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And yet
at 06:41 9 May 2018

Pepole are still blaming the yanks
Nothing to do offcourse that that rat scumc@#t Jenkins sold us out along with the rsst
Think about it
The negotiations went on for months to sell the club and all the board knew the yanks intentions
Sell save and stay in thr prem
Increase stadium sell make a profit
So the board after this agreed.
And there is your problem
If this was not the case and the yanks gone back on a promis off investment then huw would have stepped down instead off getting paid atupid money
Makeing deals to bring shit players here and then putting them out on loan
Huw my friends is the key c##t here
Do somthing
at 19:49 26 Dec 2017

Stop fecking winging and crying about it
Get off your asses and do somthing
Simply pic a game and dont go
Leave your seat empty and if everyone else does it then thats a powerfull staitmeant as it will hot all areas off the media.
I love the club as iv done for 35 years
I have not been this season even tho i have a season ticket
Now if others do the same it will get press
Jenkings is the total cent here not the players or the yanks
I was slagged off 2 years back when i criticised the club trust and so on
But huw done the deal knowing very well what tje yanks were about and kept the paid off trust wan#$rs out.
Dont get me wrong its not just huw but morgan and the others
But huw still has shares gets paid and i can guaranty gets back handers for the deals.
Pic a game and organi a boycott off it in mass
Plasterer by trade
at 12:41 22 Oct 2017

Give me my tools i will do the job to a decent standerd
Give me aspoon and a suspan i will struggle.
This is what pc is up against.
Our bench yeasterday
Rought dyer rangel with Britton starting.
Please let ther be someone out there that sees the problem allso
Im not saying pc has no part off the blame but how can he do a job with them players realy.
Bony should never be back
Messa looks another waist
Baston well enough said
Clucas 13m and kingsley??wtf.
Can bring who u like in
Unless they take control off players in and out then its going to same as now
And for them who blame the yanks
Then why do u think all negotiations were held in secret with the trust left out in the dark
And funny how sir huw still holds shares in the club a nice bank ballance tidy wage
And keeping our club in the black by selling our top players
He will again be looking for another pay out when the yanks sell as they will at a profit
Stop blaming everyone els as its huw who is responsible for this.
I love the club and have done for longer then many on here but im still to go to a game this season
Yes i paid for my season ticket and yes it may well be a waist off money but if i did not some plastic big club supporter would have had it and another true fan would not be able to get 1 again.
Untill huw goes my seat stands empty
This is my protest
About time others did somthing to show there anger at the rat who has become a sir but has sold our club out.
at 17:25 30 Sep 2017

Clement gets allvthe blame
And again i will say who realy is to blame
We have sold quality players and brought in sh#t
As we all know huw allways likes to bring in his players and likes to interfere
Lets not blame Clement for all
He only has the players he been given.
Will say it again
at 19:38 23 Sep 2017

The root off our problems are with huw.
For to long he has interfered with playing staff and bringing in his own players.
The manager is only as good as the players he has.
Its all very well huw playing king but its the manager who has to try and build a team who are not the players he wants.
Sanchez and tammy are Clement players from the summer.
Bony is a waist off time and cost 13m
We would have been better off having gomiss back as he was ours anyway.
Cant blame the yanks as huw knew all to well there plans thats why we the fans and trust knew nothing about the deals.
Im a season ticker holder but cant go there to watch that
If u sell our best playera and bring in untried or players who could not do anything last season then what u expect.
Best thing that can happen as sad as it may sound is that we get relegated
By doing so the plastics will leave and fans who love the club will get a chance to go.
Huw and the yanks will struggle to make money as lets face it we aint realy got any top players left.
Huw needs to feel the pressure from the fans
The biggest problem
at 19:51 11 Sep 2017

At the club is huw jenkings
The guy is clearly money mad.
The sooner this guy goes the better
He has sold the club to a investment company who are only intrested in profit and to sell on
Huw must have known this thats why it was all done behind the trust back
So what does huw gain
Well sold most his shares for millions
Gets a well paid job
All the bonuses from being a prem chairman playing high and mighty but yet a failed business man
And has kept shares in order to sell on to the next buyer.
He is keeping the club in the black by selling our players and gambling on bring lesser players in at half the price or on loan to keep us up
If it works he gets a bonus and when the yanks have had most ther money back will sell the club for more then they paid and the rat huw sell hos remaining share for another payout.
Only 54 years back we were 1 off the best footballing sides in Europe
Now we have no wingers no idea players on loan to fill the gaps off players we sold
A striker who has been out for 3 years lost.
Yet huw says the club and squad are in the best shape ever.
When are others going to wake the feck up and realise this rat needs gone
Stop interference with the playing staff.
Cant blame the yanks.
at 18:19 1 Sep 2017

