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Some sense regarding boycotts and marches
at 00:33 12 Feb 2019

Let’s try and keep this civil and have a fair debate about what has been happening this week. Anyone wanting to just disrupt the board and the thread could you please refrain.

Lots of talk about this stuff on here in the last few days. It’s clear that now Jenkins has gone, the misguided anger, as predicted, needs to now go somewhere else, apparently it’s been sort of decided that it will head towards the Americans... although nobody knows why exactly. Nobody knows what they are wanting to change or what the alternatives are. The fanbase is in more of a mess now than it ever has been in the 25 years or so I have followed the club.

Ok so let’s go through them:-

Boycott of merchandise and refreshments etc - any money made from this stuff after costs will go to the club pot that is currently trying hard to service the hole that Dan James was nearly sold to help close. By restricting that avenue of cashflow, it would mean it is even more likely players like James will have to be sold.

So bear that in mind. You are more than welcome to do it, but just don’t moan when the transfer window comes around and we have to find the extra money that was budgeted for in merchandise etc that was withheld due to the boycott. It’s important when people are advocating for a certain action they also think logically about the outcome.

Marching - for a start I spent around 10-12 pages asking people what it is about the way the club is being run currently that you are trying to change by marching - not a single person was able to answer. The truth is nobody knows what they are marching for, they just want to get social media pics and feel like they are doing something even though they aren’t entirely sure what. The only semblance of any goal I heard was to get them to sell to someone else who would be willing to throw tens and tens of millions at the club and not expect it back.... aye, you and nearly every single club in the world.

All the above while the club is a handful of points outside the play-offs, it’s pitiful really.

The whole ‘movement’ perfectly encapsulated by one answer from a marcher to a WoL reporter last week:-

Fellow supporter Tony Sharpe from Gendros, who's been a season ticket holder for seven years, added: "I didn't renew my season ticket this year because the Americans are clearly not interested in investing in the club, they're just interested in taking from the club.”

7 years a consecutive ST holder... but didn’t renew this season? That’s a very familiar timeframe. Wonder what prompted him to buy a ST for 7 consecutive years prior to this one then. No, nothing coming to mind.

So what I’m proposing is that any action you take, if any, has a clear message a clear goal, a clear reason and a clear plan should it be successful. Let’s not forget this is our club so these things need to really be thought about and can’t be done haphazardly like we have been seeing.
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