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The philosophy of Swansea Independent
Wednesday, 19th May 2021 11:23 by Keith Haynes

The success of this website relies on the people that visit it. The forums and indeed the thousands of external visits from news outlets who choose to endorse our writing and reporting. Our aim since September 16th 2020 has been to keep the fans informed and for visitors to get a handle on the club and most importantly the supporters can support in a safe environment.

Over the period of one basic week we strive to deliver match reports, articles of interest and a general view from Wales most successful football club and it’s thousands of fans. It’s always made easier with the participation of our many forum members who daily debate and talk about those issues, or indeed introduce their own agenda’s and viewpoints. These are most welcome and of course are the lifeblood of any large fans website.

When the site was taken over it had deteriorated in to a cauldron of threats, bullying and aggressive ripostes. That meant we had to study the site algorithm and issues to ascertain what was going wrong. It was clear that numerous members needed to leave and move on, they were helped along the way by either being asked to leave or banned. This of course meant they had no outlet for their hatred towards others and had to find another way of baiting people on the Internet. They were no loss.

Twenty three bans were issued, and the site started to find its feet with people returning who felt safe to post an opinion without being asked who they were, where they lived and if they fancied a physical outcome to their opinion. Those that left initially found solace in undermining the website, finding it difficult to move on and concentrate on their own lives, not others. That has now stopped, albeit with a degree of external assistance to reinforce the situation. We still, however rarely get the odd indiscretion. What we do now is that person is contacted personally and the situation is discussed. We don’t need a return to those bad old days.

It works.

In recent days the network has decided to reinforce bans to make it clear that a bullying narrative is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated. From justification for extreme hate, no matter how it is dressed up to basic one on one abuse. It’s all equal. We have lost numerous others as a result. To that end if it means we have to cut down the membership for the greater good long term we will do. It’s that simple.

So, the positives, and they far outweigh anything negative. We have numerous writers on the website and personally I think they articulate well their written articles and reports. That’s clearly endorsed by a massive increase in external traffic. That is those people who choose not to make comments on an article, or visit this website as a result of an article - but are not members. There is increased forum traffic too, a wider variety of posters from differing viewpoints. These posters, when able to put over a point of view in an adult way have been feeding back to us how much more they enjoy this environment, and how it can actually change their well being, and help them through difficult times.

That success is down to those posters who debate out matters in an adult way without resorting to swearing and threatening, and to those we thank you so much. This trial will go on until the end of this month when we will take stock on the whole website and what it has really meant to people, the most important element. As usual we welcome comments and new ideas, the things that makes the website better. If it’s confrontational dialogue you require this website isn’t for you, if you would like to be in or join a community that does it’s very best to maintain a dignified but passionate support of Swansea City then long may you remain. You are the reason why we do this.

Your support is appreciated, and thank you.


CultJam Holdings

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ReslovenSwan1 added 12:35 - May 19
Congratulations it is a major improvement on the previous forum. I am only one of no doubt many that would not venture onto the previous version of fansforum for fear of abuse.

onehunglow added 13:11 - May 19
It is another world to what it was. We were not in a good place.

KeithHaynes added 15:45 - May 19
Thanks chaps, we can still debate without the hate.

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