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Sporting Bxms
at 14:40 27 Jan 2022

Those who have ruined themselves or their sport.

Long list.

Your sporting heroes
at 12:56 27 Jan 2022

We've done this before but some might have missed it.
Admin;its ok to delete of deemed boring.

For me

1.Jack Dempsey. Not the best of all time but the first superstar of boxing and a real Gent
2.Marciano. Record speaks for itself.He fought bums;so did Ali. Great man
3.Ivan Mauger. Changed Speedway completely in professionalism. Name lives
4.JohnSurtees.World Champ F1 and Notor Cycling.Nobody else has or now could do that.
5.Barry Sheene.The image of motor bike racing changed with him. Charismatic and taken way too soon
6.John Charles and Ivor. Obviously.
7.Don Shepherd.Local man horrendously ignored by selectors.
8.Gareth Edwards.Greatest of all time .
9.Rod Laver. For me the GOAT and had the sport gone pro earlier God knows how many titles he d have won.
10.Jack Nicklaus.Not a big golfer myself but a sportsman the likes of which we rarely see in a lifetime.

Martin' s match day interviews
at 10:29 26 Jan 2022

How does he across ,readers ?
To neutrals and us

What impression does he give
The Krays.again
at 11:31 25 Jan 2022

Not another one.

2 lads that kept old ladies safe and only smashed fellow crims.

Loved their mam too.

Pair that should have hung upside down
The Responder.BBC1
at 10:53 25 Jan 2022

Surely a new low.
Staggering for all the wrong reasons
Inane drivel on an epic level.
All was needed was Bernard Hill and Gizza Job .
Martin Freeman ;big mistake ,son.
The new Highway Code
at 09:27 24 Jan 2022

Yeah,the book nobody reads after passing the Test

Some crackers

1. Vehicles to give precedence to other road users in terms of size.
That means drivers of Bentleys ,Range Rover and Q7 Audis have to give way to pedestrians and cyclists not to mention pedestrians who get in their way.
2. Horse riders to be given two metres space. Gonna fun of country lanes that with Pippa off to the Livery
3. Cyclists given one metre . Any cyclist will scoff at that right now

Wait for it,lorry drivers giving way to all . Think of that next time these eejit are tailing yiu down the M4

Good idea but we cannot even prosecute cretins at the wheel of a vehicle with a cup of coffee in one hand and a phone in the other .

Best of all pedestrians being given precedence at road junctions .

Mr Cabango
at 17:05 22 Jan 2022

We really did have people thinking he was basically a liability.

Great stuff son.

Poor with ball at his feet FFS.
Child Abuse in Ireland
at 13:53 20 Jan 2022

Another shocking report of institutional abuse of both boys and girls by Priests in Homes.

This report has been delayed to

On the same day a ex Pope Benedict denies any knowledge of a convicted "man of God".

Wales Rugby Squad announced
at 15:06 18 Jan 2022

Biggar Captain then.
Thought Ellis Jenkins was a shoe in.
Dan has a mouth but he should use it wisely.

Hope he runs the ball ,anyway.

Would you happier supporting a club other than home town team
at 14:25 17 Jan 2022

I’m not sure supporting one s home town team is actually enjoyable,per se,I mean think of the likes of Notts County,Wrexham,Chester City ,but ,to me,there is no choice as it is all about your soul.
If your dad takes you as a kid and you get the bug,it’s there for life ,,like it or not.

When we went Titus up,People told me not to fret as I could always support Liverpool,Everton etc . For me,a non starter. I’d rather weed my garden on a Saturday afternoon.

Kevin Sinfield again
at 11:32 13 Jan 2022

No apologies for this.
Sir Kev is now recovered from his last effort for MND where he raised millions .
He plans another mega challenge later this year but hasn’t said what it will be . God only knows what he will do but I post this for awareness of this horrendous disease and how we can help raise funds

This week he received an OBE when really he should have had a proper knighthood if these honours are to be meaningful
Carol Vorderman on the Chasers
at 10:58 12 Jan 2022

Resisting the temptation to post anything salacious or profane regarding her appearance it does show how powerful pressure is and how it affects the thinking process.

