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Sterling's miss
at 23:25 3 Feb 2018

Question fo County Jim
at 09:08 31 Jan 2018

Or anyone else in the know. Why do they keep shutting the feckin M4 Newport tunnels late at night?

I went that way home last night because the previous week I had an impromptu guided tour of Ebbw Vale at midnight after the Liverpool match, because the Heads of the Valleys was shut at Brynmawr.

Last night I thought I'd bomb home up the motorway to avoid possible problems, only to be treated to another magical mystery tour, this time around Newport docks. The same thing happened to me six months ago after attending a Trust meeting at the Liberty. Seems like a conspiracy to deprive me of sleep.
Technical credit card question
at 11:27 5 Jan 2018

I'm always amazed by the breadth of knowledge on this website, so I'm going to fire out a question regarding a credit card situation I've got and hoping there's an industry expert on here who can answer it.

I was scammed by an Italian care hire company on a recent holiday. They have charged my credit card for repairs for damage that didn't exist when I returned the car.

I won't go into that long saga, but the basic facts are these. During the initial car pick up at the airport desk, they asked me to take out their overpriced excess insurance. When I declined, they asked if I had a private insurance policy which covered damage. I said I did.

They then did the usual thing of blocking out an amount on my credit card to cover damage, I think it was around 1100 Euros.

When I took the car back, they said there was damage caused by me, I disputed it, I was told it would be up to manager if it was taken further.

A couple of weeks later, a charge for £488 appeared on my credit card for this supposed damage repair. On my statement, there was no sign of the blocked out amount. I don't know what blocking out actually means in terms of the amount actually appearing on your account. Does it get put on, then taken off, so it doesn't show on the next statement?

My question for the experts is this. When I was told at the car return that they were likely going to 'stiff' me for a charge which was fraudulent, a thought crossed my mind to report my credit card lost/stolen abroad as soon as I landed back in the UK. Would that have prevented the feckin thieving bar stewards putting the charge against me two weeks later? Or does the 'blocking out' somehow give them the ability to make a retrospective charge against your credit card?

Sorry for the technical nature of this enquiry, but I want to know in case the same thing happens again!
Weather Watch
at 09:05 9 Dec 2017

Morning all, I'm leaving for Swansea in an hour and have three choices of route. Either down to Newport then along the M4, or past Brecon then over the Beacons and down through Penderyn to Hirwaun, or past Abergavenny then along the length of the Heads of the Valleys. Normally I go over the Beacons.

I've seen pictures of Brynmawr on BBC News this morning and it looks snowbound. Has anyone got any up to date info to help me choose best route? Ta very much.
Prepare for.....
at 10:07 27 Nov 2017

unbounded sycophancy in the media.

Think I'll leave the country for a couple of months.
Random thoughts after watching MOTD2 last night.....
at 08:46 27 Nov 2017

Everton really are a basket case at the moment defensively, as highlighted by the pundits. They are not even doing the basics of tracking back with their man. Ashley is a busted flush, they just seem totally disorganized at the back. Watch them sign a new manager and be transformed into a top team again just before we play them.

It must frustrate the hell out of you as a manager when you play a top team, keep them in check for ninety minutes and even carve out chances to win the game, only for a stupid defender to throw it all away in injury time with an ill judged push in the back. I refer to Burnley's James Tarkowski shoving Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal to give away a penalty which Sanchez slotted home for the three points. Shaun Dych was spitting feathers afterwards, but it was his own player's fault. Lee Mason is a crap ref at the best of times, but when your crowd has been booing him solidly for 30 minutes, the last thing you want your defender to do is give him an excuse to award a spot kick. I know Ramsey made a meal of it, but what striker wouldn't?

Huddersfield parked the bus, the articulated lorry and the 747 in front of their goal against Citeh but it still wasn't enough to grind out a point. Citeh are awesome, fair play. I am sh*tting myself to think what they're going to do to us at the Liberty on 13th December. Huddersfield were playing a 1-6-4 formation but it didn't keep them out. Clement will probably try a 1-9-1 line up.
Italian Jacks?
at 11:35 8 Nov 2017

I know we have many posters on this board who are expatriate Jacks.

Are there any living full time in Italy? I'd be interested to know.
Just got home
at 20:10 4 Nov 2017

That was so UNBELIEVABLE that I have literally been struck dumb. Goodnight.
Hereford recommends........
at 11:35 18 Oct 2017

the flapjacks in Home Bargains. Big buggers, three different varieties available - chocolate topping, white topping or cherry - and an amazing 29p each. Yes, 29p!

Ideal for cycling trips, filling a gap when flying Ryanair, half time at the Liberty, etc, etc.
Garth Crooks' Team of the Week on BBC Football website.
at 15:35 16 Oct 2017

Otherwise known as "who scored on the weekend?" predictably contains no Swans.

In the bit where you can select your own options to make your own Team of the Week, the only Swan who appears out of numerous players is Tammy. Fab does not appear in the list of seven keepers, five of which conceded goals on the weekend.

I think Garth submits his list to all the scummers in BBC Wales Sport for them to run an eye over it before he publishes it.

Good ole Garth
at 09:35 16 Oct 2017

Both Sunday games were the subject of late penalties which cost the dominant side in the match two points, and will have their respective managers spitting feathers.

