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at 20:55 7 Jun 2017

Latest Welsh poll, no surprises has labour storming away with tories in second.

Plaid distant 3rd, surely this is the end of the Leanne Wood experiment and no more Welsh Nationalist polluting threads?
Random quality songs by great artists
at 20:42 7 Jun 2017

Paul Weller:

The way football fans are treated
at 21:51 3 Jun 2017

Look at this:

A few guys get into scuffle - of course never happened at a rugby match

Help me I'm tempted to do something nuts
at 12:21 2 Jun 2017

I'm considering voting Corbyn - I'm so hacked off with tories and people know my views on eu I'm considering doing something I thought I'd never do.

I don't agree with much of what he's saying but he has earned my vote.
The terrorist threat in the UK
at 18:06 28 May 2017

Anyone reading the S.Times today will be a little perturbed to say the least but anyone with any understanding of anything will hardly be surprised.

We are talking 10's of thousands of people.

.... 10's of thousands.

Douglas Murray is the only sensible coherent voice out there at the moment, we are in big trouble.

I'll have to buy this.

I really don't know what we can do though, many are British citizens. It's a legacy of rank stupidity especially during the Blair years.

Arsene Wenger
at 19:01 21 May 2017

Interested to hear your thoughts?

I personally think he is an outstanding manager and one of the greats. The way some Arsenal fans have treated him is disgraceful.

There is a part of me who feels he should move on, but I still believe he has a title win in him. Such a visionary manager.
Great momentum for next season
at 17:11 21 May 2017

Good finish to the season, still a disappointing return but to be expected after a season of turmoil.

No celebration in avoiding drop, just relief. Now we must stop p1ssing about, get that stadium extended and focus on stability not reckless spending. Keep the core and add some additions that will improve us. I would like to see more investment in either home grown young players, or young players like Mawson brought in.

We make some good calls now that could mean challenging for Europe in a few seasons.
Kick up the arse season
at 17:40 14 May 2017

We've been coasting, this season was needed.

Get it right and we'll be in the prem for another 10 years at least. We must expand the liberty though.
at 00:29 14 May 2017

So happy about the turn of events, knew Clement was the man and our leader on the pitch Leon.

Great stuff, always confident about our prospects. We're pretty much done.

Foxtrot Oscar to all the negs out there
This comment just made me really depressed
at 22:46 8 May 2017

Top of comments on May's immigration comments:

'The left-wing media keep missing the point on immigration. British people are quite happy with immigrants who actually have something to offer in the UK (e.g. skilled people with job offers) but don't want mass uncontrolled immigration of benefit seekers who will then "use" our system to bring over their family and even send UK benefits to their extended family in the country where they came from'

...... Most immigrants, especially EU immigrants are young and work hard - they are far more productive.

I just don't even know what to say anymore, years and years of propaganda have just infiltrated minds. There's me on the centre right finding this depressing.

What the Hell happened to this Country, people are obsessed by foreign people. Live your bloody life.

Olsson & Carroll
at 18:10 7 May 2017

Fantastic signings those two, when Clement has had the summer to add a few further additions then I feel we could have quite a tidy team on our hands.

If you vote Conservative
at 16:20 6 May 2017

You are......
at 15:30 6 May 2017

I wish I was there today, I just want to say all crap aside off the pitch. Today we're all jacks and this game is VITAL biggest we've had in several years.

Let's make it a raucous atmosphere like we used to have back in the day. No sitting down twiddling your IPHONE, get on your feet and get behind them.

COME ON SWANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alternative history
at 13:24 1 May 2017

I've finished the 1066 series on BBC4, very interesting.

Just incredible how defining that year was - it got me thinking how different things could have been. Would be interested in your views on how things could have panned out if the Vikings had maintained a prescence or King Harold had beaten back the Norman advance
[Post edited 1 May 2017 13:25]
If you vote UKIP you are
at 12:55 1 May 2017

We beat Everton we stay up
at 15:37 30 Apr 2017

It's a massive game - great effort from the lads since the yank disaster
at 13:21 29 Apr 2017

I think he could be vital in these last few games his genuine love for the club and leadership could see us upset the odds. Loved the idea of giving the players jack to a king. He still has ability and should be used - I'm confident we can get a result tomorrow and this could propel us.
For goodness sake chill out
at 17:28 9 Apr 2017

There's so much anger on this site, it's quite ridiculous at times.

In the short term we're right in the mix, when it wasn't that long ago we were doomed to relegation. People forget this, we WERE down we didn't stand even a glimmer around the turn of the year.

We've got an excellent, ambitious young manager who is still learning his craft. Rome was not built in a day.

Whatever happens if we get relegated, we need to get behind our new manager to get us back up. If we stay up, fantastic then we build for next year.

This negativity is doing nobody any good, the obsession with Huw Jenkins is classic Swansea. We love to love and love to hate, when reality is usually grey.

Stop moaning and start getting behind the team, our support is p1ss poor at the moment and it has been for a while.
My final few questions to brexit supporters
at 17:46 1 Apr 2017

Don't worry I won't be posting much more. I just need to know a few more things:

Why will your life and my life be better for leaving EU?

What laws were inhibiting your life and others?

Why is trading more with the rest of the World with language considerations, time zone difficulties, higher transaction costs, currency fluctuations more desirable than our neighbours?

Why is immigration from outside EU more of a benefit than from within EU?

Why if we're a strong successful economy would you put that at potential risk?
Another question for brexiteers
at 11:53 30 Mar 2017

Will you in the next election be voting for the tories or UKIP? If you're not, why not.

You agree with the direction of travel, you clearly want right wing policies why wouldn't you vote right wing?
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