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With Jenkins coming out and saying there's no money to be spent on players...
at 22:45 29 Dec 2017

and that any purchase of a player must first be preceded by the sale of a player, I'd love to know: where the hell has he gotten all the money in the past 2 years to pay off the sackings of our previous managers and their staffs and hiring a new manager and staff? We're on our FIFTH manager in 2 years. If we don't have any money to spend on transfers, how the fvck then did we have all that money paying all that severance and compensation to all the managers and backroom staff we've sacked in that period?

It simply doesn't add up. At all. This is just another case of big nose feigning poverty as he did in years past. Back in April 2013 (after we had turned a £16m profit), instead of pursuing any of Laudrup's transfer targets this cvnt went and gave him and his cronies a multimillion dollar dividend payment. If you don't remember, the trust had asked for the profit to be reinvested in the club.

Swans interested in signing 34 year old right back Alvaro Arbeloa
at 10:43 12 May 2017

I seriously don't get why Jenkins is so obsessed with signing the same players that he targeted years ago. No club has more of the same targets from window to window than us. And it doesn't matter how old and washed up that player gets. It's like Jenkins is impervious to time or something. We were first linked with Arbeloa in 2014:

Ridiculous. This summer it's absolutely essential that we get a new right back to replace that sack of crap Naughton. But Alvaro freaking Arbeloa is not the answer.
Are we really the same city that ran Tony Petty out of town?
at 15:43 18 Dec 2016

It's seriously appalling looking at comments here and on social media saying how we shouldn't conduct protests or take action that could potentially "disrupt" the team. Imagine if we had followed such cowardly and spineless guidelines when Tony Petty was in charge. We probably would have went down.

It really begs the question: are we really the same city that ran Petty out of town? What happened to all our dignity? All our ferocity? All our pride?

As long as we continue to attend matches without so much as a whimper of disapproval towards those in charge, nothing will change. Our club is going down faster than a bowl of gruel in front of a group of pigs. Forget a chant here and there about how Jenkins needs to get our of our club or how the Yanks are greedy bastards. More needs to be done.

The squad is playing like dogsh1t as it is. They literally couldn't possibly be any worse. I really don't get how a pitch invasion or a walk out could make them play any poorer than they are now. It's protests like that which need to take place right now, and, frankly, it might be something that could actually give our squad a kick in the ass and make them play a tad bit better.

The only hope we have of saving our team is to take action. We need to make our feelings felt to the board and the owners in as forceful and potent a way as possible. I'm talking action like a protest march throughout the streets like what Charlton supporters did recently or storming the pitch like what Coventry supporters did recently. If we don't take action such as this, there is ZERO chance of anything changing, zero chance of the clueless knob currently in charge of getting sacked, and zero chance of any money being spent on the squad in January. As it stands, the club ownership are standing firm in their decision to stick by their man and to date, no assurances have been made as to whether we will get any investment in January, just a pathetic "guarantee" of an extension of an overdraft. This will not be any different until we start making the cvnts in charge feel as unwelcome as possible in and around the Liberty and make an open objection about what has essentially been the rape of our beloved club.
[Post edited 18 Dec 2016 15:46]
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