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Team for Boro
at 00:26 22 Sep 2018

1 change - Mcburnie for Dan James (although wouldn't surprise me if he puts Rodon in the back 4 and CCV instead of Naughton.

-------------- Mulder ---------------

Roberts --- VdH --- CCV -- Olsson

--------- Naughts - Grimes --------

Dyer -------- Byers -------- Routs

------------- McBurnie -------------
Anyway to watch the Boro game?
at 13:09 21 Sep 2018

People saying its not on IFollow etc?

Any ideas?
Solid performance in Boro and the next 9 are all very winnable
at 16:45 19 Sep 2018

We've got Villa away in the next 9 but the rest are much easier on the eye.

This will take us to 16 games played and over a third gone. It will be very interesting to see where we are after this block of games.

QPR Home
Wigan Away
Ipswich Home
Villa Away
Blackburn Home
Reading Home
Rotherham Away
Bolton Away
Norwich Home

I'm going to have a shot at predicting our league position after this run, just for fun.

Top 4.
We didn't deserve that..
at 22:21 18 Sep 2018

The goal, the first half performance, the emergence of some real talent right through the squad.

We won't take the 3 points tonight, but we'll take more from that game than they will.

It's more than onwards and upwards after that. Let's get behind the lads here, we're right in this league.
Total Football - Our strength is in our squad rotation.
at 08:39 15 Sep 2018

So far it's been evident that it's the strength and diversity of our squad that's brought us the successes we've had.

I really do know we're light in some areas but hear me out.

When I've tried to pick a starting eleven I really struggle. For one I can't find a natural place for Naughton but I really want him in the team. We've seen him play centre half, right back, right midfield and supporting the attack already this season. Connor Roberts has played further up as well.

Celina can play at ten or on the wings, Olsson could play further forward. The players we've got still to stake a claim are all attack minded but they could easily, in this division, adapt to a different position. I know Routs could do a job at number 10, he's even filled in at wing back. Grimes has too as well as coming on against Preston to shore up the game.

McBurnie played all over the park against Millwall to help the team but still popped up with a goal and we have some deadly weapons if we can get the walking wounded fit.

Dhanda has impressed in cameos and cup games, he's not able to get in the starting team and we haven't had any minutes from Carter Vickers who we know can play in at least 2 positions.

This league isn't of great quality but we have some proper footballers in our ranks. Like the side that coined the phrase Total Football, we've got the players that can play all over the pitch in most positions.

So much to like so far, let's hope we can keep the momentum from Millwall going today.
Is Swansea City FC still punching above its weight in the 2nd Tier
at 16:03 13 Sep 2018

Is Swansea City FC still punching above its weight in the 2nd Tier

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FAO Phil S or The Trust Board Members
at 22:57 10 Sep 2018

Can you enlighten me please, when exactly did we purchase Mel Nurse's shares?

FAO The Trust
at 14:23 2 Sep 2018

Have you asked the Club how much Jenkins and Pearlman are getting this season, or at least, if they've taken a pay cut?

Farewell to Planet Swans
at 17:34 19 Jan 2015

After 10, 15 years or whatever posting (and abusing all you mugs) on the 2 sites I am shortly to be banned.

I know many will be over the moon reading this and I share in your glee.

I've spoke to Slumber a lot today and I can't be arsed with his nonsense and he the same with me.

There are a real great bunch of posters on this site. I want to name names but fear I will miss out some important ones - most of you know who you are.

Unfortunately, and I respect many of you feel exactly the same about me, there is another bunch that make me cringe.

Get stuck in, the lot of you and don't just accept some of the shit you get from here or anywhere else.

Up the Jacks....

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Monk - Coward
at 17:02 17 Jan 2015

Sat down the whole game hiding and this defending without the ball bollocks needs to stop and now.
The King is Dead, Long Live The King
at 16:53 10 Jan 2015

Bafi Gomis
Phil Sumbler, Planet Swans, Bans, disliking posters
at 11:01 10 Jan 2015

I've not been around for a little while enjoying Christmas and the new year but been checking in from time to time.

I understand you have banned two Planet Swans legends and why?

I've noticed your over reactions time and time again of late and I think you forget you are the Trust Chairman when you react so. You have repeatedly banned Spratty also and it's all too pathetic.

