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at 22:53 15 Feb 2019

lol..I don't think we're chasing either at this point.
Reduced parachute payments...
at 22:52 15 Feb 2019

It sure beats me as well..don't shoot the messenger mate.

Our wage bill in the last published accounts was 99m. We assume that 55-60m of that was on actual player salaries, and 40-45m went on other wages..and around 30m on other expenses. (75m for non player expenditure)

I assume there have been cuts since we're in the championship? For how much? F*ck only knows..I estimated a 66% cut to around 50m

There is a fair chance that I'm talking bollocks here btw, just speculation based on some certified figures. But nothing official.
Jordan Ayew
at 22:47 15 Feb 2019

The c*nt earns around 1.5m a year after tax, and that's all he's managed to come up with? Stingy f*cker.
Not a resignation letter but....
at 22:46 15 Feb 2019

I already stopped posting much on here, the place is starting to stink. And with Darran mostly gone, it'll soon be a morgue, one of the liveliest, most influential posters on here.

See you around mate. (hopefully)
Reduced parachute payments...
at 01:44 15 Feb 2019

Let's see..

It's estimated that the club's turnover will be around 50m for next season.

I estimate that the club spends around 45-50mm between non player wages (coaches, medics, scouts, ground staff etc) and other costs (bills, travel, infrastructure etc)..which will be fully covered by the turnover.

So..The player wages won't be covered by the turnover.

Now for player wages..

New CB:15k/wk
McBurnie:15k/wk (unless he's sold, then he'd be replaced)

Others (including Potter):40k/wk

TOTAL:296k/wk = 15.4m

Which is the amount of money the club will have to generate from Ayew and James sales to break even,

All hypothetical of course, who knows how the squad will look like by the end of the next summer window.
[Post edited 15 Feb 1:47]
Play Off Chances Slim ?
at 13:39 14 Feb 2019

We're not making the play offs, Teams above us keep winning and progressing, we keep drawing, losing and the occasional win here and there, and the gap keeps widening. But since we're not in a relegation battle, and the pressure is off, Maybe we can enjoy a decent rest of the season and try to finish in the top 10 (best we can do is 10th place imo, quite possible)
at 13:36 14 Feb 2019

I think he doesn't believe in the players around him, That's why he's too selfish, tries to cut through defences on his own, shoots from outside the box often. Because he thinks that if he passes the ball to an inferior player (in his opinion) it'll be w@nkered away.

How could he improve? There is a room for improvement for every player out there, So with training, hard work etc..But he is already a really good quality championship player, What should improve (for this level of football at least) are those around him imo.

I'm not saying he's perfect obviously, I just think he's a good starter player for a genuine promotion push, The rest of the attacking squad other than McBurnie? Not really.
Don't laugh 45 million bid for Andre Ayew
at 13:30 14 Feb 2019

Football Ghana lol

Nobody would pay more than 15m for the pair of them, let alone 45m for one of them.

A soon to be 30 years old flop. Have the Chinese lost their minds?
Contract extension to 2020 for CBR
at 13:37 10 Feb 2019

Who's the 2nd choice striker?
(No subject) (n/t)
at 13:26 10 Feb 2019

Unfortunately that's how it's likely to go..

CBR being our first choice CF is suicidal. We're going to be in a long relegation battle next season.
[Post edited 10 Feb 13:28]
From the boardroom b0ll0cks
at 13:24 10 Feb 2019

I understand what this bloke are trying to say. But here's the thing..

You either want to invest, try to be competitive, take financial risks in order to give yourself the best chance at go down the road they're going on right now, selling, trimming and trying to cash in every asset they can find at their disposal.

It's very rare that a club manages to succeed at both things. We're not giving ourselves the best chance right now at success, all this BS about being afraid of going into administration etc isn't going to cut it, Just a scarecrow. Nobody is asking for a massive investment like what Stoke did, keeping a massive wage bill, buying rubbish players for big money. We wanted a bit more than what we've got..and not to sell, sell, sell just for the sake of it, without consideration for the state of the squad.

I mean how is losing Montero going to help us going forwards ffs? Just cost cutting to save an extra million.

Also, things are only going to get worse, 8m loss of income next year, 19m the year after, he's already saying that McBurnie is a goner at first offer, Baker-Richardson just got a new deal, and being groomed to be our new CF for the next season. It's ridiculous, how are we going to achieve any success on the pitch like this? We simply won't.
Sick Southampton Fan
at 01:56 10 Feb 2019

Sick f*ck..How would he like it if people were to mock the death of one of his loved ones. Karma will get c*nts like these one day.
Nante Payment
at 19:06 6 Feb 2019

Nantes are within their rights, it's insensitive etc true, but the world goes on, and as you can see, Both Nantes and Cardiff are still playing, running and existing as clubs and businesses.

I assume that the geniuses at Cardiff have insurances made for their "assets" in case of loss of life, career ending injuries etc..Claim insurance after the repayment to Nantes. If there is no insurance put on their players, then Tan is a bloody p!ss poor businessman.
Relegation clauses
at 12:56 5 Feb 2019

It's hard to tell for sure.

But I believe that players that came in January during a relegation fight, don't have relegation clauses, Except of Carroll maybe. We weren't in a good place to make demands, and rather desperate.

Anyway, relegation clauses vary, from 30-50% I'd say. Our clauses are on the low side I believe, The likes of Dyer, Routs, Naughton, Olsson etc..all got new deals, and their pay cuts in case of relegation are likely to be lowered..Fer's cut might be as little as 20%. Who knows.
at 23:55 4 Feb 2019

Poor guy had it rough throughout his career. He deserved a decent move to a decent, stable club like West Ham (for the time being at least)..Good luck to him, No hard feelings.
Fao: Mods re Mart6
at 23:54 4 Feb 2019

Mart6 is PS hero, legend and moral compass.
Where has the money gone?
at 13:18 3 Feb 2019

Google baby d!ck syndrome.
Saturday protest
at 13:12 3 Feb 2019

Our fans are really thick c*nts. I can't even believe it anymore, we truly deserve the sh!t we're getting.
VDH - Villa
at 13:03 3 Feb 2019


Do you think Potter is gonna call the Yanks out on their lack of ambition an pure greed while he's still in charge? I'm almost positive he's already regretting leaving Sweden for this sh!tshow..he was promised a serious chance and serious backing. Instead he got himself a job as an academy coach and a bunch of disheartened spoiled brats who will be gone in the end of the summer anyway.
SMH..some of our fans are criminally insane
at 12:55 3 Feb 2019

Now we all despise the c*nts..but wishing bodily harm and violence on them (or accusation of serious acts of terrorism)? Shocking really.
[Post edited 3 Feb 12:56]
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