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I see the scummers...
at 21:51 15 Aug 2017

won again. We won't hear the end of that on BBC Wales tomorrow. All hail Colin W*nker, the new Alex Ferguson.

And Villa have (almost) lost again. What price Steve Bruce to be the first Championship manager to get the Spanish archer?
Tafarn Morlais, Llangennech
at 09:02 14 Aug 2017

I've bigged them up on here before, but just wanted to repeat the praise and tip you folks off if you're looking for somewhere good to eat. Took missus and old mum to Sunday carvery lunch there yesterday, absolutely superb.

They have about four sittings starting at 12.00 noon, but they overlap, so you get two hours at table, more than enough time for a leisurely lunch.

Not cheap, but top quality. £9.95 a head for one course, to be honest you'd need to be a real porker to manage a starter or dessert.
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at 10:31 30 May 2017

Did anyone follow that Welsh police drama series on BBC Four recently?

I think they were trying to achieve the same dark 'tone' as all those cracking Scandanavian series in recent years like The Bridge, Beck and Wallander, but failed miserably in my opinion.

The atmosphere they generated wasn't too bad, but I felt they fell down on common sense plotting, which they sacrificed to raise the dramatic tension. For example, in that episode where they were chasing an armed fugitive who'd abducted his small son and had holed up in a remote farmhouse, keeping the widowed owner at gunpoint.

Of course, the rogue detective went out on his own to find him, despite an organized search going on, and was duly taken hostage with no-one knowing where he was. All they had to do was send the police helicopter out to the last known area he was in and spotted his car outside the farmhouse, but that was too simple.

Gave me a chance to brush up on my Welsh with the subtitles, anyway.
Where are all the congratulatory messages
at 14:12 14 May 2017

flooding in from Wales' capital?
Tafarn Morlais, Llangennech
at 09:37 16 Apr 2017

Took my old mum and missus there for lunch yesterday.

No novelle cuisine there, just good honest grub, well cooked, lots of it, a fair price and pleasant service. Highly recommended.
Next season
at 13:04 10 Apr 2017

Just been having a look at who we'll likely be playing next season, thinking about away trips, etc.

That giant-killing minnow club who we beat in the League Cup Final and all patronizingly felt sorry for - Bradford City - may well be our league equals next season.

Great philosophical questions of our time
at 11:56 3 Apr 2017

Post your contributions here please.

Here's mine, to start the ball rolling.

How is it, when your first pair of shoelaces on a pair of shoes wears out or snaps, you can never find the same length replacement pair in the shops? is there a factory somewhere making a special length of shoelace which they are only allowed to sell to manufacturers of new shoes?
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American Justice
at 10:13 22 Mar 2017

There was a very interesting documentary on BBC2 last night called American Justice, which looked at the system in operation in Jacksonville, Florida, reputedly one of the toughest US States in terms of administering justice.

It followed two cases, a murder investigation of an elderly man and his niece in a trailer home, and the trial of a young black man, accused of second degree murder in an unusual case where he and his cousin had allegedly broken into a home with intent to commit an armed robbery. His cousin got shot dead by an occupant of the house, but he was charged with murder due to a law which makes perpetrators of crimes like this responsible for what happens to accomplices. The guy who actually shot the alleged burglar was facing no charge, having supposedly acted in self defence. Seems bizarre, but that's actually the way the law works in Florida at least.

Before you say, good, they got what they deserved, the guy was actually acquitted at trial, because it came out that the accused were actually friends of the home owner, had been at a party with him the night before, and claimed that the homeowner had invited them around the following morning to discuss buying a rifle from them, and 'to smoke some weed'. The deal had gone sour, there was a tussle and the shooting started. So far from it being an armed robbery, the jury believed it was just a fight amongst a bunch of potheads over ownership of a rifle.

Being a big fan of American crime fiction myself, particularly Michael Connelly's novels, it was very interesting to see how real life law enforcement personnel go about their jobs - the police, the DAs, the defence attorney, the judges, etc., etc. I must say the defence lawyer for the young black guy looked scary with her tattooed on eyebrows, but she got him off.

Question for our US friends - the show also featured the chief DA on the election campaign trail. At what level do officials have to get elected? For example, is it just the chief DA., or all the DAs under her too? Just the Chief of Police, etc. etc.?
Terrorist Attack at the Louvre - Let's hope they continue to be as thick as this
at 11:01 3 Feb 2017

"A French soldier has seriously injured a man after he tried to enter the Louvre museum in Paris carrying two backpacks.

A police source told Reuters news agency the man was armed with a machete and tried to get into an underground shop at the museum.

