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Non football needs to lighten up
at 18:17 13 Aug 2017

I'm one of the most guilty for this. Peace brothers:

Unite the right protests in USA
at 20:16 12 Aug 2017

Good God, what is going on at the moment. The World is in a very dangerous place and both the moderate right and left need to look at themselves.

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Excellent point
at 16:54 12 Aug 2017

First game of the season couldn't give a flying fart regarding performance, point on the board away from home.

Well done lads.
The big debating point for me this week
at 19:48 10 Aug 2017

Mark Gower?

Cut down on your pork pies mate, get some exercise

Labour money forest
at 21:06 9 Jul 2017

Insane, seriously.
Valley boys
at 19:48 9 Jul 2017

I know it's a controversial point, but they do my absolute swede in.

Whenever there's a rugby match on, like the Lions they just get completely wasted and are constantly looking for trouble.

It doesn't matter where you go the same crap occurs, you can be just enjoying a nice pint with friends and before you know it something is tipped over you, they shove you out the way or some more physical/verbal crap.

Pig sick of them ruining my nights out, always been the same way. If they don't pull some slag they want to beat the sh1t out of somebody.

Brexit boom
at 11:57 5 Jul 2017

Won't tell you this in the express, mail, sun

notice eurozone doing very well.

If we said brexit was off the table tomorrow we'd be booming and we'd all be enjoying a pay rise. We are in for a gloomy few years all for nothing. It p1sses me off.
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How thick is this Country, seriously
at 15:25 2 Jul 2017

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at 20:41 1 Jul 2017

If you haven't seen this, I urge you to watch it.

Sums up what sad times we're in at the moment. We were once a Nation to be proud of.
Hands up called it wrong
at 15:59 1 Jul 2017

Well done to St Jeremy of Corbyn, he pulled off a tremendous British style defeat.

Was hoping he'd gain one or two more seats so that we could get rid of Theresa May but there we are it's better than what I was expecting a 50+ majority for the hard brexit.

The negative is that Corbyn will stay in now and that's not good for labour or for the Country. I keep hoping for a Macron style movement in this Country to be pro business, pro EU, pro liberalism but so far it doesn't appear anyone has the balls for it.

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