The one and only rat to blame is huw.
Allways looking to bring his players in and rarely lets the management do it them selfs
Allways linked with same players what ever the management.
He has made a lot off money from the club along with the other rats in selling shares or by using the club in there private buissness activities.
Many blame the yanks but it was our so called swans fans directors who sold to the yanks and kept everything away from the trust.
Even the head off the trust at the time was benefiting from the club by doing its printing and later comes out that he took payments from the club.
Wile i dont hold no grudge to the original board for making money as they are the ones who put it up at the start.
I do blame them for there greed in selling to the yanks
Dont tell me during negotiations there was no questions asked as to what the yanks plans were.
And wile huw now sitting on a small fortune he still running the club and selling off our assets .
The sooner huw leaves the better as he is a rat who is now only interested in profits.
So predictable
at 21:29 31 Aug 2017

That pepole jave forgotten how our supper fan chairman is a rat
We still have no decent wingers no cober for left or right back
Have sold over 70m in players
Spent out around 30m on new.
And concidering that we needed atleast 20m on new players to improve last season squad but we are weaker and not only have not spent a penny but have 40m the black.
But hey our glorious hiw has brought in a player with potential but no experience to take over from siggy
Bony who has miss fired since leaving to take over from a player scoring and settled.
But i net there are many happy.
I wonder
at 21:50 15 Aug 2017

How much we will spend
The last 2 seasons we have got weaker and struggled
It was clear we needed at the very least 20m spent on key areas
Now we have spent around the 15m mark on messa tammy on loan and so on
We have gained 15 plus on players gone
So we are still even at best
Basically we are that at beat square with last season
Should the club spend all the 45m they have for siggy we still aint coughed up a penny
And lets face it we aint going to spend anything like 45 m
How can fans be positive with such bad dealings every summer
Talk off 25m for allen ffs we could have had him for 10 but for our glorious chairman
But instead pay 16m for baston who was a total flop and gone out on loan .
We will not move forward with jenkings at the elm.
at 22:01 12 Aug 2017

I am rightvin thinking we are still paying him?
If so thwn feck his not wanting to play he is under contract end off
And whyvdont the board just aimply give Everton the option pay up or feck off now
Feck what siggy and hos agent wants play to get pay end off
Fair play
at 13:05 7 Aug 2017

The bullying and ganging up on pepole on here for speaking there mind on the club is pathetic
The admin cleary dont give a feck and allow this to happen
Disabilities come in all shapes and forms
Im dyslexic and was bullyed as a chils dor it
But as a child u expect it as kids can be cruel
But as a adult just simply speaking my mind on the club i love and have supported longer then most on here is my right
I fecking hate bullying at any level and i dont get bullyed by anyone anymore
Now if anyone one one here disagrees wirh what i post then feel free to say so in a adult manner not by abuse or mocking
Should u wish to abuse me take the piss then send me a pm and i will gladly come to place off your choice and discuss it.
Iff the ao called admin allow this bullying mentality and ganging up on posters then its time they had a look at them selfs and let some run the board were all swans fans can speake out in a adult manner without having to read such petty abuse.
At the end off the day im a jack and have as much right to post on here as anyone
Just because my spellingis not at a high standerd that dont make me less a person then the scum rats who prey on anyone who looks weak or a easy target
For one i aint weak and will stand up for my self and anyone els who takes a hard time from the scum on here who like to pot pepole down for simply airing there views.
And to them who run this board is it not due time that u sorted this out or are u just going to let it go on
As by doing so then u allso come under the same category as the scum who mock them with disabilities
Please feel free to pm me should u want to take this furter
Losing the love
at 11:49 6 Aug 2017

