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Is Potter a bit of a pussy?
at 17:04 12 Jan 2019

And how many points have we just THROWN away this season, especially away?!

I watched that Leeds game last night and the desire, urgency and commitment of their players is immense.

You look at the way we play with the over emphasis on patience and we are just allowing teams to stay in games and get lucky from dodgy penalties or whatever.

They had a boy sent off on 81 and Potter makes a change - why he was making that change at eighty facking one minutes I don't know - doesn't he want to win games FFS?

But why not make the double sub at that point. They were shit with 11 - they were pathetic with 10 so why wait until 89 minutes before showing some facking balls??!

And the way the whole team played for the last 5 minutes was pathetic with a special pathetic mention for Celina for shooting from 35 yards and giving the ball away.

I am concerned about how passive Potter is. He needs a good shaking or a kick up the ass.
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Stoke already skint?
at 21:41 9 Jan 2019

Well it seems their policy of throwing everything they had at promotion has clearly hit the buffers and now they appoint the religious Rhondda freak in a bid to get them back on track.

I guess you could call that a pretty cheap option regardless of the modest success he's had at Luton.

If only they had signed the world class Ryan Woods they'd have been laughing now...
''“But there is no need for rotation for the sake of rotation.''''
at 23:02 3 Jan 2019

I'm sure Potter reads this site.
Potter deserves all the stick in the world
at 17:06 29 Dec 2018

Once again, absolutely shocking team selection.

A one man wrecking ball.

Potter SORT IT OUT.....!!!

Am I right in thinking there's no thread on money available in January?
at 09:04 14 Dec 2018

As Potter confirmed yesterday?

Very disappointing as I can only imagine the fallout if he'd said there wasn't.
What are you all expecting from Routs and Dyer today?
at 14:31 8 Dec 2018

Are you expecting them to rip up Brentford and see the two of old?

After two months with no game time at all - not even in the under 23's or a friendly?

Weird that Potter puts them in now. They should've been a part of our first team since August.

Let's give them a chance and understand the situation.

Think they'll do alright today.
Ticket for Brentford spare
at 20:11 7 Dec 2018

PM me for details.

Potter, oh why, oh why? But I still love you....
at 23:35 1 Dec 2018

A text I sent a few mates earlier. Thought I'd open it up for discussion....

""Because maybe he is actually learning, like he said he'd be. He's definitely making mistakes, ones he probably doesn't realise even yet.

Although judging by that press conference he knows he's under pressure now.

Cracks are starting to appear so now's the time to get back to basics isn't it?

If we were a little more pragmatic for example in the early exchanges, did the 'basics' better, like closing down Wilson for his first?

Like having two central midfielders who've played together for more than FACKING two games in a row (sorry, I got a bit emotional there)

.... But you get my drift, maybe..... Having Grimes in midfield today after once before against West Brom, maybe he's struggled to get used to that position.....

Maybe he's a bit FACKING (sorry again there) confused as to where he's supposed to be week in, week out.....


Maybe there's a bit more to it having this continuity lark, you know, getting used to a position so you master it.....

Because, you know, that's bloody unlikely if you're left back one week, wing back the next and midfield the other....

Just maybe eh.....

But we've got to stick with him. Of course we have.

And I mean that for now......
Lack of Confidence and Confusion
at 10:11 29 Nov 2018

We've hit a brick wall and I'm afraid the writing was all over it in Bolton. I said at the time I felt a lot better after that gut wrenching loss at Rotherham. At least we bossed the game and apart from the obvious concern that we're not scoring enough, we played very well.

Potter said after that game that we'd learn from the experience and maybe this played a part in the poor second half at the Reebok. We barely contained a poor Bolton side and nearly got our just deserts.

Then the dreaded international break and we all knew we were in for a tough couple of weeks with the fixture's we had coming up.

Looking back, we more than took the game to Norwich early doors, we came out of the traps a lot better than we finished at Bolton and I think the players fancied themselves to beat them. Then, the horror show starts and before we knew it we've given away 3 of the softest goal we're likely to concede all season, and all of them completely unavoidable.

