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The forgotten team - The mystery team of Swansea city
at 17:19 7 Jul 2018

Disclaimer, I already made a nice supportive team thread 😀😊 though this is meant as a joke then it would be fun to see in action tbh 😀 includes new and old players

Naughton - Amat - Bartley - Jordi
Dyer - Fulton - Carrol - Fer - Montero

Predict this team's performance !
Are we that bad off?
at 22:44 25 Jun 2018

I am often one to be dragged into negativity and despair. Especially in tough times as last season. People are moaning for signings, as am I but I couldn't help but wonder if we aren't quite okay, atleast for a top 6 finish? Or have I gone completely mad? Team is with what we are still left with. Any outgoings obviously needs replacement

Roberts - Mawson (fede) - VdH - Olsson
Narsingh - Fulton - Fer - Carroll - clucas
Bony (mcburnie)

Purposely left out ayews because they are surely first to go out the door, should we offload. They seem to give 0 craps at all imo.

Notable subs? Not many.. hopefully some inns!! If not time for a few aces up the sleeve u23
Have they been fooking drinking?
at 12:49 17 Feb 2018

Seems as though the players are hungover and/or doesnt give a shit, wake the f up, no second balls won and miss passes, no thread or proper play. Get in ffs
Fortune telling, transfers
at 14:29 12 Jan 2018

Apparently Huw's got the same keyboard as me

Badum tschh
In tommorows news
at 19:28 26 Dec 2017

What will be the headline for tommorow? Throw in your bets and have a bit of FUN in this miserable season

We must stick to the positives

We can turn this around

The team spirit is good

We dont give a shit we are here for the easy money

Jenkins: I believe in our players, but we must sell, for I am running low on rum.
at 19:11 26 Dec 2017

How the f is he on the pitch still? Miserable performance, would have taken him off after 20 min
Blast from the past
at 20:30 13 Apr 2017

Pozuelo currently captaining for Genk against Celta Vigo. Really always fancied him to become a top jack. Shame it didnt go well, he always had some x-factor about him! But I guess he dissappeared too much on bad days :p
Den21 vs Eng21 - Off to watch Alfie
at 11:56 27 Mar 2017

My first time ever viewing a Swansea player first hand.. I live in Denmark, supported the swans ever since ML was coach (Agreed with his dismissal aswell!). I have followed every game, watched as many on television as possible/streams.. Currently saving up for a trip to Swansea.

But for tonight I will be seeing Denmark vs England U21.. Going to wear my Swansea shirt and hopefully get to see/talk to Alfie. Hope he notices, will do my best hehe..

Cheers from Denmark, hopefully no injuries!
Which clubs should make their mark in PL next season?
at 20:09 13 Feb 2017

Just curious as I saw someone name three sides.
I would pick: Sheffield Wednesday, Reading and Newcastle.. Despite my hatred to the last. Figure the club is too big to be in the championsship, but hell, maybe Leeds instead, curious to see Monkster in PL again.
Absoloutly need a Steel city team in the league! Reading just for the history

*Disclaimer! I know this matters sh!te, and survival is priority right now. This is just for the sake of it!
Another old player thread*
at 17:08 4 Feb 2017

I know he has come out of africa cup of nations.. But do you think W Bony will be satisfied with the choice he has made? Choosing Stoke over us sure proved to be a poor decision so far.. no sucess at all. I genuinely think he would have been as dangerous here as he was before he left.. The curse strikes. Even in todays match Berahino was chosen over him to replace good ol' (very) Crouch. Shame
Southampton tired out tuesday?
at 09:57 23 Jan 2017

Considering they have a game on saturday in the FA cup against Arsenal, wouldnt you think they choose their best starting eleven both Sat and Tues? Giving us a Physical boost perhaps? Havent always put much into the "many matches less quality", but it seems some teams are having difficulties with fitness (see Leicester)
The official: Will Cork ever get a descent shot on goal?
at 15:13 14 Jan 2017

