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Racial abuse yet again, and all we hear are words. It has to end today
Monday, 12th Jul 2021 05:31 by Davis Cornish

Once again, as England lose the Euro 2020, call it what you like final to a far better side we have to tolerate and accept racist abuse of young men in their countries colours - just because they didn’t do what was expected of them in a football match.

This isn’t about England or any other country that plies its trade across a multi cultural landscape that we all walk and live in. No longer should any person, let alone a seventeen year old young man, have to accept and put up with hate. Personally I’m sick and tired of it, what do we have to do to stop pathetic and cowardly abuse towards people of colour just because they don’t suit a certain remit ?

There comes a time in all our lives when stupid politics, and old school thinking has to stop, may be we need to stop dialogue too ? Seriously. Abuse, bullying and cowardice are not acceptable, and I write this as a man who has tolerated hate, accepted racism for years, sometimes without seeing it, and only used words to confront it. Today this now has to stop. It’s no good relying on government bodies to determine the pathway to stop hate and racial abuse, it simply doesn’t work. UEFA and FIFA are corrupt to their very core, they care only about finance and small beer fines to make a gesture against the hate we as fans witness day to day in football and in life in general. Yesterday’s Wembley final had nothing to do with fairness, it had everything to do with selfishness. The Euro and Sterling (scuse the pun) dictated the outcome, and the reaction.

England were presented with a manufactured, openly obvious, and disgustingly prejudiced route to a Euro final by a sympathetic and pathetic organisation built on greed and manipulation. And we expect them to be fair ? Come on. The end game was always going to be an England win, and six games at Wembley assisting them to their first major trophy since 1966. It didn’t happen, since Henry Cooper became a hero for coming second in a two horse race England have yearned and bleated about being a top football nation. The upshot is what happened post match on social media and throughout the country. Blame the black men, blame the obvious villains, not Harry Kane, who says nothing every week about his work mates being called jungle bunnies or monkeys, being hung out to dry because some disgusting drunk wants to cover their faces and salute a dead man with a moustache from Austria. It’s time to draw the line.

Talking seems no longer to work, rational speech and dialogue has long gone, that’s what the racists want. No come back and nothing to be accountable for. A monkey chant because the opposition has a person of colour in their ranks is fine, even when that same person of colour misses a penalty, then even if he is of the same origin, his colour will make him an outcast. Personally I’m sick of it, and yes these are only words, but it has to go further. And I make no apologies whatsoever. If Marcus Rashford and his agents desire to make him into some groundbreaking food guru is cool, then slotting the person who attacks him because of his colour becomes fair game. It’s got to that point.

We can’t keep on talking, hate, bullying and racist abuse stops when the talking stops. Oh, hang on, when the talking stops what else do we have ? Dialogue is dead, UEFA, the pathetic supporters of racism with their small time fines are supporting everything they purport to be disgusted with. ThIs corrupt and disgusting organisation does nothing to stop hate, with all due respects a years wages as a fine for a B&Q employee wont stop the filth that England’s players had to put up with tonight. No way. That’s not a fine, in fact that’s really not fine.

England players of colour were abused tonight, and nothing will be done by the governing bodies who are meant to stand for them, and to defend them. And by that I mean by their side, equal and undivided. The time for dialogue is over, our tolerance of hate has gone far enough, and anyone who defends it is as much to blame as the monkey chanting, disgusting filth that instigate it.

You make your choice from here on in, hate isn’t acceptable, dressed up or obvious, the talking and dialogue is over. It’s not UEFA’s move any more, its ours.

Photographs licensed from Reuters

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