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Who is Mart6?
at 13:00 19 Jan 2018

Think of this thread as an online version of Cluedo.

Do you have any theories?
Would you please share them...I'll be honest I am hoping for a slanging match and a lot of unfounded accusations here, I do enjoy all the toys coming out of the pram.

I'll get you started with a possible candidate;
...bear with me.

Several months ago I started down arrowing all of Trampie's posts for a laugh.
I don't know, it just struck me that the person who posts as 'Trampie' might be the type to get irritated by my childish Shadwell baiting and snap.
Shortly after I started doing this...I stopped pretty quick, couldn't be arsed, down arrowing a posters every post takes dedication... Mart6 pops up down arrowing his lil cock off.
If North Korea is coaxed to the table and starts the long climb down...
at 13:05 9 Jan 2018

...will Donald Trump deserve any credit for this?
Should the Welsh Assembly make it a criminal offence to "smack" your child?
at 11:20 9 Jan 2018

Share your thoughts.

Were you smacked?
Would you have had a better upbringing if smacking was banned when you were a child?
Have you smacked your child/children?
What techniques do you use to discipline your child?
How important is it (or not) for a child to face consequences as a result of poor decisions?
How enforceable would this law be?
Will a smacking ban improve our society and how?
Private Education
at 10:48 8 Jan 2018

Firstly, what got me thinking about the subject...

I caught the start of Andrew Marr yesterday and they (Marr, Polly Toynbee and Fraser Nelson) were going through the papers.
The subject of Toby Young and his internet history came up and Toynbee was going to town on him.
Nelson made coments to the effect of, it was all in the past and at least he is a doer, passionate about his brief and should be judged on what he does now (instead of what he tweeted 5yrs ago).
He then praised Young as a journalist who actually put his money where his mouth was and put his ideas into practice, making a real difference, which is more than Toynbee or himself ever did.
Toynbee comes back with "Oh yes, because he just wants to create a school for his kids".
Nelson retorts; "Yes, it's better than sending them private as some columnists I could mention". Ouch!

A quick bit of online research reveals that Toynbee sent 2 out of her 3 children to Private School.
More interesting detail re: Toynbee...

- She is from a super privileged background
- She herself went to Private School in her primary years
- She still managed to fail the 11+ and went to a state school
- She achieved only 1 'A' level
- Yet still went to Oxford University
- She then drops out (like Corbyn) to "work in a factory and write great fiction in her spare time, like Tolstoy"
- Before realising that the reality of working in a factory for long hours doesn't lend itself to such intellectual pursuits.

Is it just me or is this woman a f*cking imbecile.

...anyway, I digress.

Q1. What do the good posters of Planet Swans think about Private Education Vs State?


Q2. Why is it that people who call themselves left-wing (vote Labour, preach socialism and anti-privatisation) find privatisation to be such a good thing when it comes to their own offspring's education?


Q3. Why should anyone take these people seriously

Some reading matter;
Ryan Fredericks
at 07:09 7 Jan 2018

Daily Mail linking us to another right-back;
Kyle Naughton
at 16:52 28 Oct 2017 absolute gash.
Alternative Planet Swans Awards
at 00:05 3 Oct 2017

Bunny Boiler of the Year (and every year) goes to...drum roll...
Darran Prosser

cue music

(please feel free to give emotional speeches)
Mikel Merino...
at 18:02 11 Sep 2017

...did one of the most embarrassing, cringeworthy, effeminate, dives I've ever had the misfortune to witness yesterday.
The ref didn't fall for it, no penalty...but no card!?!?!?

The cheat didn't even warrant a mention on Match of the Day either.

Why am I no longer surprised?
Put yourself in the child's shoes...
at 06:57 31 Aug 2017

...and please share your thoughts,
Jesus F*cking Christ!
at 13:36 30 Aug 2017

...this is torture.

I have defended the club in the past but they have f*ck all excuses this year.
They have £30m+ burning a hole in their pocket!
...and they have known they would have a shed load of cash come in and they have known who was likely to leave (Siggy and Llorente) ALL FECKING SUMMER

Clement has said he wanted a minimum of 2 signings in and he said so before Llorente was on his way out of the door.
If he hasn't got 3 new players by 11pm tomorrow evening he should walk...I know I will reduce my spend with the club going forward.
This has become a fecking joke.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking it anymore
Abraham's Goal
at 22:46 26 Aug 2017

...was a top class finish.
Nothing lucky about it!

The defender is holding his shirt and trying to lock arms, Tammy out muscles him and powers in behind...he has a fraction of a second to see the cross coming at him (superb pacy low ball by Fer)...and somehow conjures up a side footed volley to finish.
Pure instinct it was, great reactions on the bloke.

He has a shot of going all the way this boy, can see him playing for England at some stage.

(I can't comment on the rest of the game as I didn't see it, just saw the goal on Match Choice though and was impressed)
Song for Roque Mesa
at 23:34 22 Aug 2017

Da da daa
da da daa
Da da daa
da da daa
da da da da da daaa
da -da da da- da da-da...da daaaaa!
ROQ-UE-MES-A (on the "gonna fly now" bit)

You know it makes sense
Song for Leroy Fer
at 23:27 22 Aug 2017

"Oh he walks like a pimp on a pitch of Ho's
Scores many goals misses tackles though...
Have you seen Fer?
Tell me have you seen Fer?"

Down arrow away feckers!
[Post edited 22 Aug 2017 23:28]
Bob Bradley - Tribute
at 01:37 18 Aug 2017

We all remember the footage of Bradley's laughable training sessions, how could we forget.

I want to hear from everybody whoever played football;

1 - A description of the best training drill you ever did (it was fun / repetition genuinely improved your game / You've used it yourself with your kids etc.)

2 - The worst training ground routine you ever did...either because it was the shitest, most last minute, back of a fag packet, lazy arse effort or because it was fantastically pretentious and over complicated.

3 - A description of the biggest c*nt you ever trained with or who trained you.

4 - The coach/manager/teacher who you look back on most fondly.
Grumpy tw-a-ts
at 08:24 15 Jul 2017

...who is the grumpiest tw-a-t on here?

Is this country becoming more right wing?
at 23:43 9 Jul 2017

Is this country becoming more right wing?

Your Vote:

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Was talking to somebody earlier who was adamant that this country is becoming more right wing (Brexit, Immigration, Media's treatment of Corbyn).
I disagreed but thought I'd poll you lot...
[Post edited 10 Jul 2017 0:10]
at 00:36 5 Jun 2017

I'll make this brief.

Corbyn does not like 'shoot to kill' on principle. Fair enough.
This puts him at odds with the UK public (especially during these troubled times).
He could adjust his public position on this issue (and on the nuclear strike issue) in order to secure more votes for the Labour party.

It comes down to principles Vs pragmatism, and Corbyn is not prepared to sacrifice his principles on the altar of a Labour victory in the GE.
To me this = Vanity

It strikes me that many of us do the same thing on the subject of Islamic terrorism.
We are not prepared to sacrifice dearly held principles on the altar of our children's futures.
It would seem that it is more important to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and see somebody staring back that our younger more idealistic selves could be proud of.

Me? I think it is more important to be able to look into my children's eyes in 30 years time and be able to say;
" I did everything I could to ensure that you were able to inherit the kind of safe, stable country that I (and my generation) was fortunate enough to inherit. "

Relative inequality
at 18:50 5 May 2017

What do the contributors to Planet Swans think about the subject?
at 13:53 3 May 2017

Some food for thought...

Steve Bannon...
at 00:48 10 Apr 2017

...a bit slow catching up on this stuff.

Bannon made this movie/documentary;

What is the counter argument?
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