you like the look of who may be a good fit for us.
Thousands of England fans...
at 00:16 15 Mar 2018

...due to make the trip to Russia this summer for the World Cup.

What is the matter with these people?
Do they have a death wish or are they people who should really be in some kind of institution, for their own good.

Will Jeremy Corbyn be attending on behalf of British Labour do you think?
Conspiracy Theory Rumble
at 21:50 13 Mar 2018

...following on from sammylee's spectacular contribution today I give you a creative challenge.

Come up with your own conspiracy theory and make the case on here, most convincing wins.
Corbyn landslide...
at 22:40 4 Mar 2018

...people, daft people, keep telling me that Corbyn is going to lead Labour to a landslide victory at the next election.


Can I take a straw poll of those on here who believe a party who appoints people like this;

...who in turn appoints advisers like this;

...who comes out with shite like this;

She said: ‘I practise witchcraft. It’s something I’ve always been attracted to and I like it because it’s female-centric. I feel most religions are driven by and tailored for men.’

She added: ‘It interests me because it’s part of my ancestry – voodoo is more entwined in black identity than Christianity.’

Other pearlers include;
She called the suffragettes "white supremacists" and claimed that white people are "socially conditioned to be racist".

Are you going to vote for this shower?
Do these people represent YOU?
van der Hoorn
at 00:44 1 Mar 2018 now our best defender by a mile.
£2m? What a bargain!

If we can get £25m for Mawson DO IT.
He is a good lad but nowhere near as good as van der Hoorn.

The one who needs replacing (has done for about 3 f*cking years) is Kyle Bartley, use the profit from Mawson to get another HG centre-half (from the Championship) and a winger/no.10...then flog Bartley and invest in a young 4th choice centre-half with potential...and we will have improved our team...of course in reality they would trouser the cash, but I can but hope.
The Mr. Men
at 00:22 24 Feb 2018

...imagine we were all Mr. Men, what would some of the people from the world of football be called?

Please feel free to offer Mr. Men names that best suit;
- your fellow posters
- Members of Parliament
- Minor celebrities
- Figures from history etc.
Who is Mart6?
at 13:00 19 Jan 2018

Think of this thread as an online version of Cluedo.

Do you have any theories?
Would you please share them...I'll be honest I am hoping for a slanging match and a lot of unfounded accusations here, I do enjoy all the toys coming out of the pram.

I'll get you started with a possible candidate;
...bear with me.

Several months ago I started down arrowing all of Trampie's posts for a laugh.
I don't know, it just struck me that the person who posts as 'Trampie' might be the type to get irritated by my childish Shadwell baiting and snap.
Shortly after I started doing this...I stopped pretty quick, couldn't be arsed, down arrowing a posters every post takes dedication... Mart6 pops up down arrowing his lil cock off.
If North Korea is coaxed to the table and starts the long climb down...
at 13:05 9 Jan 2018

...will Donald Trump deserve any credit for this?
Should the Welsh Assembly make it a criminal offence to "smack" your child?
at 11:20 9 Jan 2018

Share your thoughts.

Were you smacked?
Would you have had a better upbringing if smacking was banned when you were a child?
Have you smacked your child/children?
What techniques do you use to discipline your child?
How important is it (or not) for a child to face consequences as a result of poor decisions?
How enforceable would this law be?
Will a smacking ban improve our society and how?
Private Education
at 10:48 8 Jan 2018

Firstly, what got me thinking about the subject...

I caught the start of Andrew Marr yesterday and they (Marr, Polly Toynbee and Fraser Nelson) were going through the papers.
The subject of Toby Young and his internet history came up and Toynbee was going to town on him.
Nelson made coments to the effect of, it was all in the past and at least he is a doer, passionate about his brief and should be judged on what he does now (instead of what he tweeted 5yrs ago).
He then praised Young as a journalist who actually put his money where his mouth was and put his ideas into practice, making a real difference, which is more than Toynbee or himself ever did.
Toynbee comes back with "Oh yes, because he just wants to create a school for his kids".
Nelson retorts; "Yes, it's better than sending them private as some columnists I could mention". Ouch!

A quick bit of online research reveals that Toynbee sent 2 out of her 3 children to Private School.
More interesting detail re: Toynbee...

- She is from a super privileged background
- She herself went to Private School in her primary years
- She still managed to fail the 11+ and went to a state school
- She achieved only 1 'A' level
- Yet still went to Oxford University
- She then drops out (like Corbyn) to "work in a factory and write great fiction in her spare time, like Tolstoy"
- Before realising that the reality of working in a factory for long hours doesn't lend itself to such intellectual pursuits.

Is it just me or is this woman a f*cking imbecile.

...anyway, I digress.

Q1. What do the good posters of Planet Swans think about Private Education Vs State?


Q2. Why is it that people who call themselves left-wing (vote Labour, preach socialism and anti-privatisation) find privatisation to be such a good thing when it comes to their own offspring's education?


Q3. Why should anyone take these people seriously

Some reading matter;
Ryan Fredericks
at 07:09 7 Jan 2018

Daily Mail linking us to another right-back;
Kyle Naughton
at 16:52 28 Oct 2017 absolute gash.
Alternative Planet Swans Awards
at 00:05 3 Oct 2017

Bunny Boiler of the Year (and every year) goes to...drum roll...
Darran Prosser

cue music

(please feel free to give emotional speeches)
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