Chris Houghton no doubt gave defender Bruno a dressing room roasting after the match, when his rash elbow into the face of Calvert-Lewin had Michael Oliver pointing to the spot, and Rooney rescuing an unlikely point with the spot kick right at the end of 90 minutes.

Brighton are no great shakes, workmanlike but very limited, basically a physical and hard working Championship side, but their enthusiastic and noisy supporters make them a tough proposition at home when they get the crowd behind them. Everton, as highlighted by the post match analysis, are lacking confidence going forward and look a shambles in defence. Rooney and Siggy just don't blend well together, much to the delight of our Aberdare contingent!

Newcastle looked very good at Southampton, playing neat, quick football, with Captain Pointer at the heart of most of their attacking play. Always risky to rely too much on him though, he's always likely to have a brainstorm and do something very silly. They were heading for a deserved three points when Shane Long burst into the area to pick up a forward pass, pushed the ball away from the defender but also away from goal, just inviting the foul, and Lejeune duly obliged instead of just standing him up. He clattered into Long who went down like he was poleaxed. Another penalty which gave the opponents a point they didn't deserve.

The most interesting thing for me was the form of the various sides. I think Brighton are relegation candidates, and surprisingly I think Soton are too. Everton are chaotic right now, but they have too much in the way of resources to go down. Newcastle were the real surprise, they look very good and should be targeting a top ten finish.

Anyone think Clement
at 16:04 15 Oct 2017

Will select either Bony or Sanches to start next week, fitness permitting?
[Post edited 15 Oct 2017 16:04]
Anyone get the club e-mail today?
at 12:28 4 Oct 2017

Entitled 'How Can We Add to Your Matchday Experience?"

There wasn't a box to tick which said 'try winning a feckin match'
Mobile phone new purchase - advice required
at 13:38 27 Sep 2017

My last phone was manufactured in the Stone Age and it's time to buy a new one. I've kind of narrowed it down to a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I'm going to carry on with my Sim only deal from Vodafone, so I'm just looking to buy the new handset.

My colleague in work has bought 'new' handsets on Ebay and she's recommending I do the same. I'm talking about stuff from private sellers and various weird and wonderful shops and businesses that sell on Ebay, rather than licensed Samsung dealers. The phone I want is going for around £325 this way, compared to around £500 from a proper outlet.

What does the panel think? Any pitfalls I should be aware of, other than the obvious 'don't deal with scammers, rip off merchants and anyone from Liverpool'?
Man Utd league cup tickets for sale
at 10:10 25 Sep 2017

Just had an e-mail saying tickets are for sale as follows:

Season ticket holders (their own seat only) – from 10am on Monday, September 25 to Thursday, September 28.

Adults - £20
Concessions (Over-60s & Students and Under-16s) - £10

General sale – from 10am on Friday, September 29.

Adults - £30
Concessions (Over-60s & Students and Under-16s) - £15

Fair play, that's decent pricing. Season ticket holders are rewarded, plastic Man U fans from Lampeter can feck off.
[Post edited 25 Sep 2017 10:11]
Free kicks in central positions
at 14:27 11 Sep 2017

Why can't we work out something clever on the training pitch instead of the usual 'blast it ten yards over the bar' option, as demonstrated by Sanches yesterday?

When Carroll and Sanches lined up for that one, everyone in the ground knew Sanches was going to have a pop, because he'd deferred to Carroll for the first one earlier in the game. I was willing to bet it would be ten yards over the bar, and so it proved.

Why not feign a blaster, then poke it forward past the wall for someone quick to run on to, someone who a second before was messing about in the wall or something and not looking like he was going to be involved in a move.

Come on, guys, try a little invention, we haven't got Siggy any more!
I see the scummers...
at 21:51 15 Aug 2017

won again. We won't hear the end of that on BBC Wales tomorrow. All hail Colin W*nker, the new Alex Ferguson.

And Villa have (almost) lost again. What price Steve Bruce to be the first Championship manager to get the Spanish archer?
Tafarn Morlais, Llangennech
at 09:02 14 Aug 2017

I've bigged them up on here before, but just wanted to repeat the praise and tip you folks off if you're looking for somewhere good to eat. Took missus and old mum to Sunday carvery lunch there yesterday, absolutely superb.

They have about four sittings starting at 12.00 noon, but they overlap, so you get two hours at table, more than enough time for a leisurely lunch.

Not cheap, but top quality. £9.95 a head for one course, to be honest you'd need to be a real porker to manage a starter or dessert.
[Post edited 14 Aug 2017 9:56]
at 10:31 30 May 2017

Did anyone follow that Welsh police drama series on BBC Four recently?

I think they were trying to achieve the same dark 'tone' as all those cracking Scandanavian series in recent years like The Bridge, Beck and Wallander, but failed miserably in my opinion.

The atmosphere they generated wasn't too bad, but I felt they fell down on common sense plotting, which they sacrificed to raise the dramatic tension. For example, in that episode where they were chasing an armed fugitive who'd abducted his small son and had holed up in a remote farmhouse, keeping the widowed owner at gunpoint.

Of course, the rogue detective went out on his own to find him, despite an organized search going on, and was duly taken hostage with no-one knowing where he was. All they had to do was send the police helicopter out to the last known area he was in and spotted his car outside the farmhouse, but that was too simple.

Gave me a chance to brush up on my Welsh with the subtitles, anyway.
Where are all the congratulatory messages
at 14:12 14 May 2017

flooding in from Wales' capital?
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