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Will we make a quick move for Sean Clare?
at 08:07 15 Aug 2018

Or will that also drag out and fall through

No news since last Thursday:

at 17:06 24 Apr 2018

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The Positives and the Negatives so far....
at 14:45 23 Apr 2018

There are plenty of positives that we still have and that could see us survive this season. The main one being that playing at home, and when Carlos has belief that we can win, we can play excellent are very capable of getting results.

We have 2 games left against teams in the relegation zone, both are 6 pointers, and these games should see Carlos more up for it and setting up with belief. If Carlos is up for it and on form, this is reflected in the players. By letting them get at the other team more and attack, keep possession and prevent the other team from getting many chances, this is when we are at our best.

The positives from the Man City game yesterday were that the lack of effort could be seen as: the players were saving themselves for the next more winnable games to come. No one got injured, and today we actually haven't got that much of a roasting from the media at all. It's mostly praising Man City. We were expected to lose, so no big thing has been made of it.

Although the players have had a roasting on social media from their own supporters, I personally do not blame them for how they played yesterday. It was Carlos who had them to play these doomed tactics, and if anything, their lack of motivation showed that they would have preferred to play a different way, to be given a chance of competing. When Carlos sets them up differently, lets them get at teams more, they will probably be a lot happier and motivated for it.

And our run in is easier than the other clubs around us so this is another positive.

The negatives are: the way we were set up to play yesterday, all the negative training involved with these types of tactics, this could have a bad effect on the players confidence. If the players are starting to not agree/not want to be playing these negative tactics, it could start to lower their respect for Carlos. If Carlos is going into certain games with low belief and low confidence, that's the last thing the players want, they need high belief and high confidence at this time.

Another negative could be that Carlos may decide to give Chelsea too much respect at the Liberty and they will be given an easy win. I just hope we don't play this negative way of playing again.

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Teams that have done the best against Man City have all gone for it...
at 17:49 21 Apr 2018

I don't think we have a much chance of even getting a draw tomorrow, but if we go on the defensive and 'park the bus' we will definitely get ripped to shreds.

Parking the bus will be the absolute worse tactic to use against man City. let them have plenty of time and space on the ball and we will get a hammered.

If we throw cation to the wind, and go for it, that could surprise them and is our best chance.

We may as well go flat out, don't give them any space, and keep on pressing, getting in their faces. They really don't like teams that go at them and try to win. But they love playing teams who try and defend, that is their perfect scenario.

So I'm just hoping we don't try and park the bus. They have the title already , so if we go for it and get a sneaky goal in, that is the best chance we have..

I expect to lose by 2 or 3 goals tomorrow though (even if we do go for it e have slim chance), would be amazed if we could get a draw..
A chance to get the win we need today..
at 14:54 14 Apr 2018

With Jordan Ayew back and linking up with his brother again, it has to be a good chance today to get the win we need.
VAR for or agianst..?
at 00:16 12 Mar 2018

With VAR the messageboards would be a lot quieter. Then again everyone would be probably posting about how much they hate VAR.

Also going by the different opinions that people can have (same as we have with the Ayew red). Whoever will be making the VAR decisions would be all arguing with each other, unless there is only 1 checking it...
Jordan Ayew's Red Card - Could this be evidence he is innocent, or not???
at 16:58 11 Mar 2018

I've checked the video footage and it seems to show clearly that the ball was Ayew's. He had the ball at the start. He was going with the ball that was his. It was Jonathan Hogg who decided to charge in and make the dangerous challenge.

Is it right that when a player is running with the ball as Ayew was, that a defender can charge into him with his studs up? Hogg must have realized it would be a dangerous tackle, but he went in there. Ayew was just going with the ball, no intent on any type of foul at all..

here are the video grabs: You can open the images up in a new window for full size..

We've got some hard games left, will we do it?
at 19:56 10 Mar 2018

Match date to be confirmed: Southampton (H)

31 Mar 15:00____Man Utd (A)
07 Apr 15:00_____West Brom (A)
14 Apr 15:00_____Everton (H)
22 Apr 16:30_____Man City (A)
28 Apr 17:30_____Chelsea (H)
05 May 15:00____Bournemouth (A)
13 May 15:00____Stoke (H)
Huddersfield is a game where we could slip up...
at 19:00 9 Mar 2018

Often happens when our confidence is up, and we underestimate a team.

