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Anybody had this problem when trying to renew online
at 23:23 14 Mar 2016

I click the 'renew now' option that takes me to the ticket site but nothing listed under 2016/2017 season tickets.

Same thing if I go in directly via the ticket site. No option to do it.

Exact same problm last year, even though when I went down and did it in the office there they said it was working. (lies)
One of our biggest problems...
at 17:39 3 Mar 2014

As a fan base is the complete lack of perspective and context for any situation the club is in. People over re-act to single games in terms of how good a manager is, judge new signings after the same time spell etc

Perfectly seen this week. After the Napoli game, Garry Monk was the next Pep Guardiola,bringing back good ole total football to Swansea.

After Crystal Palace, he's no better than Nick Cusack.

You can't make that kind of stuff up. Some of the things aimed at him are ridiculous and it leads me thinking if....

A. Anyone watched the previous games

And more importantly...

B. Took the context of the situation into mind before passing a view point.

By that, I mean it was clear to everyone after 55 minutes yesterday we were gone in terms of fatigue. The games caught up with us and it was just a case of surviving. This isn't really a myth, proven fact that that teams struggle with the Thursday Sunday aspect, especially when they did exactly the same the week before.

What's barmy is Palace really didn't look like scoring. I know you can't predict things like that, but Vorm did nothing all game until he made the error. Not GM's fault, nor was it his fault Mike Dean gave a penalty when it was a clear free-kick.

We were 8 minutes away from a 'hard fought' win where we showed 'new steel grinding it out' it, and the age old 'we would have blown that under ML' argument. That usually follows every manager's departure. Instead we got people throwing toys out of the pram and dubbing GM a disaster. When the things that ultimately cost us the win were out of his control.

Everyone jumped down GM's throat about subs. Again, totally ignoring the logical though proess that there must have been perfectly good reasons why Bony and Ash were removed early. Two of the most important players in the side. Yet, twitter, which maybe the worst thing to ever happen to a fan base, got it's knickers in and twist with a flood of tears. What would the re-action had been if Vorm had been subbed earlier? Everyone would naturally assume there's an issue, same applies to Ash and Bony, yet this went over everyone's head and the information had to be spoon fed to hem afterwards. Or did people actually sit there and think GM removed his best players out of a choice?

This whole Monk's' only won one game' rubbish. Again, totally ignores the context of each game, the opposition etc. Draws at Stoke and home to Napoli are good results? But not if you group them in a 6 game run. Everyone lauded the performance at Liverpool because of how well we did against a top side, just 3 days after putting it all out against Napoli. But now that defeat counts against GM because it suits a view that he isn't doing a good job.

Of course, it's not perfect. I could question why Lita came on instead of Emnes etc That's been done a death. Possibly bad decisions need to be questioned. But does it have to be 'GM is now fooking useless' ? Can't we just calm down and no go to extremes every single time a game doesn't go our way?

Hoddle not interested
at 01:40 7 Feb 2014

According to a website he 'co-founded'
Hard to argue with this
at 12:00 5 Feb 2014

Have not seen it posted...
[Post edited 5 Feb 2014 12:00]
at 21:52 4 Feb 2014

James Pearce ‏@Pearcesport 8m

I'm told that Hoddle is abroad today, but is set to be interviewed for Swansea job before the weekend
Got to laugh
at 09:17 1 Nov 2013

'One of the reasons they were so successful last season was because many teams backed off and allowed Swansea to play'

Yeah...OK. I've seen a few Redbirds roll this one out during the last three years of straw clutching.

'Personally, I think Malky Mackay might be just that little bit more prepared for the game than his Danish counterpart'

Cardiff to prepare for cup final
at 23:08 26 Oct 2013
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