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Links please for today
at 14:55 31 Aug 2019

at 00:02 14 Aug 2019

I see they had their 3rd game postponed tonight. How long are the EFL going to keep this going? Not having a go at them at all, just wondering.
Sam Surridge
at 16:34 5 Aug 2019

Striker on loan from Bournemouth we’re now linked with too I see, this time by Stuart James journo, so a decent source close to the Swans

Never heard of Surridge
Trust consultation on legal action
at 20:57 27 Jun 2019

Being sent to Members “early July”...

Only just noticed that at the end of the Trust email on upcoming elections
at 23:25 19 Jun 2019

I know there’ll be loads of VAR related threads in the coming season, specially with it coming into the PL. But VAR is now increasingly deciding games (tonight’s Scotland Argentina game) not football deciding as it’s currently applied, it is no good.

Football should be deciding football matches not some people dressed up as referees in a tv studio somewhere.

Classic case of it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Goal line decisions and offside yes, but all other decisions no.
Gavin and Stacey Xmas Special 2019
at 07:48 28 May 2019

Announced by James Corden today .

And I don’t give a fck what any of you say...TV highlight of Xmas ahead right here. The End.

Promotion - would you take it?
at 10:06 13 Apr 2019

Let me be clear from the outset, great as the run is that we’re on, I genuinely don’t believe we’ll make the play-offs so obviously no chance of promotion.

However, loads on here a few months ago saying (when we looked like we had no chance at all) it’s too early/ wouldn’t take it if offered/ loving the Championship etc, which even then I couldn’t understand - why not get back to PL soon as we can and if we could. Otherwise, literally, what’s the point of playing at all if the team isn’t going to try to win as its too early/ in a few years would be better.

If we could beyond miracles make the play-offs and get up I’m 1000% up for that. Surely no-one wouldn’t want the same?
Run in the Cup or Play-Offs
at 23:28 11 Feb 2019

It’s an easy one for me as I don’t think we’re good enough to make the play-offs, even though I’d love us too, but I think this season being realistic, we could certainly make the QFs and maybe even the Semis depending on the draw.

So, love a Cup run to at least Semis this year and if we get there, we’ll who knows, the Final !

Imagine us in the Cup Final, yes please this season for me
The Trust - An Absolute Golden Opportunity
at 19:55 31 Jan 2019

I'm a long term Member, no point me putting this on our closed-shop fb page as about 25 people will see it there and no-one will take any action (sorry to some of my fellow Members, but if you're on it I think you'll know it's true)

With the Hedgefunders staking out their very clear direction of travel for our club and their sheer disdain for us fans and the prosepcts of our team, now is surely the best time since the sale to stand up and shout loud and make your voice heard on behalf of us all. The Trust could be the focal point of a rallying cry for us fans and get some of its lost status and credibility back.

We really need to hear from The Trust Phil, latest tomorrow (once the transfer shambles dust has settled), absolute latest tomorrow with a view and frankly a condemnation of what is now unfolding in front of our eyes.

I accept that with the impending mediation and subsequent litigation (hopefully) some things probably can't be said, but don't miss this open goal. We will not get a better chance to get many fans back on side.

One other thing (and I don't expect a response or a referral to it in any statement) when we get to the Members vote, please don't hedge (scuse the pun) The Trust's recommendation to us Members, make it very very clear that The Trust advocate the vote to take legal action. The opposite was pushed last time, do not cock it up this time. Tell Members the legal advice stands up legal action (with no guarantees of course), show some clear direction and back yourselves on it.

The Hedgefunders have offered up this opportunity on a plate to rally round The Trust.

Do not miss it. Seriously.
Is there another club whose owners have less interest in the team?
at 19:08 12 Jan 2019

Genuine question

The hedgefund 29 act like a silent partner, except they are the majority owners as a body. We never see them. We never hear from them.

They have spokespeople.

Pearlman occasionally announces some relative minor sponsorship deal.

Huw ocassionally tells us the key to promotion is selling players.

But nothing from the owners. Very odd. Or very clever I suppose.

Trust Members update
at 15:43 17 Nov 2018

Out in a few days...

Look forward to the legal experts on here telling us all why the Trust are the enemy, harming the club etc etc

Gower Ultra
at 05:34 10 Nov 2018

Anyone else on here doing this today?

Just finished my pre-race is 5.30am...

Hoping to finish before the Swans game ends 😬
What’s the most boring game you’ve ever seen?
at 20:58 16 Oct 2018

Currently watching the Wales Republic game makes me think of this

1 shot on target I think so far
Enjoyed that today a lot
at 20:24 6 Oct 2018

Funny to say after we lost it, but I really enjoyed that and came away properly entertained and optimistic.

