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Swansea City 3 v 0 Cardiff City
SkyBet Championship
Sunday, 17th October 2021 Kick-off 12:00
Swansea City end the best team in Wales conversation - with another three goal salvo
Sunday, 17th Oct 2021 22:04 by Keith Haynes

Once again Swansea City fired another missive east in the south Wales derby at the Swansea.Com stadium this weekend. Russell Martin’s troops dominated yet another derby game, oozing class and determination to not only shut up the voices from 1927 again, but also to silence those few swans fans who didn’t think it was possible.

It has been a clear mission for Russell Martin from day one, and that was only ten weeks ago, the dominant nature of total football will always win. No matter the ridiculous mantra from the Cardiff and Wales based media, full of hypocrisy and dirge, built on a non transparent and biased viewpoint, and that’s the real hilarious rude awakening, Cardiff were dreadful. For anyone who has watched football for five minutes to genuinely believe that a dinosaur like Mick McCarthy could for one moment construct anything other than a laughable surrender to a football master class is beyond laughable. And, it also leaves Cardiff fans in a state of disgust.

For a striker like Kieffer Moore to be exposed to such basic and ill thought our tactics, and yes, a full Wales international, on a day when serious pride is at stake was absolutely pathetic. The south Wales derby requires real commitment, it really does need a team to not just pick up their undeserved pay cheques, it needs total commitment to the real people who deserve it. Cardiff City were a joke in this weekends derby game, and for football lovers everywhere that’s an appalling shame. South Wales deserves two teams willing to lay down their souls for their clubs. This weekend there was only one team with the ambition and dedication to show who is best.

And it wasn’t Cardiff City.

All we heard from the balding and aged media from Cardiff last week was what they deserve, and what they can do, and pathetically what they will do to the swans. To even compare these two sides as lower table equals was the first joke this week. To then believe that a pterodactyl like McCarthy had even the remotest idea how to inflict a defeat on the swans proved once again how misinformed the Welsh media is. Built on a sweating armpit, and two hour whisky lunches in Westgate Street, they genuinely believed that this Cardiff side had even the remotest chance of doing anything in this Welsh derby, and that alone today will have most serious football fans in stitches.

Cardiff City are not in the year 1971 nor 1927, it’s 2021 for gods sake, and I feel genuinely embarrassed for fans of the bluebirds who have to witness such lethargy and negativity almost every time Swansea City play them. We want a ferocious and hard fought derby, not another quitting Cardiff side who can’t even be bothered to represent the shirt they should wear with pride. At no point in this derby game did Swansea ever look like they would lose. And once again, despite the ridicule that suggests the swans are a boring and endless passing side, we saw total football win the day.

This wasn’t a derby classic for one reason, only one side bothered to turn up, yes, only one side wanted it. The goals Cardiff conceded they can only dream about scoring. All season their punt and run football has the stamp of McCarthy all over it. Dinosaur football, when you might get a goal if you hit it high enough and hard enough, well Mick, it didn't come off. That’s an embarrassment in 2021. And referencing Kieffer Moore again, OUR Wales striker who is being undermined, and subjected to the pathetic tactics he had to endure in this derby, that’s really upsetting. This guy graced the Euros, he wore his red shirt with pride, but in the derby he was left as a lone runner, totally unsupported and lost. McCarthy should be ashamed of himself.

No football fan needs to witness this type of abject failure from their team.

Conversely Swansea City were magnificent, from the back to the front they played this so called football team from Cardiff off the park. Matt Grimes looked hungry, his partner in crime Flynn Downes majestically pulled the strings, whilst Jamie Paterson played his best game, possibly ever. Russell Martin eulogised over his overall game post match, Even at Paterson’s age he can clearly learn and understand this new ‘Swansea way’ Paterson was a colossus from minute one. Cardiff couldn’t get near him. Ethan Laird came of age as he tormented and ran down the Cardiff defence, but it was Jamie Paterson who shone so brightly.

The swans first goal, a memorable derby moment, then his two wonderful assists destroyed any thoughts of a Cardiff victory. Paterson’s persistent running and domination throughout the ninety minutes was incredible. To see Ben Hamer smiling and putting his foot on the ball with absolutely no pressure from the opposition was astonishing. Cardiff were awful, but then again Swansea were magnificent, Russell Martin has promised all along during his tenure, that his philosophy relies upon dominant football, and today he delivered. Cardiff had no answer whatsoever. It’s been the case for nearly 25 Welsh derby years. Nothing has changed, apart from the way Cardiff are defeated.

This weekend we saw a swans side full of confidence, full of commitment, and so well drilled the oppositions efforts to nullify them were pointless. Sometimes you have to admit defeat. Some of us saw this defeat etched all over McCarthys face from the off, and no matter who he had to choose from today it would have been pointless. Once again Swansea City won the day, and once again the old men of Westgate Street are scratching their heads. Not because they don’t understand what went wrong, but because they live in a time when dinosaurs roamed the land, yes, back when the likes of Mick McCarthy got his first tactics board. Back in a time when if you rubbed two sticks together hard enough you may just get a spark. And by that I don’t mean a flint, albeit if the Cardiff players in this latest Welsh derby had a choice I would hazard a guess Flint in north Wales wouldn’t be far enough away.

Photographs licensed from Reuters

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