Don't cross swords with these guys if you can't take it Phil. I've read your comebacks to them and me and sitting in front of the buttons doesn't give you carte blanche to decide who stays or not.

This site would be nothing without its characters and for every person thatgets on your tits there's others that enjoy what they have to say.

You clearly can't take any heat and that worries me in your position especially with big decisions about to be made.

There are posters you let run havoc on here that are universally hated, even by your close friends and associates and there are many a good poster that has left because of them. We've all got the option to ban by simply pressing ignore as you keep instructing posters to do....that is until you lock horns with them, they make you look silly and you ban them.

Grow up, grow a set and don't post if you can't take a little flak. If you allow the likes of Darran, Jackfath and Dick free roam on here you should be man enough to allow Shaky and Parlay.

I look out for these guys posts along with selected others and they make the place worth visiting.

It's petty and childish and you should be above that in your important position, don't forget that.

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Happy New Year to you all...
at 15:35 31 Dec 2014

Just an early Happy New Year to everyone, friends and adversaries alike.

I may cross swords with some on here from time to time but all good families do that; no harm or malice ever intended, just blowing out the cobwebs.

So have a good one and a happy, healthy 2015.

Up The Jacks.

Timid, gutless and embarrassing
at 09:31 30 Dec 2014

That was bad.

We've been getting away with results a little recently but everything came crashing down at a dead Anfield last night.

There was no courage from us to get on the ball and Monk's tactic of game management without the ball is encouraging us more and more away from seeing it. Monk is all too keen on getting into shape and allowing them too much time to really get used to building up their passing game. We used to press teams, we used to have the Barcelona spirit of win the ball back within 7 seconds, we used to enjoy seeing loads of the ball and as a result getting comfortable with it to negotiate openings. We did all this with weaker Premier League squads than the one we have now.

Monk just hasn't endeared himself to me at all. I think that's what it is for me. His results and points on the board have stood up, even some performances along the way but in general and the long term I worry about strong aspects of his management. The going public with Shelves has turned out to be a massive disaster and I hope Jenkins has a quiet word with Garry and make that the last time you ever single out a player and put him in the spotlight as much as he did. It doesn't matter whether Shelvey was or is lazy before, after, whenever.... It's not acceptable. It does not solidify our squad. It shows weakness in management. It more than backfired.

Now all the eyes are on Monk and he's so "look at me"; "this is the way I used to do things"; "the players are taking my ideas on board" etc etc etc and then the constant controversial soundbites to the press are making him more talked about then our best players. Again, this is a bad sign in management.

I think our club manages our football to a large degree and that is thanks to the hard work gone in over the last 7 years. It's this reason that Monk has been able to make such a good start, this and Bony, Sigguurdson, Ki and Fab.

Our style of play and game management needs to wise up. G o public with that Garry.
T2C and LD a bit more.....
at 11:21 26 Dec 2014

So we continued talking about the stadium in particular and I quizzed him as to why we can't grow organically within our own means... We went further into the naming rights and the revenue gained from that as a potential to utilise these funds for expansion.

He said that "potentially" and he stressed this fact, that if he found a business partner that would use their name for our stadium then he would go to Stadco and negotiate a deal for the Swans itself. But he also played down the amounts we could get for the naming rights. He reminded me that we didn't own the stadium now and received nothing from the Liberty group. He then asked me how much do you think we could get from the naming rights and I stated to him I think it could be quite substantial, especially with the American interest in the game now. I then asked him how much we got form the liberty and I embarrassed myself here by saying was it £5m? ....and he laughed and said not even 10% of that.

We were still in League 2 at the time though I believe and just getting promoted into League 1 so I'm pretty sure we'd clear a bit more where we are now.

I reminded him that my stab in the dark regarding the £5m I had guessed had come from reading about Cardiff City's situation where there was a figure of £9m mentioned that would be sold to pay off Sam Hamam. So wouldn't that give us some kind of benchmark to the likely amount, if not much higher?

He then said I'm sure you are going to report back and tell everyone and reminded me that he would give me as much information as he could and that we were both adults, but put it on right...

He said naming rights are coming up next year, the contracts up. We have had a marketing company for a year and a half looking into potential partners for naming rights. I asked him was this TLC? He said that's another thing, people think oh, the marketing company have finally got their act together and got some top agency on board, well that's not true, we have been using one for 18 months, they just didn't deliver.