Huddersfield's last 4 home games record is almost the lowest in the league , they will be well up for a win against us..

Tough one, will need to be as up for it as they are going to be..

When was the last time we had this type of form?
at 18:22 9 Mar 2018

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Fantasy league stats for Andre Ayew.
at 18:58 2 Feb 2018

I've worked these stats out from minutes played by Andre Ayew. The first season when he played for us in 2015/16 season, he played 2927 minutes, got 171 pts, scored 12 goals and 5 assists.

For the 2016/17 season I've doubled the minutes that he actually he played, and I worked out that if he had stayed at the same form he was in and played double the minutes, it would be almost identical form to the season he played with us.

For this season, I have tripled the minutes he has played and added 1 third. The result shows that although his goal scoring has gone down slightly, his assists has gone slightly up, overall his points have gone down.

Taking into account that he was not a Moyles favorite and the amount of injuries at West Ham (that could be down to bad training), he still shows some good form.

Here is a full list of his stats worked out by minutes played (for 2016/17 & 2017/18: if he had actually played these minutes at the same form he was in at the time)

2015/16 2927 minutes 171 pts 12 goals 5 assists

2016/17 2878 minutes 178 pts 12 goals 6 assists

2017/18 2953 minutes 157 pts 10 goals 7 assists

My thoughts on the Trusts position and how they should proceed...
at 11:59 2 Jan 2018

If there was any changes made to articles of the holding company 2002 or anything that affected the trusts shareholder position, that should never have happened without prior consultation with the trust. If this can be shown to be true, if it has directly affected the trusts position, the trust have a good case.

If it can also be shown that the changes made, were to affect the trusts position and prevent them from having any power and say in decisions of the club, that is not good at all.

When the trust was formed, it was to oust Tony Petty and to take control back of our club. The trust came about as a direct result of the fans joining together. All the shareholdings the trust have, is because of fans donations and work done to raise the money needed to buy them.

The main purpose of the trust being on the board, was to make sure no dodgy dealings were ever done again, they were there to safeguard the future of Swansea City football club. In effect the trust was like a protector of the club so that we could never again get in a similar position to the Tony petty days.

If it can be clearly shown, that anything was done to reduce the trusts powers of protection of the club. If it can be shown that they were clearly left out of any sale discussions and that deals were made behind their backs. There is a very strong case for litigation.

At the end of the day the trust is similar to a charity, they came about via donations by the fans because the fans wanted to have the protection put in place to prevent ever selling the club again to the wrong people.

No court of law will look favorably to anyone who has been shown to deceive and manipulate a charity/trust in order to work around and manipulate the protection processes that had been put in place to protect the club.

If it can be shown that Jenkins and the other shareholders, knowing what they were doing was against the trusts ethos, but because it was the ONLY way possible to sell their shares and make the money, they excluded the trust, bypassed the protection processes, and are now using the media to discredit the trust.

As far as I see it, all of these media interviews and articles are being used to further discredit the trust, but it can only work to the trusts advantage. People are actively trying to weaken the trusts position using propaganda.

If the trust could keep it simple, avoid the temptation for public mud slinging. Stick to the facts. They were formed as an active trust organization, put in place to protect the club. If any measures were taken in order to work around the protection processes that had been put in place. If certain shareholders came up with a plan to get around this protection, then went even further by changing articles of the holding company 2002 Ltd, to weaken the trusts protection (which is their sole reason for being there, and been wanted by ALL of the fans and supporters of Swansea City FC who had donated to the trust throughout the years).

It definitely looks a good case for the trust given the amount of evidence..

I agree that the trust should reverse any decisions to sell any shares, they need to work hard now and get legal advise to reverse any illegal changes to the articles of the holding company made to weaken the trusts position. The trust should look at all avenues (the football association etc) to gain back the powers of protection to once again safeguard Swansea City FC.

