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Opinions please re TUI
at 09:37 8 Jul 2020

Just after peoples views an particularly if they are from those of you with legal experience

Mrs L and I booked a package holiday back in January with TUI to Zante. Depature was 30/8 for 14 nights. Last week TUI cancelled our holiday and offered their refund voucher, which also allows a cash refund option. We decided to look for alternative holidays, and were surprised to see the same holiday we had just lost albeit departing 2 days earlier and £30 more expensive.

We had been sent an email at the end of June along with many other TUI customers that outlined their Holiday Promise which includes the following statement

We promise we'll only take you on quarantine-free holidays. This means we won't travel to places that will ask you to self-isolate on arrival."

On the back of this promise, and knowing that if TUI cancel this rebook we would be refunded, we opted to rebook for the new date and paid the extra £30.

At the time we were not aware that Greece had implemented a random test on arrival passengers whereby travellers have to complete an online form and then on arrival individuals may be randomly selected for a Covid test. Once tested, the traveller is allowed to proceed to their hotel but must isolate until the result of the test which should be within 24 hours. If the test is negative, carry on but otherwise the passenger has to isolate for 14 days. This may also happen if the test is negative but someone else on the same flight tests positive.

Accepting that we perhaps should have checked prior to rebooking, what do people think of this situation set against the Promise?

Whilst Greece is not quarantining arrivals wholesale, my argument is as I board my TUI flight I can be pretty sure one or more of my fellow passengers will be selected for testing. I believe therefore this does not follow the terms of TUIs promise.

I would be reluctant to travel to Greece on this basis.

Views appreciated!

Recording Swans TV
at 09:27 26 Jun 2020

Mrs L is working until the early pm tomorrow and is gutted to be missing the Luton game. Does anyone know if there is any free software out there I could use to record the game then watch "as live" when she gets home?

Alternatively, when does the official site usually put the replay up?
Topping up National Insurance
at 17:14 17 Jun 2020

When I reach State Pension Age in about 5 years time, I will be a little short of the maximum. I've got my estimate from the website and I've checked my yearly records. It seems I can top up my pension by paying something like £680.

I can see I can pay this shortfall by monthly Direct Debit or by quarterly payments, but I can't see how much these debits will be. Is it a case of dividing my shortfall of £680 by the number of months left in this tax year (9) so about £75 per month for 9 months? Anyone got any knowledge of this?
Travel to Wales
at 09:25 6 Jun 2020

I posted recently about visiting elderly parents in Swansea. Mrs L and I are wondering whether we could make a day visit from here in Bromley. We thought about driving down early, staying with parents for a few hours but in their garden, then driving back home.

It would be a long day but we're not sure when things are going to change. We know the Welsh government rules ask people to stay local, but what do you folks think?
Pandemic rules in Wales
at 08:36 29 May 2020

After folks views. Mrs L and I live in Bromley. Her parents who are both in their 80s live in Killay. My mum, also mid 80s, is resident in a care home in Sketty.

We note Wales' rules differ from England and we realise we can't travel to Swansea at the moment.

Assuming Welsh rules relax soon along the same lines as England, we will soon be allowed to travel and visit our parents by going into gardens and social distancing.

Now, my sister-in-law has a flat in the marina but lives in Chester with her husband. They are Jacks and visit every weekend there is a home game. They stay in the flat.

My question is, would Mrs L and I be allowed to travel to Swansea for a few days and stay in the flat (not when it's occupied)? I guess it's a situation akin to hiring an Airbnb and I believe they are not renting at the moment.

Purchased ticket query
at 17:01 23 May 2020

I bought 3 tickets for the Millwall away game due 21st March. I know there has been stuff about refunds on season tickets, but does anyone know whether I can get a refund on these match tickets and if so how do I go about it?
Question for the musos
at 11:20 22 May 2020

Thanks to Jinxy21's post re Wishbone Ash which prompted me to revisit Argus again while I'm gardening.

And I started to think back to the early/mid 70's stuff I listened to in those days. I was a massive fan of Alan Freeman's Radio 1 programme on a Saturday afternoon. I also recall a Radio 3 show called "Sounds Interesting" which played a lot of prog stuff.

Now here's the help I'm seeking. Around this time, I remember hearing a live gig on Radio 1 by King Crimson which I recorded on a TDK AD90 tape by microphone praying no-one would barge in the room and ruin the recording. The gig was excellent in my memory and I particularly remember the version of "Easy Money".

I'm sure this was 1974/5/6 just before I went to Uni. The tape is long since lost and I have tried to Google it to chase down a copy with no luck. I can find other live stuff from that era, just not the one I want. I have a feeling this was a special gig arranged by the BBC and Radio 1.

Does this ring any bells with anyone, and more importantly anyone know if it's out there in cyberspace?

Signing off now as "The King will Come" has just started!
This is what our Sky money is spent on...
at 11:26 8 May 2020

Fck my eyes. Bloke breaks lockdown on more than one occasion, once involving a party with "sex workers" invited. Thick as two short planks. Deserves pelters all day long imo
I despair....
at 13:22 9 Apr 2020

WTF do we do with these utter brain dead morons? I'd love to see a very high profile and strong example made of pond life such as these
A thought for NHS staff
at 23:28 16 Mar 2020

My personal experience of the NHS is very positive, albeit I have been fortunate not to have had serious health issues. I believe the NHS staff on the ground do a fantastic job and we should already have much to thank them for.

However, the next few months will undoubtedly create even tougher times for these folks and I am confident the doctors, nurses and support staff will go above and beyond to provide the best treatment they can. I hope Joe Public will remember what these people did when we get through this frightening period.

I would like to propose that for the next few months the National Lottery jackpot is limited to say £500,000 with any surplus prize money going to a fund to help NHS staff. I admit I haven't thought through exactly how this would work - its just a starter for 10.

Anyone agree?
What is the matter with people?
at 11:39 12 Mar 2020

Apparently this feckless pr*ck has done it again and been given a suspended sentence. Can someone explain to me why if he's bored and has nothing better to do, he is not made to do community service?
Matt Hancock talking Horlicks...
at 14:13 6 Mar 2020

who'd have thought it!
Top bloke, hope the scuzzball gets caught!
at 16:15 18 Feb 2020
Millwall away
at 08:42 17 Feb 2020

Anyone know when tickets go on sale? Official website calendar says dates TBC
Hull away this Friday
at 15:41 11 Feb 2020

I will be in Budapest on Friday and I've never been before. Anyone know of any bars there likely to be showing the game as its on Sky?
Helping to beat cancer
at 22:50 2 Feb 2020

I appreciate we are all bombarded with requests for charity, but if you can, please sponsor my daughter for this most important and worthy cause. Thank you.
Leeds at home 13th April
at 14:02 30 Jan 2020

Any good PS folks know if this 3pm Easter Monday KO is likely to change? Will be in Swansea that day but have to be in work Tuesday so a change to a late KO would be unwelcome!
at 13:41 1 Dec 2019

I've never seen it, so wondering whether PS folks would recommend it?
I realise I'm a grumpy git....
at 17:36 23 Nov 2019

.... especially after that pile of shite today but I wanted to vent my spleen on another issue.

I've just been served 2 drinks in my hotel bar. Why does it take longer to key in my order into the till than it did to pour the drinks?

Really yanks my chain
Can't wait for the game tonight
at 16:37 19 Nov 2019

FA Cup replay. Bromley v Bristol Rovers at Hayes Lane. Live on BT Sport 1. I'll be watching on my laptop in Cyprus. Come on The Ravens!
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