Paris police chief Michel Cadot said the attacker was carrying two backpacks and shouted "Allahu akbar (God is greatest)" as he "launched" himself at the soldier in the Carrousel du Louvre area of the popular attraction.

The soldier fired five times, hitting the man in the legs and stomach and seriously injuring him."
Builder - help needed
at 20:09 26 Jan 2017

OK guys, a serious post, I'm relying on the Planet Swans community to help me out here. So called attempts at humour in response to this appeal will not be looked upon kindly.

My 84 year old mother lives on her own in a 1960s semi detached dormer bungalow in Baglan. A few days ago she found a very wet patch had appeared in a relatively small area of carpet at the entrance to the dining room, right in the middle of the house. Further investigation has revealed a lot of water on the concrete floor below the carpet with no obvious source. There's no obvious broken pipes round about, it's not dripping down from anywhere and we just don't know if there are any fractured pipes under this patch of concrete floor.

I'm asking for recommendations for an honest and reliable builder or some other qualified professional tradesman who could go and investigate, possibly as far as digging some of the floor up, finding the fault and fixing it.

I obviously don't want her to be ripped off or have some cowboy go in and make matters worse.

Please can anyone help?
Foggy or what?
at 11:57 24 Jan 2017

Hey, boys, how's the fog through S. Wales?

I'm driving to the game straight after work tonight and at the moment you can't see your hand in front of your face here.
Seating Info please
at 10:43 17 Jan 2017

I'm coming to the U23's Checkatrade game next Tuesday and it's only the West Stand which is open.
I want to sit high up, either side of halfway line. Please can you West Stand types advise which zone I should request on my booking form? Thanks in advance.
Carroll - outstanding
at 12:56 15 Jan 2017

Unfortunately, not the one we are signing!

Just to prove I haven't spent the whole previous 18 hours navel gazing and crying into my beer, and despite disliking the bloke intensely, you have to take your hat off to the goal Andy Carroll scored yesterday. Goal of the Season. Absolutely stunning.
at 12:12 30 Dec 2016

Sorry if a ferdy, but in all the excitement, it appears to have been overlooked that Montero went off with what looked like a bad injury in the last match. Any news?
Anyone ever complained to Lidl?
at 11:00 27 Dec 2016

My mum bought me a £10 bottle of six year old Borolo in Port Talbot Lidl's a few weeks ago for my Christmas Day lunch, knowing it's my favourite red wine.

When I opened it and poured, a pale red vinegar like liquid emerged from the bottle. One sip told me it had as much similarity to Borolo as Brad Bobbley has to a football manager. Almost spoiled my Christmas lunch, I had been looking forward to it that much.

I'm not driving all the way to Baglan Moors to take it back. Any suggestions about the best way to complain?
The first result of the day...
at 14:31 17 Dec 2016

has gone our way, Palace 0 -1 Chelski. Here's praying for five more, although I couldn't really give a stuff about WBA v Yernited.
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Question regarding Jack Army membership
at 09:23 9 Dec 2016

Would appreciate some advice from anyone in the know. This is not for me, I'm a season ticket holder and will be renewing, but two mates who will not be season ticket holders next season but will be joining the Jack Army to buy tickets for some away games are asking: is it possible to link their memberships in some way to be able to buy tickets sitting next to each other?
Why-aye, Man!
at 19:20 8 Dec 2016

Heads up, serious beer drinkers. Aldi have just launched their knock off version of Newcastle Brown Ale called, wait for it, North Bridge Ale - I know, a bit cheesy.

Anyway, bought a couple of bottles to sample (£1.19 a bottle, 4.7% alc.) and just had the first one tonight straight from the fridge. A cracking drop!
at 11:19 8 Dec 2016

Can't be bothered to trawl back and find the film thread, so just wanted to say I went to see the above film last night and can thoroughly recommend it. Brilliant cinematography, brilliant acting by the whole cast, a really well constructed and entertaining film which grips from beginning to end. Very emotional to see ordinary people acting in heroic fashion.
One note of caution though. Boneheaded director Clint Eastwood couldn't help bending the truth - no, not bending the truth - downright lying, in order to up the dramatic stakes by making the air investigator team out to be the villains. This is not how it happened at all, but of course Hollywood never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.
If you want additional perspective on this, go to the Wiki entry on the film, and go to the Guardian article, last but one in the list of references. Eastwood has put the cause of passenger safety back in pursuit of his own agenda. I love many of Clinty's films, but in real life he's a pillock.
Matches today...
at 14:44 27 Nov 2016

not really going for us at the moment. Stogies have won away at Watford and Bornemuff have just equalised at Arsenal.

Let's hope Yernited can give Wet Spam a good spanking later on.
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