For our club
The last 2 seasons we have struggled yet still we dont strengthen in areas we need
When siggy goes we will have made over 65 million
We bring in someone to replace him at the very last minute
At the end off the season we needed to add to the side but we will be going in to this weaker?
Then there is 20 quid for a fecking friendly ffs
But to add to it they bring out the 3rd kit last
Make sure the first 2 our out well in advanced as they look sh@t and then make sure the 3rd one os the best st there dor everyone wantes the new 1
Academy's and training facilities all done
No extension over pricing for friendly games over pricing food and drink and now the 3rd kit
Yet not strengthening the playing side and beeing well done over by everton
Why didnt the club make it plain and simple weeks back that they could only negotiate when they met the 50m and the deal had ro be done 3 weeks before season starts
Instead the deal is well documented and unsettling for all involved with only 6 days to the start and needing to find and settle in a player who has to replace the player who was the key part in our staying up
We will have made 25 million plus in profit from selling players rather then us paying out and strengthening
Getting toerd off football and this fecking club.
Curt zouma
at 17:21 6 Jan 2017

Just heard we have signed him from Chelsea on loan till the end off the season.
Anyone now much about him
Bob taking training
at 11:44 27 Dec 2016

Apparently he has been taking training today
So maight be stuck with him just a bit longer.
Wayne routledge
at 16:30 10 Dec 2016

Please can some explain why he is in the squad let alone the starting 11
Im not at the hame today so watching at home,and he looks awful live on tv he is shocking
Fao jackfath
at 18:36 27 Nov 2016

Fair play fella u have a lot to say about others
You slag me off a fair amount but apparently u were slagging off uggo in an earlier thread
Now i dont now him to talk to but i do know that he has folloed the club and been a passionate swans fan for as long as i can remember and im 47.
Now for someone who loves to slagg off and take the piss out off others u would think that u could handle your self some what or even stand up for your self.
But was it not the case that some kid slapped u some time back in a pub and u almost burst in to tears ?
Do your self a favor and stop giving the big one and bullying others from the safety off your laptop as u are nothing more then a ginger pussy who is as much off a man as a drownd ginger kitten.
Our fans
at 19:02 6 Nov 2016

We have to many boring that will do fans who f#cking do nothing say nothing
All this talk about how bad the yanks are and how bob is out off his depth is bollox
The true crime at the club is huw and the rest
The yanks have been sold a club that has poor investment but looked good on paper
Huw has kept the bank balance looking good and told the us along with the yanks that we are a good team and happy with the squad
Brad has been brought on with an impossible job with a team that os well below what we should have after this amount off time in the prwm
We had 3 players today starting who have been here for 10 or more years.
That os not fu#king good enough
And it took untill we went down to 3 that a chant was made towards huw
We were all annoyed at the start off the season
After last year we all new money had to be spent
We have sold 50m+ in players since jan yet only brought in 25m
And them we have brought in are weaker then what was sold ffs
Going down will do 1 thing that will benefit us and that is get rid off the passion less wan#ers who barely knew we had a club until we got to the prem.
But there is no other to blame here but the huw and the other.
One person to blame
at 21:40 31 Oct 2016

Huw the rat jenkings
His rule over the club and trying to save has turned oir team in to a championship side
Please some one run the cu#t over
Oys a disgrace how far we have gone backwards
Fair play
at 15:53 22 Oct 2016

That fecking rat huw must be well happy
After all thats come out he must have been expecting a tough day
But not a single chant or even any evidence off his actions on show.
As much as the prem is good for swansea it has taken the passion out off the clubs fans as yo many stuck up cu@ts are now taking up seats off real fans
Dare say i will get some sh#t from the same old wan#ers on here but hey FU#K IT
The yanks
at 13:05 3 Oct 2016

Can we honestly blame them?
This club was sold to them by our so called life long fans who said they had the best interest off the club
Surley huw the screw and the rest off the small time big bollox owners talked to the yanks prior to selling the club
And yet huw after pocketing a nice little few million along with the rest keeps his job sells players and bring sh#t in or untried
Its all very well pepole saying we did bring in players but the player that come in should have been comming in to the squad we had last year as we needed strengthening
But we are weaker then last
Now its huw job to do the business on players not the yanks
As ot was huw job to sell the club to owners who were going to push us on
After all did he not say they are selling to the yanks to push the club to the next level.
The trust are a fu#king waist off time and quietly sit back and get there freebees and jenkings has sold us out or still trying to run the club and barging basement
The lack off transparently between the club huw new owners and the gans is a disgrace
If there is noney to spend (and concidering we have sold over 50m in players since jan) why are we not bringing in players
And if the yanks are not putting up money why did huw sell to them?
Make no mistake the root off all this is huw however u look at it.
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