Fun banter, discuss
Potential signings!
at 18:46 3 Jan 2017

Just got this list of potential signings from a very good source!
at 08:16 29 Jul 2016

Alright here goes! If we are unable to sign Wilf back, then we could try our luck with Nicklas "bad boy" Bendtner? Being a dane myself i know quite a lot about him and followed his career given he is the best forward we have in denmark. He is a beast in the air, and like bony is a strong target man up front and decent passer. Read in swep that he, at Arsenal, had an assist/goal every 132 min which is quite okay. He tried to kickstart his career in wolfsburg, but comming in mostly as a sub and being in a team which didnt Even play to his strenght, it didnt work out. Would you give him a go? I Would, even as backup for someone. Free agent also
[Post edited 29 Jul 2016 8:23]
Not necessarily the worst outcome OXF-SWA
at 14:24 10 Jan 2016

Even though I am left frustrated by todays result. I think we got a fair amount of questions answered today. And though we are out of cup tournaments, we have now full focus on PL survival.

Lets take it from the back and upward:

There is no question Fabianski is our N1 keeper of choice, Nordfelt looked shaky, didnt hold on to the ball very well or any good on standard situations.

Defense: Taylor is by far our best Left back, wouldnt let Tabanou into our PL squad. Williams and Fede are by far first choice of Central defenders. Plus we lacked our offensive contributions from Rangel/Naughton on Right back.

Midfield: If Newcastle wants to give us 10+ mill for shelvey, its a no brainer. He just doesnt cut it. Ki, Britton, Gylfi needed at todays game.
Barrow acts as a new signing, very positive results from this guy! And Montero definetly showed some character even though he had a tough day. Cork was shaken today though he made a great assist

Emnes did quite well with the assist and a few other great contributions. Agree with Trunds to say we could use him, atleast as a Sub.
Gomis did what we saw in the first 4 games of the season, not much to put on his performance today. - Dont see what Eder can contribute to this team

All in all we need a new Striker, possibly a new midfield to take over shelvey leaving. 2 Signings could do the cut. Huw to the pockets please. Would love the rumours of Bony to be true, but I doubt it. But I am positive we will stay clear of relegation! Even if its with just a few points
[Post edited 10 Jan 2016 14:27]
NEW team for Bournemouth!
at 16:58 7 Nov 2015

Watching these goalless games for the past, for ever has really made me mad! New team, need changes, CONSIQUENCES monk..!

Goal: Give Nordfeldt a chance, Fabianski has looked really bad recently, giving goals away with sloppy positioning.

LB: Tabanou! Taylor decent defensive but hope less offensive!
Mid Defense: Williams and Bartley - Fernandez has been HOPELESS recently with so many fouls!
RB: Naughton is fine
Midfield: Defensive: Cork, I know Ki and Shelvey has a good connection but this man is crusial between mid and def.
Attacking midfielders: Shelvey and Gylfi even though none has been convinsing recently...
Wingers: Routledge and Ayew
Attack: Id go as far to say brind Emnes in, maybe put Ayew top or Emnes, cant be any worse atm!

Naughton - Bartley - Williams - Tab
Routledge - Shelvey - Gylfi - Ayew

We need people to f'ing fight for their spots...
WHERE IS THE SOUL cmon you swans
Michu and De Guzman - "Risk" of getting Michu back in 2015??
at 19:55 29 Oct 2014

Hey all, first thread in this forum!

I was wondering if anyone else noticed how Michu have only had 3 appearances for Napoli so far, I am not sure wheter or not he is still recovering from injury, but I do not think that is the case? It Seems Hamsik is getting 100 % playtime, even tonight in cup game.
Would you guys think Napoli would buy such player who isnt used? - I for one isnt conviced, so maybe we will see Michu in swansea by 2015? - Given his attitude will go along or get improved under our new great Monk!?

ALso De guzman, not a swan anymore, but 4 games as of today. Not much either?

Napoles doesn't seem to be a place for these two
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