Without going into detail the Grimes experiment at left back really cost us for the first and third, although why VdH wasn't commanding his defence to stay in shape for the third I've no idea. Celina's drag back to try and beat a man on our 18 yard line was just horrible as well and he's been really affected by that as last night was his worst performance in a Swans shirt by far.

Onto last night and once again we're playing well, OK, we're 5 at the back so we're not committing many players into the box and chances weren't that many, but we got some and we should've done better with at least two more.

But that Norwich game has rocked us and the boys making their way in the game need to toughen up a bit mentally. I've read this week they wanted to apologise for Saturday and they want to give something back to the Jack Army etc, the usual platitudes perhaps, but I saw Ollie come over to the East and cup his hands as if in a prayer shape and was gesturing to say sorry.

Now on the face of that, that's great, shows they care, they want to win etc.... It also shows they care a bit too much about the fans and how they may see the individual players. I'm noticing a few of the youngsters throwing their arms up in the air on the pitch. Connor has done this all season and was having a go at Ollie last night again. Dan James did the same when Fer's poor chipped pass went over his head.

There's too much worrying about what's going on around them or what's being said in the stands and not enough about just concentrating on their own performances and looking after your team mates.

But this is a confidence thing as well. When it's going well and we're winning games or playing well and the crowd is up its great. When the mood descends there kids visibly suffer. The Norwich game knocked the stuffing out of them and they looked very fragile. The only way they'll get over this is with learning from it and being coached. When we go a goal down for example, you haven't got to start doing silly things to try and get back in it immediately.

Also, the confusion.

Potter has to hold his hands up here because after nearly half the season he's played some players in so many different positions it's all been a bit bloody crazy, really. Including the goalkeeping issue and has that had an affect on both of them. Mulder looked shaky last night, he didn't look shaky in that run of 8 games.

We've had Naughton play right back, centre mid, defensive mid and even attacking mid in Millwall.
We've had Roberts play right back and right midfield
We've had Carter Vickers play right back, left back and centre half.
We've had Grimes play left back and centre mid.
We've had Dan James play right wing and centre forward
We've had Ollie play centre forward and number 10 and left wing

And we've bombed out two senior pros that could've made a real difference here and there this season in Dyer and Routs.

We're all confused because we've actually believed the rotating and tinkering were all part of a master plan. But all that's happened is we've got players who are Jack of all trades, master of none.

Connor went straight down the tunnel yesterday after having his head in his hands for 30 seconds sat on the bench. He's being asked to provide the craft and guile at right forward and it's probably not been fair on him.

How handy would it be for, let's say Dyer (or McKay for those adamant Potters doing the right thing in not playing him) to have Connor supporting him and making those runs past him, creating two no ones down the flank and getting to the bye line?! Because now it's Connor more often than not who's got the ball on the corner of the box and his only option is to chip it in for the one man we've got in the box, Ollie.

This is why they've arguing on the pitch.

Potter needs to get it in to his players they need to concentrate on their own game and not how they maybe perceived from the stands. He also needs to do the right thing by them and stop switching them around to environments they're not comfortable with or used to.

We need to get back to basics at both ends of the pitch.
A Pretty Big Wake Up Call...
at 17:56 26 Nov 2018

It will be interesting to see what transpires after that chastising defeat against Norwich. I wasn't confident but I didn't expect to be out of it after half hour.

I know there are some on here that feel Potter is above criticism and whilst I love what he's doing overall and we're more than heading in the right direction after a difficult period, I still wonder as to some of his decisions.

Grimes at left back was cruelly exposed on Saturday and I feel it's an experiment that needs nipping in the bud or worse will still to come.

For their first goal he's on the ball in space near the touch line. He's got Rodon alongside him pointing to go back to Mulder. He ignores this and chips an aimless ball upfield. It's won in the air and ends up with one of theirs facing our goal. It took 6 seconds from the point Grimes chipped it upfield to when Pukki receives it bearing down on the right hand side of our goal.

Grimes does not have the instinct to look along the back four and keep in shape. He was caught somewhat ballwatching while it ended up past him and them scoring.

