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Shakespeare sacked?
at 15:22 17 Oct 2017

Rumours just starting. Typical if so, couldn't they have waited one more week.
"Tosh : A Swansea Football Fairytale" Exhibition
at 21:00 11 Oct 2017

14th - 20th October Gallerie Simpson, High Street

Who's going? Should be excellent for those of us of a certain vintage 👍
Ramsey is so poor at dead balls he makes
at 21:59 9 Oct 2017

Tom Carroll look like he's half decent
Dead balls...anyone think we're not missing Siggy?
at 17:29 23 Sep 2017

Anyone at all?
Adrian Silva £22 million Sporting Lisbon to Leicester
at 13:22 6 Sep 2017

Can't do linky thing on phone, but I see that Leicester missed this guys registration by 14 seconds and having paid £22 million...cant play him til January 😁

Puts Yiadom in perspective at least
Alfie on Sky Sports at 10am
at 07:39 4 Sep 2017

Alfies in the studio to be interviewd ahead of England's game tonight and on the back of Swans transfer window

Sky Go will be in operation in the office...
Cheltenham v Swans Checkatrade Trophy tonight
at 17:14 15 Aug 2017

There is a match tonight isn't there? I know it's the u21s and all.

Advance apologies jackharris if you have a match day thread planned. Bin this one.
BBC reporting Swans close to deal to take over Liberty
at 07:20 12 Aug 2017

Cant do linky thing on my mobile, but I see BBC reporting this am that Swans close to agreeing deal to take over ownership of Liberty.

No wonder we can't afford any signings...

Liberty should then be renamed The Gylfi Stadium after the man who paid for it.
Llorente to stay according to Chris Wathan
at 07:12 11 Aug 2017

I see on Twitter this am that Wathan reporting Llorente likely to stay.

Great news if so (although no doubt will get told later this is a disaster for the great new plan this season...). One of the top 3 out and out centre forwards I've seen in my time watching us along with Latchford and Bony.
What's the best Swans goal you've ever seen?
at 07:58 1 Jul 2017

Chatting over a few beers with my brother in law last night (talking Swans sht as ever) and we got round to the best Swans goals we'd seen over the years. Not the most important necessarily, just the best.

A few for starters -

We both said

Garry Stanley v City
Pratley v Forest
Trunds v Yeovil


Let's hope this rumour isn't true - Moreno...
at 19:15 23 Jun 2017

PC on £750k bonus to keep us up
at 17:57 13 May 2017

according to Jeff Stelling on SS earlier. Didn't know that if correct have to say.

If correct (and in the context of today's money madness in the PL) 750k well earned.

So who is Balaclava Man?
at 19:58 30 Apr 2017

Any ideas? Name and why
Joshua v Klitshko
at 16:36 29 Apr 2017

Anyone know what time the walk on starts and the fight gets underway?
16 years since we last relegated
at 09:01 16 Apr 2017

I imagine lots on here have never been through this with the Swans. By the way, that's no judgement one way or the other on the younger followers, we all start out somewhere, just saying.

Back in the '80's relegation seemed a way of life following the Swans!

The one thing I will say having been through it 5 times I think in my Swans following lifetime, whatever people say about they don't mind going down (and that's their call) is that it takes a while to adjust to just how sht by comparison the general standard of football is from one league to another and how relatively poor the players are all round. Anyone thinks the football wont be noticeable worse in the Championship is deluding themselves. We'll think Ki was Maradona :)

I will say however that Easter weekend will be less boring with more Swans games on over the period, which is what prompted me to post here. I did used to enjoy the lower league cram of fixtures over this weekend.

Dreading relegation and missing the PL though. Whatever anyone says, rocking up at Huddersfield does not have the same attraction as a day out at Anfield. Missing out on watching Aguero, Kane, Klop on the touchline is going to take some getting used to.

at 19:09 15 Apr 2017

Just got back.

Not going to single anyone out...oh ok I will...the worst player on the pitch by a country mile (and Ki was on the same pitch just to put this in perspective). I've seen him enough times now. Awful player.

In fairness, Baston would have pushed him if he'd been on for longer possibly. He cannot be Spanish. He has zero ball control ability!

"Clement Clement sort it out" was the chant today.

2 centre forwards on the bench
at 15:32 2 Apr 2017

and we persisted with Ayew through the middle all game (and before the master tactician comes on...), he is not a CF and no amount of coaching or game planning will develop him into one. Poor by PC today. I accept of course that Llorente was a huge miss, but the times we looked up and then turned inside/back as we knew no point putting the ball in the box.

Oh well, Spurs next...
Paper thin squad
at 19:38 18 Mar 2017

The bare bones which we're down to are way off from being good enough

Baston £15million...see how far he trapped that ball...

The fact that Bournemouth's subs were literally different class to ours (even accepting our injuries) shows how weak our squad is. If we stay up, need 5/6 quality players. No idea if our owners will fund that though.

Come on Man Utd tomorrow!!
Alfie Mawson interview in Guardian
at 19:58 10 Feb 2017

Great read.

Top bloke and top, top player.

Anyone watching Man City v West Ham?
at 20:26 1 Feb 2017

Don't! City looking awesome going forwards. That Jesus chap looks half decent. 40 minutes, 3 nil. Already doing party tricks.

Good luck us on Sunday...
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