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How old is this site
at 10:56 31 Jul 2021

Including its previous incarnation.

Ive just read Dr Winston describe our site interaction as being of 15 years.
Even for a thicko like me,that seems hard to grasp.
Fifteen years.
What was it's genesis and how many of the original posters are still around.

We've all got memories ,clearly ,many unpleasant. All rather sad but these sites are now part of the fabric-so to speak.

at 21:10 30 Jul 2021

Are they back.De Grandhomme got a cracker
Could the Trust run the club
at 09:40 29 Jul 2021

Seeing these current owners aint going anywhere,I raise the possiblity
How does this pre season rate for disappointment.
at 10:00 28 Jul 2021


Possibly 9/10 for worry

We really do not learn ,folks.
Boris Beating Crime Plan
at 09:45 27 Jul 2021

If your heart is heavy right now,read the plans of this government to take knives off the street an d "beat crime".

Right wing government,apparently.

Your biggest failing as an individual.Time for honesty
at 09:50 26 Jul 2021

I ‘ll start this off.

For humble me,the tendency to sulk.probably a trait from childhood.

Also, inability to be objective at times
Sharron Davies.
at 09:48 26 Jul 2021

Get her in shot .

Gorgeous and a great interviewer
Electric Cars
at 20:03 25 Jul 2021

OK then,who's gone the whole way.
Are we ready at forecourts nationwide and at repair shops

That Road Racing Final
at 10:15 24 Jul 2021

Dont let anyone tell me footballers have it hard after watching that gruelling,brutal way of winning a medal.

6 hours of pain .

Boks v Lions : The Hung Preview & Matchday Thread
at 10:05 23 Jul 2021

OK ,I know it's another thread but the good Guv will delete if it offends in some way.

I like Lions tours.It sees the Welsh playing alongside the posh/privileged public school boys of England and the scions of Scottish borders farmers and the Irish boys too big for Hurling.

Now we see the Blacks and Coloured playing for Bokke rather than parking their cars or watering their lawns,they have a significant pool of talent.It's nuts really Apartheid saw these dumb jerks marginalise and brutalise the majority and only allow them to find coal for the Braai instead of sharing food and drink with them even at the same table .
Tomorrow sees another black Bokke captain in the magnificent Am. Terreblanche mut be turning in his grave or wwizzing around in that dust bowl in the Free State skies.

Any SA tour is brutal.I mean ,although we left them the game after kicking them out of the Cape,we left them rugby.Pretty magnaminous of us really.Tomorrow will be scary,trust me.Anti eggers or effete footballers,stick to synchronised swimming in the Olympics.

I predict Hogg will have a torrid time but I agree Sanjay shouldn't have played,if only to protect Waunarlydd' s bravest warrior if only from himself after being concussed last time out. Bokke aren't exactly forgiving folk-they haven't forgiven us for the concentration camps for the Boers we invented-and they would have targetted anjay's head from the kick off. Good luck Hogg.

It' s all about forwards though as anyone who has played the game will testify and tomorrow will see the Lions front up and they will. It might well not be enough though and I feel AWJ election is plain wrong. Eben ,Franco and the blond butcher Pieter Steph will be targetting his shoulder. They will be looking to snap it,make no mistake here.

Gatland has gone for size and power but I 'm not sure it'll work. We ''ll ee.

If the backs get the ball,Biggar will,no doubt,kick it half way up Table Mountain but if he gets it wrong,Cheslin Kolbe will be waiting to run at him and the others and simply take the pyss. This boy is beyond exciting. Ive not seen such talent since Lomu albeit in another guise..

The centre pairing is a weakness. IMO. Daly untried isn't smart and Henshaw is not 100% fit.He will need to be against De Allende and Am. Two great exponents of the position.

I only see Willy at full back as a real weakness.Past his best by some time althoigh still a class act.

Finally,I reflect on the days when in the sixties a Bokke team was literally and deservedly seen as poison and rightly so albeit one country we played . Imagine an international team due to play a regional team then and hour before kick off having it moved to another ground as demonstrators were suspected of having spread tacks all over the pitch. This game was transferred to New Brighton RFC . Days when black lads picked the oranges the players scoffed at half time but weren't allowed to play the in the same game.

Times like These

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Rugby League World Cup .Oz and Kiwis withdraw
at 09:13 22 Jul 2021

We are seen as too unsafe a country to come to by them.

Are these simply running scared?

Discuss-if you're 'rsed
These floods on continent
at 09:49 16 Jul 2021

Under reported or what.
90 dead and we're still seeing most coverage involving the England football game.

We are so insular
Johnson rejects fat tax then
at 14:28 15 Jul 2021

Clearly this man a coward,one who wont treat covid as it should be and one now who won' address the obesity issue which sees us over 50% OBESE,not fat.This costs the nhs MORE THAN ANYTHING.

I do not recall such a shytehouse at No10.

A man who simply wants to be popular and will see people die,willingly,to ensure he remain as popular as he wants.

My God,do we need a real "basturd " for a PM,one that will upset and annoy but for the right reasons
Slubbers Arms Huddersfield
at 19:40 13 Jul 2021

Regulars will know this place.
Landlord has died now and pub up for sale although it wont be short of buyers ,hopefully.

A place to visit as an away fan
Colin Pitchfork released
at 12:40 13 Jul 2021

This chap raped and murdered 2 school children in the 80s.
Parole Board have released him albeit against Govt objections.

Why do we allow our kid to face this type of offender when they is a risk he coul
could do it again.

People who do this can never surely be released unless we grade their freedom to be at large greater than school children.

Parole Board have screwed up many times and it carries on.

The Olympics vis a vis sport in general.
at 10:38 13 Jul 2021

Surely the most under the radar ever.
Games that really should not have gone ahead but it's something to watch before our seasons stars.
I used to be well into athletics but became peed off with the dopers and their "punishment"

We have the Lion Tests (hopefully) too so there is sport outside football.

Ive never been so utterly disillusioned with the game. The play acting,the whole ethos of the game's rulers -The Lot.

When our club went bust I remember clearly discussing my sporting interests with my missus and concluded I would support Tranmere and tried it.Not the ame,not the pull on the heartstrings.

It' s either Swans or nowt,like it or not.

Freeman sold then
at 13:53 12 Jul 2021

Why buy him.

Crazy buy
Langland Bay
at 13:38 12 Jul 2021

Something positive here for my readers.
Saw a photo from an old school chum of mine PJ of an evening at Langland and the beach looked good.not too many stones and the surfers full at it.

I thought it was getting all stoned up like of what I see at Oxwich.

Is it safe for me to visit this summer
This coverage
at 08:56 12 Jul 2021

What is wrong

England get to a semi and press go nuts.
Get to the final and we see special programmes and half a whole newspaper with mindless drivel.

Now they lose,we see the Welsh chortling and the England being proud at losing .

Look at the state of us.

Millions have turned away from football and it s easy to see why

Finally,England players …get a medal then take it off before even leaving podium . Graceless farkers .

All in all, let s go swimming

at 23:31 11 Jul 2021

Red car all day long.Lucky boy
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