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"Ollie McBurnie" (the single)... by those American comedians Abbot / Costello
at 09:40 30 Jul 2019

"Let's start the talking;
Wake Wilder from his bed.
Demotion's sleep-walking
While we're...cutting the squad to shreds.
Call United's secretary...
Can you wire the cash across the sea?


There'll be a cheque - via Swansea -
It's sure to crack a smile.
We'll have a grand ole' party
Go out and dine in DC-style...
Only takes one willing payer,
One more Rooney. One less Swans player.


Baston is up for grabs,
Mike Hoorn's been keeping tabs.
He could be the next in line,
Over-flow our bucks and dimes
With the cash from J.Ayew. And Dan James. And our 'nine'.

If we sense danger
In our 'professional career',
A deal could be arranged
With just a word in Mr.Birch's ear.
If we're outta luck with inward fees
We could sell the Under Twenty-Threes.


R.D.M. 30-7-19

'Retained List'
at 10:30 22 May 2018 news here as far as I'm concerned. And I reckon at least 11 of those first-teamers 'retained' will not be here in September.
Not a Good Friday
at 17:21 2 Apr 2018

As Good Friday three days ago was drawing to a close;
The time on earth sadly ran out for a man who's one of those
Who I would call a 'superfan' of Swansea Town and City,
So dedicated to our club, I thought I'd pen this ditty...

The love was born when he was 'leven in 1946,
His Mam she took him to The Vetch, and he was thrilled to bits
As Swansea Town they took the field, 'gainst West Brom Albion,
But spoiled the day, to his dismay, they lost the game 2-1!

This team in white, to his delight, improved as time went by
And as the decade neared its end, The Swans began to fly.
The names of men he'd oft recall, like "...Parry...Feaney...Keane..."
Of Swansea Town in '49 - the championship-winning team.

Then he was there in '64, in Villa's clinging mud,
But flukey Preston brought him back, to earth with a great thud!
Next came the gloomy 70s, the love affair survived
'Spite needing re-election, back in 1975.

But his faith was well-rewarded when, in 1978
Messiah Johnny Toshack walked right through the Vetch Field gates.
Up through the leagues he followed Tosh, was "Proud To Be A Swan",
Then burst with pride, and wept with joy, at Deepdale '81.

He caught the train in '82, as Swans were Anfield-bound
But missed the game, 'twas such a room left in the ground!
Though worse would come, as time went on, and we dropped down the leagues,
Though through the dark of '85, his support did not fatigue.

The club survived, then went back up, but the game he couldn't make it
To Torquay, down in Devon, he couldn't get a ticket!
But then the 90s they arrived, at Wembley took his place
As Swansea's trophy victory, put a smile back on his face.

Three years went by, and he was back, to take his Wembley seat
But this time sadness tasted, in last-minute defeat.
Then '99 he travelled up, to the land we all call 'Scunny'
But play-off failure once again...ALL THAT WAY!...JUST NOT FUNNY!!

2000 though, brought brighter days, for this loyal Swansea fan,
An away trip sealed the championship, at sunny Rother-ham(!)
But just twelve months were down the line, Swans back where they had started,
Then tragic'lly his wife passed on, and left him broken-hearted.

With love and care from family, he vowed he'd carry on
And in '02, "PETTY OUT!!" he'd shout, at the Patti Pavillion.
Then in '03, 'gainst Hull City, again was close to tears
But the 4-2 win, put a smile on him, and the day ended with cheers.

Just two years on, the Lib Stad came, his seat bought next to mine,
Way up high, on the eastern side, right on the halfway line,
And soon a change in playing style - Roberto at the helm,
"Brilliant football!" he declared, with joy was overwhelmed.

And so that mag'cal Wembley day, we reached the 'Promised Land'
But ill-health meant he missed the trip, fate cruelly dealt a hand,
Though once back able to support, he lived the Premier dream
And declared "West Brom home 2012's the best I've ever seen!"

But by the time the League Cup came, ill-health it had returned,
Though watching from his Wembley seat, his eyes still brightly burned.
Our win was cheered so loud and proud, a smile fixed on his face,
He felt sixty-seven years' support, was rewarded in this place.

With failing health he'd soon decide, a move was for the best
So soon his Season it was changed, to 'Disabled' in the west.
Then one last trip away from home, when his 80th came around -
A one-nil win at Arsenal away, his joy it did abound!

But...time it waits for no man, and in Janu'ry this year
Came the moment he had dreaded, and which filled him up with fear
As Spurs at home, to 'see The Swans', was to become his last
And seventy-two years' loyalty, would now be in the past.

The last match he would ever hear, was Huddersfield away,
A battling draw with just ten men, for nearly all the play.
He heard it on the radio, whilst sitting up in bed
And helped to clear ev'ry ball, he'd pictured in his head.

