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Swansea City was a waste of my time
Sunday, 10th Oct 2021 09:00 by David Cornish

Ex Swansea City player Kieron Freeman has recalled his time at Swansea City and summed it up as a ‘waste of time’ The defender brought in to Swansea in January this year for a hundred thousand pound fee spoke out against his old clubs, and not just the swans, in a pretty scathing interview with Portsmouth newspaper ‘The News’ It gives a real insight in to the entitled opinion of a footballer who has earned thousands, but still remains completely oblivious as to the chances he has been offered.

Haven been given opportunities at Swindon Town, then Swansea City Freeman seems to think that the football world owes him a living. That’s how it comes across in any event. Not once when reflecting on the fact, even when he was at Swindon Town he just may well not have been good enough. Let alone when at Swansea City. Signed as basic, and emergency cover for the likes of Connor Roberts and Jake Bidwell, Freeman genuinely seems to think he could walk straight into a side that was on the brink of promotion back to the premier league. The way he explains his situation over a two year period it most certainly gives the impression of an entitled footballer - who thinks by virtue of the fact he is at a club he deserves to get a game. Astonishing really.

He started off by complaining about Sheffield United. ‘I wasted two years of my career just sitting about doing nothing. The previous time I was playing regularly was when Sheffield United were on the verge of going to the Premier League and I was playing international football for Wales. That was 2018-19”

Let’s stop there Kieron, he played for Wales in a defeat against Albania, that was it. Commendable I agree, but come on.

Continuing his moaning about how hard his career has been for two years Freeman went on. Even then It’s pretty difficult to try and get a grasp of where he is coming from. ‘With Sheffield United doing so well and not changing the team, I then didn’t get a chance to play. It is what it is, that’s how football works sometimes. ‘In the last year of my contract, I had a lot of clubs wanting to take me, but they wouldn’t let me leave. ‘I was offered a new United deal and basically it was out of my hands without me knowing. By the time I found out, the contract was gone, my agent was useless”

Freeman in his only appearance for Swansea City, against Man City in the FA Cup

‘When I returned from Covid in January I had played two games and, on deadline day, Swansea bought me for around £100,000. ‘I’d gone from playing in the Premier League, to a free transfer unable to get a club, to playing for Swindon and then, three weeks later, bought by a Championship club! ‘Swansea were second and pushing to go into the Premier League, how do you say no to that? You can't really. ‘I ended up playing one game there and that was against Manchester City. Still, how can you say no? ‘Having said that, it was a waste of time really, a waste of everyone’s time. ‘Nothing against the club, it’s a great club, really well run with some fantastic people, but, for my career, it was a waste of time.’

When you read things like these comments attributed to Freeman it really does make you think. He knew he was signed on a very short term contract, six months to be precise, and he knew that Steve Cooper was never going to pick him when he had far better players to choose from. Players like Kyle Naughton, Connor Roberts and Jake Bidwell for starters.

Having been given an opportunity at Swansea Freeman didn’t take it. Even Steve Cooper commented on his arrival positively, but Freeman didn’t take the opportunity handed to him. Cooper stated at the time “We’re really happy that Kerion’s joined us. It happened later than we would have liked, but it’s done now and we’ve got good strength in depth on the right. “The more players you can bring in with the experience of winning promotion the better. Kieron really does that. “We had to bring in bodies, now we’ve done that it’s about putting it all together.”

Sometimes, no matter what job you do there comes a time when a task or challenge presented to you results in a failure or under achievement. When it’s presented to you on numerous occasions and you still don’t make the grade there’s always a few alternatives. In Freeman’s case it could well be ‘ buy yourself a mirror’ have a look in to it, and then ask yourself some real searching questions.

He also doesn’t seem to understand that the reason why he is at Portsmouth, albeit at a lower level that clearly suits him, he is there because of Swansea City, not despite them. Had he not been signed by the swans the likelihood of him getting a contract on the south coast would be far more difficult. The fact he got one should register, even in Freeman’s mind that it was the swans that elevated him to a position where he became far more desirable. It really does make you wonder why some footballers are allowed the time and grace to speak to the press when all they can do is blame others and not see the real reason why they ‘failed’ And Kieron Freeman failed, however it is clearly not his fault. Not once does he face up to that at any time in his interview, all he does is blame a few ex agents and then the clubs he was paid handsomely for to represent.

He goes on “It was a no-brainer signing for Portsmouth,I was sick and tired of waiting around. What happened to me over that period made me stronger, mentally it helped me understand what I wanted”

The fact he possibly wasn’t good enough doesn’t seem to resonate with him.

And that’s the truth of the matter Mr Freeman, accept it, get used to it and enjoy whatever time you have left being paid to play football. One day those memories that you have soured by complaining and blaming others will seem a long away away. Especially when your alarm clock goes off at 7am in the morning to start your five day week out side of football. If your lucky that is.

We really do hope you can actually join the real world at some point and understand you get what you earn in this life through hard graft. Not by pointing the finger and blaming everyone else but yourself.

Photographs licensed from Reuters

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