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Fury looking good ahead of his fight
at 18:22 15 Jun 2019

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Trevor Birch expertise is to sell clubs on.
at 13:34 27 May 2019

It looks likely that he's been brought here to sort our finances, then to oversee the sale of our club?

Here is his record:

In 2002, he become Chief Executive of Chelsea, he led the £180 million sale to Roman Abramovich in 2003.

October 2003 he was appointed Chief Executive of Leeds United, overseeing the takeover by a local consortium.

June 2004 he become Chief Executive of Everton, with the task of overhauling the Merseyside club's finances. He resigned after a disagreement over strategy with the board and major shareholders.

In June 2007 he was appointed the Chief Executive of Derby County, only 4 months later he was released believed to have been due to disagreements with the manager Billy Davies.

He was appointed Chief exec at Sheffield United in Jan 2010, they were relegated to League One 2011. he left soon after.

Late 2011, he undertook the role of Administrator at financially troubled Portsmouth, he led the club to a sale to the Pompey Supporters' Trust.

Birch had another role as Administrator of Heart of Midlothian in 2013, he lead the sale of the club, to a takeover from Bidco (1874) Limited on 12 May 2014.

Late 2015 he undertook an advisory role at Bolton Wanderers which finished in March 2016 with the sale of the club.

In March 2017 he joined Portsmouth and led negotiations with Mike Eisner and his investment vehicle Tornante regarding the takeover of the club.

18 March 2019 he became chairman of Swansea City
Would you have Jenkins back if he found wealthy oil sheikhs to buy out the Yanks
at 11:58 10 Feb 2019

Would you have Jenkins back if he found wealthy oil sheikhs to buy out the Yanks

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It's good to see the news media are starting to understand the situation
at 22:11 9 Feb 2019
Huw Jenkins has found a new job already.
at 12:19 7 Feb 2019
All the ifs
at 12:13 7 Feb 2019

If the club had managed to keep hold of Sigurdsson and Llorente, we may still be in the Prem.

The yanks do not learn from their mistakes. I can see them continuing to offload, weaken the team (proven with Dan James), and more relegation to come - all for short term gains.
Will the trust get duped again by the Yanks
at 19:59 5 Feb 2019

I can see the yanks trying to win them over, being their best buddies, and giving the full smoke and mirrors to them.

They probably view the trust as lambs to the slaughter.

The march is showing lots of interest on facebook
at 15:46 4 Feb 2019

The get the american out of our club march.

Question about the legality of the club's sale
at 14:52 3 Feb 2019

It's been stated that those who sold the majority of the club to the Americans, had signed heads of terms with them several weeks before the trust were informed.

And that the trust met up with Levien for the very first time on April 16, but later on that that same day, the club's sale was announced by the BBC. Also that Jenkins and the Yanks are on record stating that the trust had been kept out of loop.

My question is: How long after the trust were informed of the impending sale, was it sold - or how long after the trust were shown heads of terms did they get to meet with Levien.

I feel sorry for Mr Potter
at 19:59 2 Feb 2019

He was at a good club Östersund with good owners. He's come here, and has been stitched up, zero transfers in when they were clearly needed, then to stick the boot in even further, good players lost.

With the Americans now making all the decisions, it won't be long before Potter will want out.
When is it time for legal action by the trust.
at 19:22 2 Feb 2019

There must be laws being broken, keeping a 21% shareholder of a company out of any decision making, and withholding all financial information from them.

The Americans are becoming more and more blatant. They came here to make money, and they are clearly asset stripping - even the most trusting Swans fan can see it now.

Will we make a quick move for Sean Clare?
at 08:07 15 Aug 2018

Or will that also drag out and fall through

No news since last Thursday:

at 17:06 24 Apr 2018

[Post edited 24 Apr 2018 17:39]
The Positives and the Negatives so far....
at 14:45 23 Apr 2018

There are plenty of positives that we still have and that could see us survive this season. The main one being that playing at home, and when Carlos has belief that we can win, we can play excellent are very capable of getting results.

