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Don’t F*ck With Cats
at 20:22 6 Mar 2020

Just finished this on Netflix. Not sure how to describe other than to quote the Michael Douglas look-a-like... psychotic but brilliant

If you haven’t seen it, have a watch. True story. Truth definitely stranger than fiction 🙃
Corona virus in Swansea
at 10:09 28 Feb 2020

Squad of loanees and 14 out of contract players
at 20:34 14 Jan 2020

Not being negative, just putting it out there for a discussion.

I think we all know why the club’s moving in this direction, but still, not sure where this leaves us heading into next season, let alone longer term.

Birch’s programme notes
at 12:09 29 Dec 2019

Can’t do the linky thing on my phone...thanks in advance to whoever puts them up...if anyone is still in any doubt about Trev being a puppet of the Yanks, have a read 😐
Christmas Carol
at 22:23 22 Dec 2019

That was a great first episode by the bloke who made Peaky Blinders. Proper old fashioned Xmas ghost story like. Looking forward to next 2 episodes
Just got back
at 19:56 21 Dec 2019

Well, we dominated that game (can’t remember last game we’ve bossed so comprehensively really?)

Second half was excellent. A pleasure to watch at times. Played with real tempo and played the game high up the pitch and mostly in their half. We need to play at that intensity to give ourselves any chance in most games or otherwise we get too easily bossed in midfield. Could and should have really won that by more.

Luton were not great, but take nothing away, that’s the best we’ve played across 90 minutes for some time.

Special mention to the ref the fck he missed the pen on Byers and then booked him for a dive...

Great support too which that crappy old ground helps when the away end is full

Luton is a total shthole though

Cooper fistpumps at end 👊 loves it

Merry Xmas Everyone 🎄
Luton 2 tickets needed
at 15:54 14 Dec 2019

If aynone has 2 tickets available, please DM me

Thanks in advance
Links please for today
at 14:55 31 Aug 2019

at 00:02 14 Aug 2019

I see they had their 3rd game postponed tonight. How long are the EFL going to keep this going? Not having a go at them at all, just wondering.
Sam Surridge
at 16:34 5 Aug 2019

Striker on loan from Bournemouth we’re now linked with too I see, this time by Stuart James journo, so a decent source close to the Swans

Never heard of Surridge
Trust consultation on legal action
at 20:57 27 Jun 2019

Being sent to Members “early July”...

Only just noticed that at the end of the Trust email on upcoming elections
at 23:25 19 Jun 2019

I know there’ll be loads of VAR related threads in the coming season, specially with it coming into the PL. But VAR is now increasingly deciding games (tonight’s Scotland Argentina game) not football deciding as it’s currently applied, it is no good.

Football should be deciding football matches not some people dressed up as referees in a tv studio somewhere.

Classic case of it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Goal line decisions and offside yes, but all other decisions no.
Gavin and Stacey Xmas Special 2019
at 07:48 28 May 2019

Announced by James Corden today .

And I don’t give a fck what any of you say...TV highlight of Xmas ahead right here. The End.

Promotion - would you take it?
at 10:06 13 Apr 2019

Let me be clear from the outset, great as the run is that we’re on, I genuinely don’t believe we’ll make the play-offs so obviously no chance of promotion.

However, loads on here a few months ago saying (when we looked like we had no chance at all) it’s too early/ wouldn’t take it if offered/ loving the Championship etc, which even then I couldn’t understand - why not get back to PL soon as we can and if we could. Otherwise, literally, what’s the point of playing at all if the team isn’t going to try to win as its too early/ in a few years would be better.

If we could beyond miracles make the play-offs and get up I’m 1000% up for that. Surely no-one wouldn’t want the same?
Run in the Cup or Play-Offs
at 23:28 11 Feb 2019

It’s an easy one for me as I don’t think we’re good enough to make the play-offs, even though I’d love us too, but I think this season being realistic, we could certainly make the QFs and maybe even the Semis depending on the draw.

So, love a Cup run to at least Semis this year and if we get there, we’ll who knows, the Final !

Imagine us in the Cup Final, yes please this season for me
The Trust - An Absolute Golden Opportunity
at 19:55 31 Jan 2019

I'm a long term Member, no point me putting this on our closed-shop fb page as about 25 people will see it there and no-one will take any action (sorry to some of my fellow Members, but if you're on it I think you'll know it's true)

With the Hedgefunders staking out their very clear direction of travel for our club and their sheer disdain for us fans and the prosepcts of our team, now is surely the best time since the sale to stand up and shout loud and make your voice heard on behalf of us all. The Trust could be the focal point of a rallying cry for us fans and get some of its lost status and credibility back.

We really need to hear from The Trust Phil, latest tomorrow (once the transfer shambles dust has settled), absolute latest tomorrow with a view and frankly a condemnation of what is now unfolding in front of our eyes.

I accept that with the impending mediation and subsequent litigation (hopefully) some things probably can't be said, but don't miss this open goal. We will not get a better chance to get many fans back on side.

One other thing (and I don't expect a response or a referral to it in any statement) when we get to the Members vote, please don't hedge (scuse the pun) The Trust's recommendation to us Members, make it very very clear that The Trust advocate the vote to take legal action. The opposite was pushed last time, do not cock it up this time. Tell Members the legal advice stands up legal action (with no guarantees of course), show some clear direction and back yourselves on it.

The Hedgefunders have offered up this opportunity on a plate to rally round The Trust.

Do not miss it. Seriously.
Is there another club whose owners have less interest in the team?
at 19:08 12 Jan 2019

Genuine question

The hedgefund 29 act like a silent partner, except they are the majority owners as a body. We never see them. We never hear from them.

They have spokespeople.

Pearlman occasionally announces some relative minor sponsorship deal.

Huw ocassionally tells us the key to promotion is selling players.

But nothing from the owners. Very odd. Or very clever I suppose.

Trust Members update
at 15:43 17 Nov 2018

Out in a few days...

Look forward to the legal experts on here telling us all why the Trust are the enemy, harming the club etc etc

Gower Ultra
at 05:34 10 Nov 2018

Anyone else on here doing this today?

Just finished my pre-race is 5.30am...

Hoping to finish before the Swans game ends 😬
What’s the most boring game you’ve ever seen?
at 20:58 16 Oct 2018

Currently watching the Wales Republic game makes me think of this

1 shot on target I think so far
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