So I interrupted at this point and said the marketing department is you and Hannah, is it? Sue Eames' daughter? Hannah is in charge of the marketing area, she has been with us for 8 years. I then reminded him that it's hard not to get personal and never did with him either, but I stated that it's hard to see that we're maximising our potential in some of these areas. We've still got our league 2 commercial director and we also have the kit ladies daughter heading up marketing. I asked her what positions she had held within the club thinking she'd been involved in the ticketing department. He said no and she had been to college to look into marketing since she's been with us.

I feel uncomfortable writing about this at the moment because these are real people doing the best they can. This is difficult....
T2C and LD we go further....
at 12:02 24 Dec 2014

I was going to pm this one instead of posting it public. Some of you I'm finding hard to stomach and I genuinely can't see why people feel it ok to not challenge the goings on at our club.

If we challenge things and everything is rosy then great, that's what we all want, if it's not, we should be discussing this with a belief we can do something about it.

So once again, for the real thicko's out there.... I didn't want this meeting and didn't want to go. I went because I was asked and also because I wasn't afraid to.

If you read anything new, great, if it's old hat then I can't help that can I? But I've been asked to report back and I will try again this time.

Bearing in mind we were together 2 and a half hours, even with yesterday's and the below, it's still hardly any of the time we were actually talking accounted for...

So just some notes, some anecdotally, some more to the point, but notes nonetheless...

You did put money in League one though - not that I know of if it was 2006 he said.

So anyway, I asked him like I said did the a trust know and Leigh kept saying everyone knew. I asked did the Trust know and he said yes, of course but what did I mean? And I gave the scenario I have been fearing by stating on here regularly - what if Huw C became a shareholder in his own right while being our Trust Director. He said it was different then - I asked why - and he said because everyone was doing what they could to keep the football club afloat.

I explained going back to why the meeting was even taking place in the first place and that I'm not some fan that's jumped on the bandwagon of late or doesn't watch us from one year to the next, I've been through winding up orders before and have followed this club religiously for over 30 years. He agreed. So I explained why I feel it is important that issues are discussed openly and as much transparency as possible is achieved. I said we have a right to do that.

I explained to him that his company has been showing up on the last four accounts. Payments for goods and services had gone up from around £20,000 in May 10 to £91,000 or thereabouts in the last set published

I asked him if he was charging the club consultancy fees and he said that was part of his wages. He said some people take their wages as wages and he takes some of his salary as wages and some in dividends

He said a lot if the increase that BVS has seen over the last 4 accountancy years is, and he paused, "water" - I asked why he wasn't supplying water before 2010. He explained that he wasn't just Commercial Director, I'm everything.... I'm Stadium Director, I'm Premier Club Director, I'm Chairman of the Community Trust, Swan Aid. I asked him why he was all these posts and he said because we didn't have the money at the time for them to be individually deployed.

I said he hasn't been Commercial Director for that long. He stated he has been Commercial Director for 12 years? Huw Jenkins took over the football side of things and he did the commercial bit. He also stated much later in the conversation that Tenko did most of the stuff they didn't want to do with the more admin side of things, filling out forms etc.... I quizzed this and asked if he meant he was CD in all but name and he said yes.

So that prompted me into reminding him about the old adage we read on here so many times, which is Premier League on the pitch - League 2 off it. He said yeah, I'd love to know why?! Well I said it was true because you're still in the same posts as when we were in League 2. I asked him outright after hearing this - "do you have the necessary experience to be a Commercial Director in the Premier League" to which he replied factually, "I've got 12 years"

I asked him does he have any season objectives in terms of revenue targets. He said he is targeted by the board every year.

I said what fans will come back with is if we are looking for outside investment, why can't it be done organically from increased commercial gain? He said fans have got this idea we should be competing in the sponsorship stakes with the likes of Man United. I stated I don't think anyone thinks that. He went onto say We compete within our level. Our shirt sponsor is 8th best in the EPL, so take the top 6 out then that's good. I said that's just a stat and they can be massaged and manipulated and he reminded me this was in the papers, the Guardian. I then said is that figure down to the fact it was only a short term contract thinking it was only one season with GWFX he said, no it's 3. I said it was only one at the time and he said that was his boards decision as they only wanted one year deals to not tie them down for longer than they might have wanted. GWFX will be sponsor again next season.

