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Potter takes blame for selling Centre Back's in the Summer....
at 15:47 9 Nov 2018

....yet no one on here thought it wise to pick up on that point.

I must say, I'm not surprised.

All those saying how pissed off he is/was, including and especially Lisa, and it's him behind the decision in the first place.

Form an orderly queue for your apology..... Lisa can start us off.
SCFC Trust Chairman deleting and censoring posts....
at 22:27 6 Nov 2018

...he disagrees with or because Shaky, who is only interested in one thing, and that's money from the Trust, asked him to.

WTF is going on and what have we elected?

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Never forget your roots
at 19:00 27 Oct 2018

Don't forget what this football club brings to us all....

More Superb Content from SCFC
at 11:08 26 Oct 2018

There's so much to admire and enjoy at the moment if only fans can just let go of their own issues

Gone to a flat back 4 on 36 minutes
at 20:26 23 Oct 2018

Facking pathetic Potter
Every Jack needs to read this article.
at 13:07 9 Oct 2018

And if they don't come away after feeling an enormous sense of pride there's either something wrong with you or it doesn't suit the witch-hunt you're currently marauding on

The sad thing about it is that nobody has bothered to give it Its very own thread.

It was posted as a link in yet another downbeat thread about Bony.

Lastly, when you say what we're seeing now is more luck than judgement, try not to feel pretty stupid after reading it.

Try to give the article an honest assessment.

Well done the club. Superb.
Our 2nd goal was why Potter favours Nordvelt
at 21:30 7 Oct 2018

Their 3rd goal is why it wasn't the right call to make the change.

Potter will know this is a mistake on his part but if he favours Nordvelt we've got to trust his judgement.

Please don't just get on his back, why would any Swans fan want to do that?

I heard groans at Naughton because of one misplaced pass when otherwise he was superb again.

The football is a pleasure to watch, why can't we all enjoy the mini revolution unfolding in front of our eyes. I do think we were a little complacent yesterday though and scoring the early goal reinforced that feeling for the players.

We went all out second half but we were always chasing the game and never properly in control of the situation.

They were pretty decent if you ask me, certainly the most clinical team down there this season. I think they can pick up the odd result against what hopefully will be our rivals further up the league.

The progress continues, just a gutting result. We can win in Villa though.
Superb from SCFC. We don't IFollow anyone
at 22:20 1 Oct 2018

A six figure investment to make our streaming service a joy to watch and something to be proud of.

Also giving ex Swans a chance to feel a part of the Club.

Can the usual suspects give credit where it's due.
Ohsusanna is Perch.
at 19:11 1 Oct 2018

My insider at the Club just told me.

Get rid
35 passes for 3-0 - OUTSTANDING.
at 22:48 30 Sep 2018

And some of that passing and movement was sublime.

But hey, more luck than judgement
[Post edited 30 Sep 22:51]
Our 'thin" squad...
at 07:30 30 Sep 2018

Routs, Dyer, Bony not even in the match day squad. Ok Bony is injured but the other 2 are fit and available,

We've literally got cover coming out of our arse including 2 No. 1 keepers.

Carter Vickers not had a single minute in 2 games, Like I said, who would drop Rodon now? Lisa Trust has gone into hiding with her cheap shots and only a tiny minority mentioning a centre back problem.

This is as close to Total football as you'll ever witness as a Swansea fan.

It's a real shame a good percentage of you can't enjoy it because you've made mugs of yourselves.

More luck than judgement....
at 17:16 29 Sep 2018

What an insult to Graham Potter who had a full pre-season with our FULL squad.

Total Footbal

As mentioned in another thread that was ridiculed, we've got players (and a manager) who are able and willing to play in multiple positions, and do it all with aplomb.

Who would drop Rodon now?
Naughton, where's his best position in this league? Superb in right back, centre mid?!!
Matty - left back or the most developed centre mid we've seen so far this season.
McBurnie - centre forward or midfield? Whichever, he's our linchpin at the moment.
Established EPL players left out but ready and able to come in.

But hey, our squad is thin????

Is it fack, and it never was.

If Baker Richardson starts let's get behind the boy
at 13:44 29 Sep 2018

Just a kid who made a mistake. He could be a very decent option for us.

Come on City.
With what we've seen since June, Potter in, players out etc, are the Americans
at 21:52 26 Sep 2018

With what we've seen since June, Potter in, players out etc, are the Americans

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Fair play to Stu MacDonald
at 00:05 24 Sep 2018
What are we missing and what's to come...
at 21:57 23 Sep 2018

I think we need to look back on this question after the next 9 or 10 games.

We've got off to a strong, steady start, we're very composed at the back and our un-fashionable players are really staking a claim for their positions.

The last 2 away games we should have had 2 points and they are going to be up there among the hardest away games we'll have all season. They're out the way now and we've got some clearer roads ahead - at least on paper.

I think this run of games coming up is where we should really put all the good things we've taken from the first set of games and really put the pedal to the metal and get at teams high up the pitch - especially our home games.

Dyer and Routs are off the mark and have some much needed minutes under their belt and at home against the weaker teams they could really hurt them. Hopefully we'll see some calm in the ranks in terms of injuries and a run of games with an XI that we can start to describe as our best one.

I think we can go 442 or 4411 in this league, especially at home

------------------- Mulder --------------------
--------------- VdH ---- Rodon ---------------
Roberts ------------------------------ Olsson
---------------- Fer----- Grimes ---------------
Dyer ------------------------------------- Routs
--------------- Celina ---------------------------
------------------- McBurnie -------------------

And this is being really harsh on Naughton not picking him but on the other hand would make our bench really strong and with great options. No doubt Potter would rotate our forward 4 or 5 and this will bring great versatility. Every one can do a job for us on their day. I'm hoping there's some good days ahead.

Throw Bony into the mix and I think we're well on our way to a promotion challenging squad, especially if Potter identifies some targets in January and we get them. (let's not hijack debate with that one comment though, eh!?)


Declan John
Yan Dhanda
Dan James

If most are honest i'm sure you'll agree our squad is a pretty good one all in all and going in the right direction. There's a lot to like with the players listed above.
There's never been a better Co-Commentator / Pundit than Wyndham Evans
at 21:11 23 Sep 2018

Whatever we're paying him it's not enough. It's a weird and wonderful feeling watching a Swans match with the co-commentator (and AoC actually) saying everything I'm thinking.

Biased - not one nit. He's bang on he money with everything he says.


ps Naughton was outstanding yesterday. Vdh several classes above this league and Rodon superb.

Now onto a decent stretch of games, let's capitalise. Wyndham will be shouting us on.
Middlesborough's home results
at 13:23 23 Sep 2018

Boro 3 Sheffield United 0
Boro 1 Birmingham 0
Boro 1 West Brom 0
Boro 2 Bolton 0

Up until yesterday they were played 4, won 4. 12 points from 12.

Well done 'the squad that would be facked without Fer, Celina, a centre half, a DM, Ryan Woods and 4 new signings'

Well done SCFC.
Not one thread about the superb point against the top of the league away
at 17:11 22 Sep 2018

This really does say it all about Planet Swans.

Well done Potter, well done the boys. Facking superb.

Now onto a really good run of games.
Team for Boro
at 00:26 22 Sep 2018

1 change - Mcburnie for Dan James (although wouldn't surprise me if he puts Rodon in the back 4 and CCV instead of Naughton.

-------------- Mulder ---------------

Roberts --- VdH --- CCV -- Olsson

--------- Naughts - Grimes --------

Dyer -------- Byers -------- Routs

------------- McBurnie -------------
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