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Heaviest ever defeat
at 21:56 13 Mar 2019

Lost 8.0 against Monaco and Liverpool could that record go Saturday.
I fancy us to win it 1.0 with a Martin Thomas screamer.
Any good series to binge on
at 17:49 7 Mar 2019

Just finished watching Fargo all 3 series really enjoyed it.
Good cast storylines in all 3.

Can anybody recommend anything else please preferably crime drama or history.

Have seen most of the big ones

Breaking Bad
Boardwalk Empire
Game of Thrones
4 sign New deals
at 18:33 24 Feb 2019

Lewis,Cabango, Garrick
and Berry have all penned new deals.
Are any of these good enough for the Championship and are any likely to be playing first team football this season or next.

Never seen the under 23s play so I have no idea.
[Post edited 24 Feb 18:34]
George Byers Rangers would be a dream move
at 09:57 24 Feb 2019

Just breaking into the first team and he comes out with this.
Very disrespectful to the club that his paying his wages.
Being reported in the Daily Record couple of others have picked up on it as well.

Don't laugh 45 million bid for Andre Ayew
at 23:55 12 Feb 2019

Evergrande Chinese team are reported to have bid 45 million for Andre Ayew.
The report from
goes onto state they are not sure whether Swansea will accept the offer
Will the Yanks stay quiet till Saturday
at 19:59 6 Feb 2019

The protest seems to be gathering momentum.
The Club has been full of negative publicity since the transfer window closed and Jenkins got the boot.
Social media has been full of it.

Are they rattled surely they will come out with some PR bull shortly.
Who will own the club in 2 years from now
at 23:56 2 Feb 2019

No change
The Trust after legal action
The sellouts
New owners
[Post edited 3 Feb 13:18]
Are we being stripped bare or getting our house In order
at 16:55 31 Jan 2019

Are we being stripped bare or getting our house In order

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Transfers in and out
at 16:51 31 Jan 2019

Does anybody have a breakdown of transfer fees in and out since the sale

I know we received 42 million in the summer plus parachute money
Yet according to Pearlman we are still facing a big loss.
Can anything be done to hasten owners departure
at 16:32 31 Jan 2019

The Liberty needs to be vociferous.
The owners and traitors need to get the message.

Will this happen I doubt it.
But there will be a backlash at Bristol on Saturday.
Season ticket price
at 19:08 29 Jan 2019

40 quid increase for an adult ticket from Friday.
Early Bird tickets look very good value.
But it is a bit of a coincidence the big rise the day after deadline day.

Club also saying sales are up 25$
Busy on here tonight
at 22:38 28 Jan 2019

Played really well Saturday and was fairly quiet.
Bristol City
at 15:28 28 Jan 2019

What is the main away pub please
[Post edited 28 Jan 15:37]
Swansea and Cardiff
at 09:25 26 Jan 2019

There used to be lots of players who would switch from one club to the other.

David Penney is the main one that springs to mind for me as he was our captain at the time.
Tony Bluebird and Jimmy Gilligan are the 2 that spring to mind for moving the other way.

What was your favourite centre back pairing
at 08:48 26 Jan 2019

Mark Harris (Chopper) and Keith Walker nearly 500 appearances between them.
Can we make the play offs
at 19:29 19 Jan 2019

Had to win today and deservedly did so.
75 points has to be the aim.
Are the Trust going to see the books.
at 20:28 16 Jan 2019

Why won't the owners show the Trust the books.
And what is in there that can't be viewed at Companies house.
Sorry if this has been done to death but all seems to have gone quiet again.
When will we be sold
at 20:25 16 Jan 2019

How long before we go up for sale and for how much.
2 and A half seasons and they will be off is my estimate.
The worry is though who will buy us and will they invest.

Well done Potter mid table is a good effort
at 09:48 30 Dec 2018

Many on here feared we would plummet this season.
A huge transition in players during the summer.
He was left with 1 senior centre back.
Slightly over achieving would be my assessment yes he has made mistakes but all in all a pretty good season considering the hand he was dealt.
Warnock moaning again
at 15:44 24 Dec 2018

Complaining that PL sides are only allowed 2 loan players.
Seems fair enough to me with the amount of TV revenue coming in.
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