The third goal. How the fack we got caught so out of shape from a long punt down field from their centre half I don't know.

You had a shape as follows....

--------------------------------- VdH

---------------------- Rodon

----------------------------- Grimes

With Grimes going up for the challenge. This is our left back!! Why VdH and Rodon had gone on wanders I don't know and why Grimes had hooked so far over, again, no idea.

But this left a gaping hole down our left and once the ball was flicked down, it was an easy pass to someone with all the room in the world.

Connor, hopefully can stop playing the Billy big bollocks now his contract is signed as he was painfully slow to get back to our far post for that third goal (and was roasted for their fourth) but the damage was done with the nonexistent shape or lack of organisation.

The first half was down to Potter. I'm not going to apportion too much blame on Celina, although it was a big, big error that compounded a poor shift from our gaffer.

I really didn't think left back was a position we needed to mess around with and I hope we can get Olsson playing regularly there and see Grimes moved back to midfield. At least give him a consistent run of games there.

I haven't read Potters comments after the game so don't know if he's held his hands up or put it down to a steep learning curve.

But for me, it was another example of needless tinkering.

A caveat for the faint of heart. I'm not slagging our manager off I don't want him to fail and I'm not criticising him for the sake of it.

I'm just saying it as I saw it on Saturday. Let's hope he can sort this out and we learn in time for the Baggies.
Potter takes blame for selling Centre Back's in the Summer....
at 15:47 9 Nov 2018

....yet no one on here thought it wise to pick up on that point.

I must say, I'm not surprised.

All those saying how pissed off he is/was, including and especially Lisa, and it's him behind the decision in the first place.

Form an orderly queue for your apology..... Lisa can start us off.
SCFC Trust Chairman deleting and censoring posts....
at 22:27 6 Nov 2018

...he disagrees with or because Shaky, who is only interested in one thing, and that's money from the Trust, asked him to.

WTF is going on and what have we elected?

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Never forget your roots
at 19:00 27 Oct 2018

Don't forget what this football club brings to us all....

More Superb Content from SCFC
at 11:08 26 Oct 2018

There's so much to admire and enjoy at the moment if only fans can just let go of their own issues

Gone to a flat back 4 on 36 minutes
at 20:26 23 Oct 2018

Facking pathetic Potter
Every Jack needs to read this article.
at 13:07 9 Oct 2018

And if they don't come away after feeling an enormous sense of pride there's either something wrong with you or it doesn't suit the witch-hunt you're currently marauding on

The sad thing about it is that nobody has bothered to give it Its very own thread.

It was posted as a link in yet another downbeat thread about Bony.

Lastly, when you say what we're seeing now is more luck than judgement, try not to feel pretty stupid after reading it.

Try to give the article an honest assessment.

Well done the club. Superb.
Our 2nd goal was why Potter favours Nordvelt
at 21:30 7 Oct 2018

Their 3rd goal is why it wasn't the right call to make the change.

Potter will know this is a mistake on his part but if he favours Nordvelt we've got to trust his judgement.

Please don't just get on his back, why would any Swans fan want to do that?

I heard groans at Naughton because of one misplaced pass when otherwise he was superb again.

The football is a pleasure to watch, why can't we all enjoy the mini revolution unfolding in front of our eyes. I do think we were a little complacent yesterday though and scoring the early goal reinforced that feeling for the players.

We went all out second half but we were always chasing the game and never properly in control of the situation.

They were pretty decent if you ask me, certainly the most clinical team down there this season. I think they can pick up the odd result against what hopefully will be our rivals further up the league.

The progress continues, just a gutting result. We can win in Villa though.
Superb from SCFC. We don't IFollow anyone
at 22:20 1 Oct 2018

A six figure investment to make our streaming service a joy to watch and something to be proud of.

Also giving ex Swans a chance to feel a part of the Club.

Can the usual suspects give credit where it's due.
Ohsusanna is Perch.
at 19:11 1 Oct 2018

My insider at the Club just told me.

Get rid
35 passes for 3-0 - OUTSTANDING.
at 22:48 30 Sep 2018

And some of that passing and movement was sublime.

But hey, more luck than judgement
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