I then reminded him of a statement that came out of the club whereby it said that they were looking at Stadium expansion through revenue from naming rights and advertising. I said as soon as that statement was released, it was almost like it never existed afterwards. I even thought it was him who released it but he stated it wasn't and that he didn't really know about this?!

He also said the stadium doesn't belong to us and we didn't get anything from the Liberty deal. I pointed out that if the Swans could find a super deal with naming rights I'm sure the necessary negotiations could take place with Stadco so that the Swans benefitted greatly from that, or even the stadium through expansion itself. He said "potentially" if he was to find a business partner he would then negotiate with the stadium owners that we want x amount from this but at the moment we can't.

There's literally loads more.... But over to you dicks to start the next bout of criticising in the meeting I never wanted or asked for.
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T2C v LD. Part I
at 15:22 23 Dec 2014

A quick summary of my meeting with Leigh Dineen. Before I go into it I just want to say I found Leigh very forthright, determined to get his points across and in fairness didn't bat too many questions away. I told him I have nothing personal against him and if he feels he should be challenging anything if I've made an assumption here or there due to gut feeling etc then do so... Respond and challenge and put the matter to bed.

I met him in the Village Hotel at 4 and we were leaving there shaking each other's hands around 6.30.

I started off by saying I didn't know whether to thank him for meeting me or to hate him for it. He stated that he thought that myself and him needed to get some things straight.

He said he's quite hard skinned about everything but his kids read the board and felt he needed to step forward. I reminded him he was in the same position and perhaps doing the same things as I and others were 12 years ago with the owners at that time,

He said he used to be one of the main keyboard warriors at the time so I reminded him why I have posted some of the issues and topics of late.

I reminded him of my main raison d'être for posting on this site as these topics get debated on as a result which I think is the healthiest way to keep issues active and scrutinised.

So I then I went straight in and asked him what he felt has been misrepresenting him from some of the topics I'd been posting on....

He said his shareholding had been.

I said, ok, but not who you were at the time and asked him how long he had held the dual identity of shareholder and Trust Director. He said everybody knew this anyway which I challenged and said that's not true and in fact things are still only coming to light in dribs and drabs even now. He stated the Trust knew about it and I quizzed him as to who was on the board at the time, he remembered Marilyn Croft, Ron Knutzska....

We talked about Huw Cooze and whether he was the right man to go into battle for the supporters when he was also tied into the club with his business Print For Less, reminding him of emails I'd sent to him in 2006 of complaints at the time, thinking he was solely the Trust Director and not knowing he was pretty much already on the board itself them. I remembered I told him that I felt his emails to me were of appeasement and looking back after finding out he was a shareholder at the time, then that's why? So why would I trust Huw Cooze now??

I then gave my opinion on the Trust itself which at this moment in time I'm slightly worried about,

He then talked about his own business and how he'd built that up over a 20 year period into a multi million pound company. People don't realise that he said.

I asked how he felt about being talked about in what is described as the darkest hour in the Trusts history namely by buying into the club itself when being the TD? He claimed the Trust was different then to what it is now due mainly to the fact that we needed the money so bad then. He also asked why it was the Trusts darkest hour and I explained what's been said on here many times, also citing the fans don't seem to get any victories, we don't get the feel good factor and instead mostly we complan of the feeling that the board are trying to grab every penny they can out of us, bringing up the ridiculous match day ticket of £45. He said there were 7 last season of those and 6 this season, so a third of all home games approx. I brought up cup tickets, friendlies, the Europa League debacle and gave an example of the difference in cost to what Reading were charging compared to us. He said there needs to be a balance and stated season ticket prices especially for kids were really cheap, £69 I think he mentioned...

I brought up the German model and asked Mike's question as to why we can't as a club strive for the 50% plus one. Leigh stated that with a lot of German clubs they have huge sponsors like Audi or Mercedes for example and that's why they make it work. I stated I think the Bayern Munich chairmen would disagree with what he was saying we're he sitting here with us especially after his comments regarding how the British fan is ripped off by greedy owners.

