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E ticketing
at 11:22 27 Jul 2019

Last season I downloaded the app and was able to download my tickets to my Apple wallet on my phone, really easy, I checked my Apple wallet and the downloaded ticket from last year has understandingly expired, so I’ve gone into the app to download this seasons And cannot find it or remember how I did it?
I have had confirmation of renewal and loyalty points etc.
Is it too early?
I have kept my old ST card, just wondering if anyone else has the same issues?
Thanks in advance 👍
Ian Holloway
at 18:41 3 Jun 2019

Reports he’s being shortlisted....🧐

All out attack

Been promoted twice from Championship via playoffs, he’s been out of work for a year, mad as a box of frogs, would certainly be entertaining

Priority for new manager?
at 09:55 29 May 2019

Priority for new manager?

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Last home game for the Ospreys today
at 23:15 23 Mar 2019

Went to the game as my dad wanted to go, nice touch, they had the season ticket holders name and a signed picture band of a player wrapped around various seats for the last home game...
At least the club is trying to connect not alienate its fans 😳
Dilemma of renew? Or not to renew?
at 17:45 23 Mar 2019

I’ve never ever considered this in the past, I’ve held two season tickets since we moved from the vetch, but for the first time ever.. under the current circumstances we find ourselves in, I’m having second thoughts about renewing both my season tickets 😩
I cannot bare the thought of those yanks having a penny of my money to line their pockets and I’ve left it really late this year due to my reservations... and now I hear their diluting the Trusts shares and will probably sell everything not nailed down this summer 😳
I am considering just rejoining the jack army membership and going to the off away match instead?
Anyone else in the same position?
Passionate discontent
at 09:03 2 Dec 2018

On the bus on the way home, there was some very interesting debates going on about our team, the manager, specific players/ formations as you would expect.

As debates go it became good listening and the general feeling towards our season along with recent results and performances are negative and frustrating with no positives, this is the first time I’ve heard the focus move away from the yanks and HJ & previous owners, with Potter and the players getting plenty of stick. The main points of discontent were:

Team selection
Team formation
Motivation of players
Lack of goal threat
Clueless defending
Potter - a yes man?
Investment in squad
Continuation of firesale in January
Bony? Finnished?
Downturn in performances of Players who have signed new contracts recently
Potters signings
Worrying home form

It seems incredible to me that Potter should be under such pressure given the circumstances he has inherited, however thoughts were his scatter gun approach to team selection and constant in game formation changes ilk of someone without a solid plan/structure in place and recent performances question his ability to motivate the players. Do we have the experience at hand to adjust constantly like this? Can we not have a settled team anymore? With a system of play? Players are looking confused.

The general feeling was picking Fer as captain has been a massive clusterfeck - his laid back, unfit, strolling around has effected the work rate of the team, give the armband to someone who can actually start a game, questions of wether Bony needs game time in the u23 setup before being thrust into the 1st team? Is Potter under pressure from above to play him unfit? Where is Yan Danda? CBR? Obvious Goal threats not being used...

A strong debate questioned - why does Celina (who is obviously scared of his own shadow) get continually picked? He has no physical presence or battling qualities needed for this league. Also was felt that Declan John has played a few games now and has been shocking...

The Trust took a bit of a bashing too with some stating they thought that previous personal agendas of previous board members & cosy relationships during the tackover, allowed HJ & Co to complete their sell off with ease, no honest, open communication at that time to the fans has upset some irrevocably who genuinely dismiss the Trust as a fans voice at board level.

General feelings were the short term future is looking bleak for sure...
Can Potter reverse this? Or can anybody shed some positive light our way?

J.Ayew in swap deal with Palace
at 08:18 1 Aug 2018 are reporting this regarding J. Ayew

The Times also believe that West Ham’s Cheikhou Kouyate and Swansea’s Jordan Ayew are also poised to move to south London. Readers are told:

Crystal Palace are close to deals for three new players, including the striker Jordan Ayew and are confident that they have won the battle to keep Wilfried Zaha. Ayew is expected to move from Swansea City in a swap deal involving Jaïro Riedewald. A
Another one (loan) confirmed
at 19:23 31 Jul 2018


Lukas Nmecha has made a decision to join Swansea City on loan this season.

Best of luck 🔵🔥
4 Spare tickets for tomorrow face value
at 16:46 2 Feb 2018

Anyone need tickets for tomorrow?
Due to illness I’ve got 3 adult plus 1 student tickets -
unfortunately they’re not all together, in two pairs
Please PM me
£20 adult
£15 student
1912 Heritage package
at 00:30 3 Jan 2018

I received this as a 50th birthday gift for today’s game from a section of family members, I normally sit in the East lower, so today being a birthday treat I would like to share with you my experience.
1. Parking is opposite the park & ride and included in the price, got a bit moist on the way to the ground.
2. Arrived two hours before kickoff, got to the suite and helped myself to a buffet starter, great selection, all well presented and tasty, drinks ordered and main course served by an army of waitresses, had shin of beef for main course, excellent, good portion, tasty & hot
3. Dessert was for me a selection of cheeses which were from the dessert buffet, good choice, plenty of crackers and fruits.
4. After talking to all of the other guests on my table I quickly realised I was the only Swans fan on that table... odd I thought? But the the cockney accents were audible on most of the tables...
5. cliff Jones made a terrific speech about growing up in Swansea and playing for his beloved Spurs
6. Lee Trundle announced the teams, complimentary programmes issued and then a surprise complimentary drink of choice and a gift for my birthday 👍
7. The seats were right at the back of the west stand, spurs scored and there were literally rows jumping up in the air in celebration 😳 two rows in front started singing Spurs songs during the game which got me going 😡
8. FT I returned to the lounge to enjoy a coffee and another glass, Cliff reviewed the game, said Swans were unlucky, things go against you at the bottom, blah, blah...

Didn’t wait for Tom Carrol to appear as he ihas been absolute gash this season...

All in all a good evening, the result didn’t go our way, the ref and linesman should be lucky to pick up another Premier League game this year 😡 deserved a point at least 👍
Spurs match
at 21:48 27 Dec 2017

Peaceful Gathering at the main entrance, flags, banners, eggs, flour, sponges, pancakes, syrup, Anything you can get your hands on if your hungry?

tennis balls with dollar signs on them launched into the air on 70 mins (representing the £70m they paid)

live on Sky...make a stand...enough said 👍

“ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Get out of our club”
West Ham to offer 25m for Mawson in a few days
at 18:09 27 Dec 2017

You just know they’re gonna sell him, ££££££££

The asset stripping continues... Fab & Ki will be next 😳😳😳

Whilst we all sit on our hands 😡😡😡 waiting for someone or something to happen 🤨

What a terrible, terrible shame... 😞

Swansea City FC RIP 🎚💸🏺💣⚰️

You come face to face with Jenkins, you:
at 20:59 24 Dec 2017

You come face to face with Jenkins, you:

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