Similar feeling to when we lost away at Oldham that time...settle for the same outcome end of season

Ryder Cup 2018 thread
at 07:32 28 Sep 2018

That is some atmosphere on that 1st tee

Even the pros shaking 😀
Team v Palace
at 09:02 26 Aug 2018

Go on...have a go at naming the starting XI

I genuinely don't know enough u23 players to get anywhere near to this one

Nice article, have a read
at 06:52 23 Aug 2018

Nothing groundbreaking/we didn't know, but well put together piece and interesting that an outsider ( I assume he's not a Swans fan?) sees where we are pretty much how most of us see things too

Swans made biggest net transfer profit yesterday of all UK clubs
at 00:49 10 Aug 2018

And last year they did the same too

But some of us on here are clearly too thick to see that this is part of some cunning grand plan that plays out with the likes of Declan John and Sean Clare at our club.

Looking forward to a day ahead where the apologists and football experts on here tell us how this is all a good thing really

DC Utd's Ownership Group the same then it turns out as our 28
at 23:06 7 Aug 2018

Well, except for one owner (I mean investor) I see reports in US now saying.

I'm abroad myself so cant do linky thing on phone, but no doubt someone can Google reports and put it up here.

Apologies if everyone knew that, must say I didn't realise the 2 investment groups were pretty much identical to a man and woman.
Trust Update...
at 20:34 18 May 2018

This update is being sent to you as a registered member of Swansea City Supporters’ Society Limited, which is also known as the ‘Swansea City Supporters’ Trust’ (‘Trust’). If you are not a member of the Trust, please do not read it. If you are a member, please do not share it or pass it on to others. On the advice of our lawyers, we need to state that nothing in this update is, or is intended as, a waiver of legal professional privilege or any other type of privilege.
In January 2018 the majority owners of Swansea City decided to ‘put on hold’ indefinitely the ongoing discussions on the previously proposed deal relating to the part sale of the Trust’s shareholding in Swansea City Football 2002 Limited, which (through another company) owns the Football Club. With no indication as to whether the deal could be resurrected in the future, the Trust engaged further specialist legal advice in order to determine the next steps that could be taken to best protect the interests of the Trust and, therefore, our members. It will be recalled that we have previously reported that initial advice from Queen’s Counsel (a senior lawyer) was taken last year.
As a result, the Trust and our legal advisers have carried out a comprehensive review of the circumstances surrounding the 2016 sale of a controlling interest in the Club and the impact of these events on the Trust and our shareholding. This involved going back to 2001/2002, when the Club was saved from bankruptcy by the Trust and others, and establishing the relevant factual history and developments from then until the present day. Many people and sources had to be consulted to achieve this and the exercise has only been completed within the last few days.
Our lawyers have today sent (by electronic means or post) to the Club and its shareholders a detailed letter, setting out a number of legal claims on the part of the Trust, including complaints as to the very negative impact the sale and related matters have had on the Trust’s position as a shareholder. The letter and its schedules extend to some 60 pages.
On advice from our lawyers, and in accordance with Court guidelines, the Trust has offered to enter into a formal ‘mediation’ process with the majority owners and others, in order to seek to resolve these claims and complaints. The aim is to seek a provisional agreement to settle past differences, with a view to moving ahead together with the task of rebuilding the Club and returning it to top level football. Any such provisional agreement would be put to members for approval, by way of a consultation.
Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which relevant parties seek to resolve disputes with the assistance of a trained independent and impartial mediator. The mediator cannot impose a solution, but uses his or her skills to bring the parties together. The letter that has been sent proposes that mediation takes place in early July, to allow time for responses to be provided to the letter. While it is a voluntary process, mediation is increasingly being seen by courts as a necessary first step before any formal court proceedings are taken and costs sanctions can be applied for unreasonably failing to mediate. The Trust is duty bound to explore all available legal avenues to protect the interests of the Trust and our members. If mediation were refused or the process proved unsuccessful, and if Trust members support such action, future court proceedings are possible.
If a potential resolution is achieved via the mediation process, it will be set out in a binding, written settlement agreement. However, we can assure our members that any agreement will not be finalised unless it is approved by Trust members as part of a formal consultation exercise.
Members should be aware, however, that if the offer of formal mediation is accepted, that it is a confidential process. This means that the Trust Board will be limited in what we are able to report during the mediation process, unless or until a provisional agreement is reached (or alternative options are identified) on which members can be consulted.
We will update members as soon as we are able to provide further information.

Best wishes

The Swans Trust Team
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