Neither of us had a really great inside knowledge on how the German model actually works so I encouraged him to do some more looking into as it seemed from the outside that the club was protected to the fans by the sheer fact that due to the 50 plus one % ownership, no other party could mess around with the clubs infrastructure. That the fans have a big say in what goes on and the connection between fans, players and club over there is something to really admire. He felt that even though the 49. whatever % shareholders have got that it's still them making the critical decisions of the club itself. He also stated that they may not have the revenue from TV money but their sponsorship out there is huge. I questioned if that sponsorship was indeed as much as clubs in the Premier League got from the Sky money.. He stated that he didn't think the German model was a bad one, but as long as every club had a big corporation behind it or an Abramovic.

He also stated that it worked in Germany because they were united pretty much as the whole league adopts the same structure. I reminded him, I think there is an exception for 2 teams. He said for that to work in the a premier league then every club shoudd adopt it and not just one. I reminded him of what made us who we are today and why we've received so many plaudits and great kudos because we do things differently so why don't we lead the path in looking at more this type of business model than the one they maybe looking at with the U.S. investors.

He also stated that he thought Barcelona was 100% owned by the fans but he doubted whether they had much of a say in the boardroom either.

And I also stated that for us to achieve this model people like you would have to give up his shares or dilute the value of then....

Which led me into asking him when he bought his shares and who they were available to. He told me they were available to everyone and the club initially wanted 10 investors with £50k each and they only had 7. It was advertised in the paper.

He spoke to his family about buying the shares as he was doing upwards of 35 hours a week at the club so he thought it would make sense as if he was working that hard down there at least he would be working for something. His family purchased the shares collectively as BVS. He stated the Trust rep should not be working down there full time but he was.

He asked me would I have done that, leave my business and its income and do all those unpaid hours? I responded by saying I just think the people on the trust, the inner mechanics of it all have an advantege for getting a foot in the door for personal gain.

He then stated that everybody seems to think he bought his shares much later.

I stepped in an said everyone seems to thnk you bought your shares through the back door and at a less risky price.

He then produced a share certificate that showed his company having bought 10,000 shares in May 2002 which he stated was the first tranche of shares that were on offer at the club with the new owners. I asked him if he bought shares the same time as Katzen, Morgan, Tenko, JVS etc - yes he said. He also bought more over the years, increasing his shareholding in increments of 10,000 a time over a period of around 3 years.

I said to him I don't think you were listed as a shareholder at the outset and he stated maybe not as he bought them in the May, 3 months later than the February they listed the shareholders.

I asked him if the Trust knew about this and he said yes, of course they did. I said well why were you our Trust Director at the time then? I then gave him the example of Huw Cooze doing what he did and said it would be wrong and like I've already mentioned he said things were different then.

I asked him as well if he thought what he'd just showed me there in terms of the share certificate and dates purchased were public knowledge? And would he back that up as the documents were just photocopied. He said he would. He then mentioned an issue which I can't make public but isn't really of significance to the immediate points in question.

More to come.....
[Post edited 23 Dec 2014 15:29]
The Future, The "Investment", The Trust & Raising Awareness-My work here is done
at 13:38 21 Dec 2014

Where are we with all this?

Over the last few months we have been drip fed very worrying and alarming news. In fact, only a relatively short period of time ago a thread started by Westx who had suggested potential American "investment" was met with complete disbelief and derision.

Most of us, apart from the odd [legitimate] gripe here and there were happy plodding on, with what we all now to a certain degree feel is our right - to be challenging the best teams in the land and world on a level footing and getting massive credit and plaudits for doing so.

We have always been the club that did things differently. In fairness, there wasn't a lot else we could have done, we didn't have the resources to splash out big and apart from the odd, relatively small, directors loan, we lived within our means.

I am not going to go trawling through the net to find Jenkins' sound bites of which they would be by the barrow full on our prudent and careful fiscal strategy. Suffice to say the Directors of SCFC were and still are very proud of what they have achieved. Even more suffice to say is that we, as fans, say and feel the same.

There is a big white elephant in the room however, at Swansea City FC, literally in Board meetings at the club, and that is us - Yep, pretty much every single one of us, because not just for the sake of the usual cliche trollied out that no club can survive without its fans, it was literally the case with us. Yes, "us", like Kevin Johns stated at Wembley three years ago.... THIS IS "OUR" DAY!!!

