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Let’s all take a step back
at 23:19 15 Feb 2020

No player or coach is sh!t or garbage.

Players have bad games and coaches make poor decisions but there is no need for personal abuse. We all have an opinion but there are ways to express it.

I don’t think Cooper is the man for the job. Not because he is sh!t garbage etc. But because I think he has started at a league too high too soon. He is making mistakes And this league is unforgiving. Brendan made mistakes at this level and learned from them before he came here. Roberto made his mistakes and learned from them a division lower. Monk and Clement made them in the hardest league of all.

Don’t blame him, or monk or Clement for giving it a go but the championship or premier division isn’t a place to learn unless you have a lot of money behind you to pay for your mistakes.

Yes we are disappointed and frustrated that the team seems less than the sum of the players abilities. A good start has fizzled out into games where performances are poor and individual players seem to be regressing not progressing.

However that is no excuse for the personal abuse of players or coaching staff. I’m no angel but social media has turned so many of us into invisible bullies and abusers. It is one thing to provide criticism another to hurl abuse. That line appears to have been crossed on social media relating to the Swans.

Caroline Flack has been the subject of much media commentary and has sadly taken her life. I’m sure none of us would want the abuse being hurled at our players and management to end up in similar fashion.

Let’s all take a step back.
Kevin Reeves
at 20:19 3 Jun 2019

Has left his regional scout role at QPR
Jorge Mendes
at 22:36 21 Jan 2018

Papers have linked us with him but as far as I can see none of the players we have been linked with are represented by him.

BS or what?
We need to sign a captain
at 16:07 19 Aug 2017

Heads dropped alarmingly after the second went in.
New signings
at 19:38 1 Jan 2017

If the criteria is played for us before/ scored against us/ had a good game against us/ previously scouted who are the front runners?

Caulker must be a shoe in; tom Carroll? Jordan Ayew? Adomah?
What is the point
at 13:00 24 Dec 2016

Of ripping each other apart or scoring points off each other.

We are where we are now and no amount of bitching is going to turn the clock back.

Lots of people have made mistakes, especially the trust board, but I would suggest that the current supporter director will be watched like a hawk.

Bottom line is that the sellouts were hell bent on selling behind the back of the trust. Unless anyone can come up with actual evidence to the contrary (rather than supposition or guesswork) I accept that none of the trust board knew until they have told us they knew.

I used to laugh at our neighbours ripping each other apart rather than concentrating on the emperor and his underlings. We have become as bad if not worse.

Time to focus on the culprits- the sell outs and in influencing our majority owners rather than attacking each other.

The way we are behaving at the moment we are taking the heat off the sell outs and providing a disunited front to the majority owners which is easy for them to ignore.

Rant over - merry Christmas one and all.
[Post edited 24 Dec 2016 13:09]
Ragnar sigurdsson
at 12:02 13 Aug 2016

Today's link for a centre half (Wales online/evening post). Palace and others apparently linked.

We'll get a lot more of these rumours until one of them is right.
Have we strengthened the squad so far this window?
at 12:15 9 Aug 2016

Up front with Llorente in and Borja Baston set to sign the answer is yes - compared to paloschi Eder and gomis.

Wingers - we have the return of dyer and loss of ayew. I know that ayew split opinions as a winger but that was his original role. Therefore to me the answer at this stage is no we have lost a goal threat. Ayew needs to be replaced.

Midfield - Fer replaced shelvey and has now signed permanently but Leon is a year older and there is no real back up to gylfi therefore not really.

Defence - ash has gone, so whilst Bartley going and van Der Hoorne coming in was strengthening we now need to strengthen in this area.

Goalkeeping no change but I assume all ok with this.

So I think we need at least 2 more in this window - to replace ash and ayew with possibly an alternative to gylfi.
Percentage of income going on wages
at 08:17 31 Jul 2016

The last figures I saw showed that 81% of our income goes on players wages and that this is the highest or if not one of the highest in the division. A risk.

Whether they "get us"or not we have been taken over by accountants. It appears to me they have decided to reduce our wages bill by selling or loaning squad players and as seems likely, although yet to be confirmed, selling some of our highest wage earners.

