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at 21:05 10 Dec 2017

Off to see Les Mis on Weds.

Who wants my tickets for Citeh?

Gotta love Les Mis. Must be the 10th time now 😵
Free kicks
at 16:25 9 Dec 2017

Used to get excited about a free kick.

Not so much now. Who’s gonna take them?

Point proven. Rubbish!
Someone likes HJ?!?! Baffling
at 16:33 6 Dec 2017

Found the one person who likes Gonzo
Amazing Streaming.
at 07:08 2 Dec 2017

Hi guys.

I’ve discovered an amazing streaming service, the quality is second to none.

Used iptv which you can watch in tv, Ipad, iPhones, and has movies on demand.

100’s of channels including sky, US, and European sport.

£85 per year.

If anyone wants the details, happy to share them with you.
And just how do you think we feel Paul?
at 21:49 29 Nov 2017

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My £50 is safe.
at 17:31 28 Oct 2017

Got a £50 bet on with Res

My bet: Bony will score less than 10 - Priving how sh1t a purchase he was.

Res’ bet - Score more than 10 ( he added the stipulation that he had to play more than 25 games)

.... I think my money’s safe In fact, I’d be happy betting he plays no more than 10 games.

PS.... bet he says we were great today!

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Nashville part 2
at 16:35 20 Oct 2017

For those of you who took an interest last time, I’m travelling back to Nashville on November 6th for a series of gigs, recording/writing sessions, photo shoot etc and to do a soft launch of my ep.

Anyone interested, follow me on Twitter @JAbramGarfield (stage name)

at 20:05 30 Sep 2017

So..... who now would change their minds and revert back to Llorente?

I was called a thick Kunt last week for my opinions by the loveliest guy on here 😂🤷🏿‍♂️

Hope I’m taken up on that bony bet btw. I’m sorry, but he might be a swansea legend, but stop clinging to memories. It’s not going to work again!

This is an absolute shower of sh1t, we couldn’t lace last seasons teams boots.

So much wrong here. Clucas? Wow! Who in gods earth thought that was a good idea?

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I've been a naughty boy.
at 20:31 23 Sep 2017

A steward approached me today and told me it had been reported to them that I'd use some "foul and offensive language" I responded with an honest answer. "Yes, I've said fcuk off a few time, but so would you watching this cr4p!"

It's a football game people are going to swear. Grow up!
Buy Cr4p Expect Cra4p
at 19:01 23 Sep 2017

I'm just gonna say it.

We bought cr4p, so what are we expecting?

In my opinion, we made the worst decisions of the transfer market.

Who in Gods earth thought Bony was a good idea???

It's sickening to think the amount us fans pay every year just to line the pockets of this w4nk3rs.

What did you expect from our absolutely ridiculous sales/purchases this summer.

[Post edited 23 Sep 19:02]
New Car
at 21:57 19 Sep 2017

I know I'm childish, but I bought a new car today and called him

AMGel Rangel

Hope he serves me as well as Angel!
Explosion on tube.
at 09:41 15 Sep 2017

Be vigilant tomorrow YJB's

Explosive device gone off on the tube in London.

Tottenham tickets available
at 17:17 11 Sep 2017

Hello there.

The work issue that caused me to miss yesterday's game has forced my hand again. I'm going to be out of the country.

Therefore, I have 4 tickets available for Saturday. Face value.

[Post edited 11 Sep 17:55]
Last minute tickets available
at 14:10 10 Sep 2017

Something's come up and I have 2 possibly 3 tickets available for today

Call or text 07523078668
Llorente saga
at 19:49 31 Aug 2017

Ok, I'm a big llorente fan so a little possibly biased, but I see no value in selling such an asset to our club.

I understand what some have said about his value in a years time, but what's bony going to be worth at that same time.

I think it's absolutely ridiculous.

Selling a race horse and replacing with a donkey!
[Post edited 31 Aug 19:49]
at 21:33 22 Aug 2017

According to the commentator Andre is playing! 😂😂😂
at 20:02 22 Aug 2017

Any streams tonight guys?
Physio advice?
at 17:35 20 Aug 2017

Any physio or anyone in the know who can shed light on this?

Today was my first game back after a small tear in my left calf.

Anyway, second half, cross came in, jumped to catch it, and when I landed felt an almighty pop, this time in my right calf. Dropped to the deck and had to be carried off.

10 times more painful than last time. Can't stand on it at all, so on crutches and out of football for at least a month.

Afternoon in A&E, have to have an ultrasound tomorrow, but they've said it looks like an acute tear/rupture.

I always warm up etc, but puzzled as to how this has happened twice.

Is that just bad luck or bad technique? Something like that?
[Post edited 20 Aug 17:36]
at 21:11 19 Aug 2017

Genuine question.... does the guy actually wear shin pads?

Those legs creep me out.
at 14:26 19 Aug 2017

Just amazing today!

Mesa - total garbage
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