But now this man is history, his loyal support no more
Though I'm sure that he will watch The Swans, by peering through Heaven's floor.
And though to write this eulogy, it makes me very sad,
My over-whelming feeling is...of call him 'Dad'.
Quiz Question...
at 12:17 20 May 2017

What do 3 of this season's EFL play-off finalists have in common?
Swans Roll of Honour - Euros 2016
at 00:19 27 Jun 2016

Apologies if this has already been done but I've thought of a past, present and future (maybe, has been linked to us in the media!) starting 11 of SCFC players at this year's tournament:-

(GK) Fab
(RB) Jazz (CB) Chester (CB) Ash (LB) Ben

(RW) Hal R-K (CMF) Joe (CMF) Gylfi (LW) Tayls

(CF) Priskin (CF) Eder


OK, it wouldn't be my idea of a dream team...but it certainly fills me with pride for the club to have so many links to this year's Euros
Now that Mourinho's been installed at O.T...
at 13:49 27 May 2016

Going by recent history:-
Fergie's last home game.
Moyes' first game.
van Gaal's first home game...

Swans v Yernited as first game of next season anyone?!
The (not so) Magnificent Seven
at 13:48 29 Mar 2016

Apologies if this has already been done! I've just done a bit of checking back on our PL results versus our last 7 opposition teams in the corresponding fixtures and came up with this:-
STOKE (a) P4 W0 D1 L3 Average 0.25 pts
CHELSEA (h) P4 W0 D2 L2 Average 0.5 pts
NEWCASTLE (a) P4 W3 D1 L0 Average 2.5 pts
LEICESTER (a) P1 W0 D0 L1 Average 0 pts
LIVERPOOL (h) P4 W1 D2 L1 Average 1.25 pts
WEST HAM (a) P3 W0 D0 L3 Average 0 pts
MAN CITY (h) P4 W1 D1 L2 Average 1 pt

So in a nutshell, we've taken an average total of 5.5 pts from these fixtures. Knock of the 0.5 as a worst case scenario and we maybe looking at a finishing points total this season of 41. I'm naturally a pessimist when it comes to the Swans but cannot see us losing all 7 of our remaining fixtures and would be more than happy to keep this average going, keeping us up in this most traumatic of seasons.
Please tell me I'm right!
Once upon a time...
at 19:25 28 Nov 2015

...there was a proud football club from the south of Wales. This football club had enjoyed many happy times but had also spent a very long time in the footballing wilderness. With loyal support and damned hard graft this football club had managed to drag itself back up through the leagues and back into the promised land which it had craved for many years. Then, in the season 2014-15 the football club only just fell short of qualifying for even more greatness. However, many of its supporters felt that maybe it was a step too far too soon for the club (which was only just establishing itself as a force once more in the division) and enjoyed the warm glow of a very decent league finish. All was well and the fans were happy, anticipating what thrills and spills were lying ahead for 2015-16.
BUT...suddenly, this proud football club found itself stalling and then, sadly, going into reverse. The football deteriorated, the goals dried up, the team began losing games which it shouldn't have and the club dropped down the division; the division which the club was terrified of dropping out of (again) and relegation became a distinct reality. The fans became disgruntled with the manager; a man who himself had played many football matches in the past at the position of centre-half. He was a decent man who wanted the best for his team but, alas, he had run out of ideas and was simply not good enough to continue with his work. The board of this football club - fearing the inevitable - boldly decided to relieve their club's manager of his duties.
And then things began to change. A new man with a fresh approach and ideas was given the job of rescuing this ailing Welsh football club from the abyss. One of the most pressing problems the manager soon realised was a distinct lack of goals, so a player with an eye for a goal was borrowed to bolster the team's attack; slowly but surely the team began playing better football, the defeats turned into draws and the draws turned into wins. The club soon found itself pulling away from the relegation zone, looking up the table rather than down and the fans were happy and smiling again.
And the moral of this story is...
if Newport County can do it, why can't we?
Ten Years Ago Tonight...
at 16:26 18 Nov 2015

Yeovil at The Liberty, freezing cold, the streaker, Trundle...and THAT goal
Wilf must be getting sick and tired...
at 01:01 15 Dec 2014

of being our top goalscorer (and the PL's top scorer this calendar year) without his goals getting us the points. So far this season we have only gathered five points from the games in which he's scored - the win against Leicester and the draws against Newcastle and Palace (all at home). The guy must be feeling a touch frustrated, particularly when half of his goals in the PL so far this season have yielded no points at all. I just hope this pattern doesn't continue and he decides to start looking around for another club...
Three Years Ago Today...
at 09:39 30 May 2014

Kev Johns lead us into 'battle'. We've not done too badly since, eh?
W.B.A. Home on March 15th
at 22:56 24 Feb 2014

Just a quick query...does anyone know if there are any plans for our game to be moved from the 15:00 kick-off? The national egg-chasers are at home the same time so I'm surprised our game hasn't yet been moved. I thought we never played at home at the same time as them if they were playing in Cardiff (?)
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