If you have big money business men, using top lawyers, taking advantage of a trust that was formed by fans donations, it really does not look good. They have in effect deceived the trust, taken advantage of them, and it was as easy as taking candy from a baby.
[Post edited 2 Jan 2018 16:20]
So why exactly has Jenkins said all this?
at 22:52 31 Dec 2017

Could it be his main objective was to to send a message to the Americans saying that if they had been going along with his plans we would be OK now. What he has said about not getting Rogers, not getting Allan, is he basically saying, 'look you have messed up not me'.

I think because he's lost full control of the decision making, he's probably become very frustrated. He's mentioning that he may have to resign if we continue to do badly, again it seems like a plain message to them to pull their fingers out and back him.

I think what he also may be saying is that he is good at what he does, but because they haven't been helping him, they may lose him and where will they be then? I've read a lot of views saying that the Americans will have to get rid of him now after he has come out with all this. But it's possible that he knows full well they want to keep him in the job and he is just trying to get their backing.

He'd have gotten away with it if it was for those pesky......
at 18:40 29 Dec 2017

It could have been so different for Huw Jenkins if he had done things differently. Where it went wrong was who he sold the club to. If he wasn't in such a rush, if he had been more open about it and involved the trust in the sale, all the mess that he and our club in could have been avoided.

If he had found new owners who had far more knowledge about football and the Premier league. If he had found new owners who had money to invest and put a lot in as soon as they took over. If he had found new owners who really did take us to the next level and move us up the league, investing in new players, top managers, unwilling to sell our best players. The sale could have then been justified. If we had moved up the league competing regularly for a top 6 spot, things would be much different.

I wouldn't care if he had made money out of the sale if he had chosen much better. But the facts are what he did was to sell to the first people who were interested, to people who were not going to invest a penny. The only thing they have really done has been to make bad decisions that will probably result in us being relegated out of the Premier.

His greed, and his decision to hide it from the trust caused him to sell to the first bidder. No guarantees of any investment, just a quick sale because all he could think about was the money he would make from it (not if it really would help the club or not).

So we sign a new manager, then he decides to try and convince everyone that he did the correct thing with the selling of the club. But why is he doing this when it's not all about him, it should be Carlos Carvalhal's time right now not Huw Jenkins.

I don't understand it. He knows himself that if we get relegated his time at the club would probably be up, so why doesn't he just focus on the new manager and surviving in the Premier, instead of trying to justify himself and digging an even deeper hole...
First impressions of Carlos Carvalhal
at 14:22 29 Dec 2017

From watching the press conference, his first interview and the training session videos. At the start of the training session, I thought the players didn't look very enthusiastic. they had that negative look about them, the one that low confidence brings.

When Carlos was showing them what he wants, running around and being very enthusiastic, the players did wake up and were responding. He seemed to have high energy levels and did have a good idea of how he wants them to play.

My impression by the end of the training session video was that I can now understand why he gets teams playing really well when he first joins them. If the players can see that his training principles are good and they go for it. And if they see improvements in games and know it's down to Carlos, that could get them out of the negative mindset and begin to turn things around.

In his press conference and first interview, I saw he has a lot of confidence. He was a good talker and enjoyed being the center of attention. If there is a chance of getting the players to improve their confidence levels he may be someone who could achieve this.

On the training session, I did also think that if he could manage to save us, the story would be similar to the Rocky films. Most of the pundits have given us no chance and do not see Carlos as a good appointment. During the training session, he was fired up, as if he is going to give all he can to try and improve us. I'd say that if he could pull this off against the odds, it would be an amazing achievement for him and for us.

Do I think he will do it? I don't know. Do I think he could be the right man for the job? I still don't know, but am starting to think he may be....
[Post edited 29 Dec 2017 14:33]
Carlos Carvalhal - the good, the bad..
at 12:42 28 Dec 2017

When Bony and Sanches were appointed I really thought they were going to do great here and we were in for a good season, I didn't look at what was wrong about them because I was so convinced they would get to form, do really well and we would be OK.

So although I'm glad we have got a manger in place and now have a chance of seeing improvements, I'm not completely optimistic (will get my 100% support though).