It was as things turned out but it's always been "our" club. For years and years we spent in the lower leagues and no matter where we were or whenever that was, if I or your good selves had to talk about the Swans with anyone we'd meet, it was always with a very matter of fact and passionate royal "we"!!

Who is "we" they may have asked and even more proudly responded with Swansea City FC the greatest team in football.... And yep, this was actually meant, even though we may have been fifteenth in Division 4 at the time.

Owners and chairmen have come and gone but still we stuck by our club. For years and years we did not have a pot to piss in and whatever money the club did get coming in nobody really could be sure if it was being accounted for totally in the best interests of the football club.

The very same Directors and Chairman who sit on our Board today would have been the very same to have questioned the motives of anyone that is in the privileged position of being the guardians of our local club.

When Petty was ousted and the never before seen events ensued with the rallying call of the Jack Army and Tesco bags full of used notes, bucket after bucket loads of hard earned coins and more than a little enterprise and endeavour, everyone swore at the time to never again be in a position like we were back then.

The football history since then is just too magical to actually believe it happened to us all. The same people among us now, the same faces I have seen over 30 years plus in varying different market towns, shitty stadiums, service stations etc, who still do and who always will, refer to us with the royal "we", well we now say it with even more vigour and belief and look, we told you all back then we were the greatest team in football and we weren't lying!!!

So let's get things very clear because I am not a fans leader and have never wanted to be one, no matter what some want to accuse me of. I am a dyed in the wool Jack and bearing in mind a home game for me was 25 miles away, I have more than earned a right to speak out in a public forum if I feel standards are slipping and we are potentially slipping back to old and dangerous ways.

Has anyone learned anything about the club in the last few weeks?

Maybe that the club is actually only 50/50 away from being sold from underneath us?

Or maybe how we have certain individuals who are more than tied into the club on a personal level when perhaps it's just not good practice to be in that conflicting of interests position?

That our Directors' businesses have been paid huge amounts for work they must have invoiced the club for?

When and how Leigh bought his shares in the club and whether that was indeed the darkest hour of the Trust and whether or not lessons were learned from it?

I will meet Leigh as he's apparently asked to meet me, not because he's singled me out as a fans leader, more probably in light of the above questions I have been asking on a public forum. A public forum on the club we all love and a chance to spread more transparency to a wider audience so we can all discuss the matters and issues we are raising.

I have no doubt Leigh Dineen is a good bloke at heart. I don't agree with what he did when he bought his shares but he has told me nothing sinister happened which of course at this moment in time I believe. I don't agree with his defensiveness when fans have legitimate concerns about the department he runs and I don't think he comes out and apologises when mistakes clearly happen and cost us.

I also feel the Trust have not really gone into battle for the fans and I also strongly believe the second largest shareholder has the weakest voice in board meetings - and yes, that's us the fans. I also don't like the idea of our current supporters director having a personal business interest in winning tenders as I don't honestly feel that is fair on him or us,

I would like our club to remain a part of us but from now, an even bigger part of us. Like I said a few days ago - look to Germany not America!

The Premier Legue money due to us every year is just as much ours as theirs.

Do not let some foreign money man come in to our club and take all this away from us.

Leigh, get ready with some honest answers and look me in the eye when doing so.


[Post edited 21 Dec 2014 13:50]
Well done to Garry Monk
at 17:07 20 Dec 2014

He made some bold decisions today, some forced and some not so, and he's come out of it very nicely.

If I was floating as to who my player of the season was so far, it's certainly cemented as Ki after today. He was absolutely immense and the running he put in was awesome. He really stood up for the team today in light of so many changes and was ably deputised by Shelvey and Carroll. There was a nice little balance offered between the three.

Also a brave choice playing Jazz and even after his yellow card to leave him on the pitch but he did and that win will do wonders for the boy to extinguish last week's pain.

Happy with the work Bafi puts in and when he gets a run of games next month I'm confident he'll stand up to the plate as well.

It was a good away performance and a comfortable win actually.
Question for the Trust to answer please
at 20:49 18 Dec 2014

Bulk Vending received £90k+ in the last set of accounts, that's Leigh Dineens company. This is on top of his salary.

Can you explain what Bulk Vending are exactly invoicing the club for?

Can you find this out by Monday 22nd December by any chance?
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