If I could post something salacious ,could the mods let me know.
Biggest Motoring mistakes
at 13:56 11 Jan 2022

Its 1966.Im 16 and have been left money by my Nan .
I go out and buy a brand new Lambretta SX200 in white and gold.
After a month I decide gold is boring and then I reckon British Racing Green stripes are the place to go .
I buy some green gloss paint as close to BRG as I can find and proceed to tape off the side panels ,leg panels and forks. Off I go utilising a whole tin of paint stripper ,the contents of which I shove into a small plastic container and leave it on my dad' car bonnet whilst I get to work. I get distracted and knock the container off the bonnet leaving an amorphous streak across his metallic blue pride and joy.

He come out with a face wanting to place me at the right hand of the Lord Jesus .My mum comes out and simply bangs me in the mouth. (it was allowed then).

The job is an abortion and all my Kingsway chums are horrified at how I ruined the scooter so then I think to get the bike to go faster (although it was pretty quick already) and I decide on taking it to a guy down the Hafod to bore it out from 200 to 225 cc and use larger pistons. I get the engine back and assemble the vehicle but it doesnt start and never would as I lost many of the engine bits in my dad's garage.

Soon I am 17 .get a Hillman Minx for £40 and have a chum who'd passed his test to sit in the passenger seat I go everywhere especially Townhill practising Hill starts. I pass first time then get ordered to dispose of the scooter. I seem to recall I sold it for £20 to a bloke who I then see a month later on the Kingsway on my scooter after he has has it resprayed and the engine sorted.

I forget how much the scooter was now but it would like buying a decent sized 250 bike now brand new for 5k then flogging it six month later for £200.

I dunno how I survived my teens really a we were all rather dumb -great music times though
John Bishop Chat show
at 13:27 10 Jan 2022

Another dog of a programme
He's a lucky boy.
Prime time TV

Looking at Steveo Cooper
at 17:54 9 Jan 2022

Seems far more vocal and animated.
Standing up,no hands in anorak and shouting.

If only ...
Idris Elba on now ITV game
at 16:39 9 Jan 2022

Very powerful and a must watch
Roy Keane laughing.
Cardiff and Preston
at 15:47 9 Jan 2022

Good God.
How poor is this fare,heading to extra time too.
Im reckoning Scottie Sinclair is gonna sort this out.
Changes a new manager would make instantly
at 15:29 9 Jan 2022

Speaking hypothetically of course I would suggest

Installing a back four immediately.
Dropping Grimes as Captain being replaced by Downes

Back four of Bidwell (who s kept) Cabango Bennett Naughton

Piroe and Ncham up front

midfield of Downes,Pato,Fulton,Joseph /Garrick (having been recalled)

Stop passing to and fro at the back and to the keeper
Do we deserve this
at 10:16 9 Jan 2022

TV coverage that was an inult,a coach who is destroying players and "true jacks" looking to abuse those they consider not to be.

We are divided,the hatred is right in our faces.
We are being unravelled and it eems we are actually resigned to being relegated HOPING Martin brings us joy.

Folks,it's crazy and trolls need to accept that fact and quit having a go at other fans. We are being systematically destroyed by the Owners and management . Im not sure where we can go but wen a club like Soton ees a takeover of 200million it shows just how badly we missed out.
Im fully expecting crap over this which is fine but try to stick to topic and append your plan as opposed to simply accepting Martin 's drivel
BBC Wales "sport"
at 21:10 8 Jan 2022

Must unite us surely.
Even lifey and me agree in perfect harmony.

Today,we were all insulted in every way possible

I always though we were a decent club;we let down a lot of people in the 80s but we got over that. No excuse for the Club to be treated worse than a sewer rat.

And they lost tranmission

[Post edited 8 Jan 21:10]
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