The good: He is very experienced, plus he has a record of doing well when starting off with a new club. He looks as if he could be a no messing, possibly hot headed type of manager (which could be good or bad). He has very strong Celtic roots with Portuguese people being very closely linked to the Welsh, so may really feel at home here and thrive. The Celtic bond could also see the fans accept him quickly as one of their own:

He's also had plenty of successful times with clubs and when the going is good has shown that he can motivate teams to play at their best. He may have good links for bringing in some quality players and he may be able to get some from Sheffield Wed (not sure if any are good enough for us though).

The Swans have had 15 managers in 12 years, Carlos has managed 16 clubs in 18 years, so this could be a good match for us :)

The bad: He's only just been released from Sheffield and his confidence must have been at a low, the stress and pressure he would have been under must have taken it's toll on him (although he might be very thick skinned and didn't affect him much). Managers usually do better, if they have had at least a few months away from managing in order to recharge, fully recover and get their spark back, before taking a new job. It may be far to soon to put him in at the deep end with a Premier side struggling at the bottom of league. He may not enjoy being a yes man and fall out with Huw quickly which could ruin any chance we have. He's never managed a Premier club before, so just like the Bony and Sanches risk signings, this is similar. We have no evidence to show us how he may do. Some fans could view it as Jenkins making more and more risky decisions, there were other managers with proven Premier experience who may have been a safer bet, so this could be seen as more of a gamble..

For me. I'm remaining on the fence. I'm going to give my full support but not going to be too optimistic like I was with Bony and Sanches

I'm sure there are more good and bad I haven't thought of???

[Post edited 28 Dec 2017 13:52]
The Americans seem remarkably similar to sloths..
at 15:06 27 Dec 2017

Their speed of thought and decision making is so slow. When quick thinking and action is required, they go into hibernation and hope everything will sort itself out..
[Post edited 27 Dec 2017 15:09]
We were doing really well before the Americans came in..
at 12:42 27 Dec 2017

When I heard we we selling to the Americans, I could not understand it. Huw Jenkind and the board made promises after they bought the club from Tony Petty, saying that our club would never again be put in the hands of anyone who wasn't Swansea at heart. Never again would anyone like Neil McClure or Tony Petty take over our club.

But now we have gone back to being a badly run club again, the promises we were given were just talk. It's unreal why we were sold out for money causing the loss of our identity and resulting in so many really bad decisions. We are now being run like a conference club. At a matter of fact there are probably a lot of conference or league of Wales clubs who are being run better than us. The Americas have been and still are way out of their depths..

When they sacked Clement, once again I could not understand why they did not have a replacement in place, why they didn't have someone ready to take charge.

[Post edited 27 Dec 2017 12:44]
This is the action that wil most likely occur with Jenkins and the Americans now
at 12:02 27 Dec 2017

They will continue to play the waiting game.. They will take too long to appoint the right manager, they will search for the perfect one, but be unable to promise enough available money for players in the transfer window so will lose out. This will be the main nail in the coffin, their hesitancy in action will ultimately cost them/us.

Teams around us will keep improving where we will keep getting worse. In the transfer window all of the better players available will be snapped up by the teams around us while the Americans um and ah over the prices. Their hesitancy once again will cost us while other clubs who show far more interest and having far more premier experience, will offer the better players more, once again we will lose out.

The players we get in will be risks, loan players, or players who have lost form (had injuries). All calculated risks, playing Russian roulette with the club.

When we get a manager in he will not have control over which players he wants, it will be Jenkins telling him what players he can pick from (from a list Jenkins has made up).

They will be unwilling to offer big money and full control to any real proven manager like Louis van Gaal. Unable to offer him a decent pot of money so that he could improve our squad and this will ultimately lead to our premier demise.

Speed of thought, urgency, moving quickly to get the right man in and willing to pay decent money to attract the right person is not the way they will go. It will be the same old waiting game, the same snail pace movement, everything very slow and taking it easy. The waiting game that's been proven not to work will continue, it is the way they operate and there is no way they can change. They've shown us how they do they do their business, it will more than likely happen again. Spending the money needed isn't in the equation, spending the least possible is.

More on the waiting game here:

[Post edited 27 Dec 2017 14:51]
Louis van Gaal
at 02:03 27 Dec 2017

I know he'd never come here, but we would have a very good chance of staying up with him and the players he could attract in the January transfer window..
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