We have 2 games left against teams in the relegation zone, both are 6 pointers, and these games should see Carlos more up for it and setting up with belief. If Carlos is up for it and on form, this is reflected in the players. By letting them get at the other team more and attack, keep possession and prevent the other team from getting many chances, this is when we are at our best.

The positives from the Man City game yesterday were that the lack of effort could be seen as: the players were saving themselves for the next more winnable games to come. No one got injured, and today we actually haven't got that much of a roasting from the media at all. It's mostly praising Man City. We were expected to lose, so no big thing has been made of it.

Although the players have had a roasting on social media from their own supporters, I personally do not blame them for how they played yesterday. It was Carlos who had them to play these doomed tactics, and if anything, their lack of motivation showed that they would have preferred to play a different way, to be given a chance of competing. When Carlos sets them up differently, lets them get at teams more, they will probably be a lot happier and motivated for it.

And our run in is easier than the other clubs around us so this is another positive.

The negatives are: the way we were set up to play yesterday, all the negative training involved with these types of tactics, this could have a bad effect on the players confidence. If the players are starting to not agree/not want to be playing these negative tactics, it could start to lower their respect for Carlos. If Carlos is going into certain games with low belief and low confidence, that's the last thing the players want, they need high belief and high confidence at this time.

Another negative could be that Carlos may decide to give Chelsea too much respect at the Liberty and they will be given an easy win. I just hope we don't play this negative way of playing again.

[Post edited 24 Apr 2018 17:47]
Teams that have done the best against Man City have all gone for it...
at 17:49 21 Apr 2018

I don't think we have a much chance of even getting a draw tomorrow, but if we go on the defensive and 'park the bus' we will definitely get ripped to shreds.

Parking the bus will be the absolute worse tactic to use against man City. let them have plenty of time and space on the ball and we will get a hammered.

If we throw cation to the wind, and go for it, that could surprise them and is our best chance.

We may as well go flat out, don't give them any space, and keep on pressing, getting in their faces. They really don't like teams that go at them and try to win. But they love playing teams who try and defend, that is their perfect scenario.

So I'm just hoping we don't try and park the bus. They have the title already , so if we go for it and get a sneaky goal in, that is the best chance we have..

I expect to lose by 2 or 3 goals tomorrow though (even if we do go for it e have slim chance), would be amazed if we could get a draw..
A chance to get the win we need today..
at 14:54 14 Apr 2018

With Jordan Ayew back and linking up with his brother again, it has to be a good chance today to get the win we need.
VAR for or agianst..?
at 00:16 12 Mar 2018

With VAR the messageboards would be a lot quieter. Then again everyone would be probably posting about how much they hate VAR.

Also going by the different opinions that people can have (same as we have with the Ayew red). Whoever will be making the VAR decisions would be all arguing with each other, unless there is only 1 checking it...
Jordan Ayew's Red Card - Could this be evidence he is innocent, or not???
at 16:58 11 Mar 2018

I've checked the video footage and it seems to show clearly that the ball was Ayew's. He had the ball at the start. He was going with the ball that was his. It was Jonathan Hogg who decided to charge in and make the dangerous challenge.

Is it right that when a player is running with the ball as Ayew was, that a defender can charge into him with his studs up? Hogg must have realized it would be a dangerous tackle, but he went in there. Ayew was just going with the ball, no intent on any type of foul at all..

here are the video grabs: You can open the images up in a new window for full size..

We've got some hard games left, will we do it?
at 19:56 10 Mar 2018

Match date to be confirmed: Southampton (H)

31 Mar 15:00____Man Utd (A)
07 Apr 15:00_____West Brom (A)
14 Apr 15:00_____Everton (H)
22 Apr 16:30_____Man City (A)
28 Apr 17:30_____Chelsea (H)
05 May 15:00____Bournemouth (A)
13 May 15:00____Stoke (H)
Huddersfield is a game where we could slip up...
at 19:00 9 Mar 2018

Often happens when our confidence is up, and we underestimate a team.

Huddersfield's last 4 home games record is almost the lowest in the league , they will be well up for a win against us..

Tough one, will need to be as up for it as they are going to be..

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