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Steve Cooper remains silent, the club remains silent, and the fans are left in the dark
Sunday, 4th Jul 2021 09:00 by David Cornish

It could well be easily explained, no Steve Cooper pictures when the club returned to training yesterday, and yes, he was there, that’s a fact. However, the club have said nothing at all. Today, when old players are back in the fold, and new ones are looking for their place in the group, the manager is absent from any media, both on the official site and nationally.

Nobody is pointing at a conspiracy, nobody I’m sure is saying, hang on he’s leaving, that’s not the point. Anyway, no club seems to want him. So, after two decent striker signings why has Steve Cooper not commented on them ? Joel Piroe and Kyle Jospeh, a real coup the latter signing for Swansea City under the noses of far bigger clubs, and Cooper or indeed Mike Marsh don’t even mention it. Or are being allowed to. Nought.

The Swansea City official site carry no pictures of the boss in their ‘pre season return to the club gallery’ he has made no statement about the links across the media of his leaving, or wanting to leave Swansea, nothing. And fans of the club are asking why ? It’s an odd thing that a club so media savvy - like the social media anti hate campaign, or giving fans free access for the play off semi final, on this occasion couldn’t be more silent.

Where is the fist in the air Steve Cooper mantra ? The positivity, the group dynamic statements, not even a non negotiable! Not even a word. Some are saying it’s not necessary for him to be seen just yet, its just day one. Okay, but why hide him away if he’s there ?
If the swans get it right next week with Cooper in the media there will be a massive play on their support for Cooper and Marsh, and all this will be pure conjecture. But this morning, that means nothing.

So, honestly, what club on day one of their new season preparations, with such a lot to shout about doesn’t even turn it in to a PR occasion ? All for one etc, especially after the close season speculation. It doesn’t feel right, either that or the swans, after a decent year of successful PR and well thought out planning have decided to leave everyone in suspense ? Or is there a yes prime-minister moment coming ?

Steve Cooper has said nothing about new signings, the new season, or even what he had for breakfast last Tuesday. And what club signs players, then not even a comment is made by the manager ? Seriously, it’s not right, and even if everything is ok, it isn’t really, no matter what the club says. No pictures, no words and no reassurance, that isn’t how a professional club acts, it’s treating the supporters like mugs. And it’s bloody annoying.

Go on then, defend this stance by Swansea City FC and Steve Cooper. I would be very interested to hear a defence of either, or are we being run by amateurs with little or no care about the future of our club ?

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Bluswan added 16:23 - Jul 4
It is not for Steve Cooper to comment publicly on his position. He is an employee of the club not the owner. There is after all such a thing as employment law. The owners are those who could make a statement but being distant owners they will not see the need to do so unless they have something to say. It won’t matter to them what level of conjecture is floating around on social and tabloid media. As we have seen already with WBA, Fulham and Palace, the media got it totally wrong. Responsibility for communicating the strategic and managerial direction of the club rests entirely with the Board and through them with Winter. They should be your target not Cooper in this respect. Ultimately, SCFC has distant yet wilful owners who since taking over some 5yrs ago have been responsible for the consistently deteriorating fortunes of ‘our’ club.

KeithHaynes added 18:48 - Jul 4
Nobody is having a go at cooper or the club, The content written by David is very clear ( to most )

KeithHaynes added 18:49 - Jul 4
As for employment law 🤭 What areas of it are you referring to ?

Bluswan added 20:13 - Jul 4
Quite clearly the content of this piece was questioning and therefore critical of the club or Cooper - and rightly so. If you have read if differently then I would suggest you are are in the minority not me. I also note that a recent previous post referred to Cooper’s lack of public statement as being ‘embarrassing’. If that is not being critical then I don’t know what is! Re point of law can you imagine an employee going to the media to speak about their situation without the permission of their employer? Whistle-blowing? Or perhaps grounds for dismissal? Just because this is football it doesn’t mean that employers and their employees are exempt from the same legislation which applies to the rest of us. The post does actually invite responses which defend the club or cooper’s position and my response was not to defend their positions but rather to try to shed some understanding of why there has been silence at least from Cooper.

KeithHaynes added 13:39 - Jul 5
And your educated response is welcome 👍

ReslovenSwan1 added 16:26 - Jul 5
""Ultimately, SCFC has distant yet wilful owners who since taking over some 5yrs ago have been responsible for the consistently deteriorating fortunes of ‘our’ club.""

The club is actually 'our' club as it is 21% owned by the fans themselves. The self proclaimed "protectors of the club". Sadly however they appear (as I understand it) to be going to court to force sell their 21% share and will cease to be able to call it "Our club". Their status wil be out of their hands once they press the button and their fate will be decided by the English legal elite. The US owners were the ones putting money into the club when Covid struck. I give them credit for that. The remodelling of the club is now comlete for nother shot at the big league where, lets face it, Swansea do not belong with the £50,000 a week salaries being the average.

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