Replacements will not be on as much money. A saving of £10,000 a week wages equates to a saving of over £500,000 a year.

However for this policy to succeed we need to have top quality recruitment, an area where we have been sorely lacking for some time.

We appear to be well into phase 1 - releasing players but are not making headway on phase 2 - the recruitment of replacements on lower wages. This is high risk stuff as by shipping out players first, clubs we go to for replacements can ask for more money for their players as they know we will become increasingly desperate. Also players we don't want to leave may put their own plans into action to jump ship.

If this goes belly up, we will get relegated and the concern will be about how the majority shareholders recoup their outlay. I assume that this could involve such legal moves as a second fire sale, increased dividends etc. Which I assume a majority shareholder can do even if they don't control 75% of the voting rights. There may be other options open to them if they do control 75% of the voting rights.

Everyone is pretty quiet about behind the scenes stuff at the moment and I assume nothing much will be said before the window closes so as not to affect our transfer business.

Everything may all work out but we appear to be taking a major risk with our premiership place and subsequent playing strength to reduce the outlay on players wages.

Is klopp going to apologise
at 14:01 1 May 2016

To Norwich Sunderland and palace for making so many changes?
at 17:32 2 Apr 2016

Start bench or stands? If start where?

Are we better balanced without him? I can't see all 4 of routs Jeff ayew and barrow in the match day squad.
Leicester in talks to sign Eder
at 17:41 25 Jan 2016

Not our player but the Italian international at Sampdoria. Did we get them mixed up?
at 15:04 17 Jan 2016

I get the shelvey sale - his heart wasn't in it here for whatever reason: I get selling him to Newcastle if we needed to sell before we get reinforcements in; what I don't get is selling him to Newcastle in plenty of time for him to play yesterday and us not getting someone in before our next game.

Strengthened a rival without strengthening ourselves - seems crazy.
at 15:06 10 Jan 2016

on the footballing front and off the pitch has I think led us to this point. Preseason there was a worrying mindset of "we are an established premier club" off the pitch cwith some players and supporters leading to a loss of focus. In truth like most teams in this division we are one bad season from relegation.

Result : instead of bringing in more experience in the coaching set up, ensuring we recruited hungry players who will challenge for first team spots and not be back ups and improving the commercial side, we basked in the self congratulation of a jack to a King, shareholder bonuses and a top ten finish the season before.

A player talking about champions league spots after a couple of games worried me about our mindset - as in don't get carried away thinking everyone is going to lie down and let us play them off the park- and forgetting that the reason we are in this division is hard work on and off the pitch. Teams like Leicester, Bournemouth and Watford work hard as we once did.

Today's performance showed how lacking our squad really is.

I hope that we sign a few players, on loan will do if they are the right players, who will help Curt lift the club to survive the season. If we can do that then post season should be a time to reflect on where we went wrong, not to repeat those mistakes and regain the focus that got us to the premiership in the first place.

Opposition tactical changes
at 13:07 21 Oct 2014

The opposition made a tactical change and we appeared powerless and clueless about countering it. Not for the first time. That is far more worrying to me than Gary's choice of words and whether Moses dived or not.
at 17:49 30 Aug 2014

Opening teams up for fun and working his socks off. Says a lot about spurs and their managers that they couldn't use his talent properly. Never mind their loss.....
Players with same Agent as their manager
at 18:28 20 Jul 2014

Out of interest how many players signed whilst our previous manager was in charge (loan or permanent) had the same agent as him?
Will Cardiff accept relegation
at 23:50 3 May 2014

Now that they cannot gain enough points on the field to stay up will they try to get the palace result overturned - at least 3-0 in their favour- and Sunderland docked 3 points for fielding an ineligable player?
Things to think about for next season
at 18:55 3 May 2014

Their full backs were quick enough to run outside ours and their midfield could outmuscle Pablo and Wayne. On the plus side we opened them up twice in the first half and should have put one of them away.
Winding up Shelvey
at 08:35 27 Apr 2014

As the game went on it looked as if villa players were trying to wind up Shelvey to get a reaction and give the referee a decision to make. There were several incidents. Players peed off because they were losing or instructions from the bench?
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