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Swindon Town 0 v 2 Forest Green Rovers
SkyBet League Two
Saturday, 7th March 2020 Kick-off 15:00

Voting was locked for this match at midnight on Sunday 8th March but you may still add your mini match reports. Note that members and non-members alike were able to vote.

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Paul Caddis0.0
Rarmani Edmonds-Green0.0
Zeki Fryers0.0
Robert Hunt0.0
Anthony Grant0.0
Keshi Anderson0.0
Michael Doughty0.0
Diallang Jaiyesimi0.0
Eoin Doyle0.0
Jerry Yates0.0
Lloyd Isgrove0.0
Hallam Hope0.0
Admiral Muskwe0.0
0.0Lewis Thomas
0.0Dom Bernard
0.0Carl Winchester
0.0Matt Stevens
0.0Ebou Adams
0.0Elliott Frear
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0.0Nathan McGinley
0.0Udoka Godwin-Malife
0.0Jack Aitchison
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Your Swindon Town v Forest Green Rovers Match Reports

R_in_Sweden added 17:25 - Nov 10

Immensely frustrating to watch, yet somehow inevitable. Played the better football, had most possession, created most chances. Picked the side that most posters on this site wanted. Still came away empty handed. Where do we go from here?

highlandbill added 18:01 - Nov 10

Yes I was happier with the selection today but would have preferred Hill & Mackie to have been in the mix. This more ballanced side has more or less evolved rather than be chosen by the manager.All other teams picked up a point or 2 today so we slip further adrift. I expect to see MH go during the course of the week & if not after the Southampton game unless we win by a bundle.Good to see a bit of backbone come into our play. I guess that despite poor morale some of the players are now playing for personal pride.

BirminghamR added 19:56 - Nov 10

Hughes has just got to stick with it - and hope for some luck before the elbow
His team was the best poss today ( Diakete, Granero, faurlin together)and set up tactically ok
However if we are playing with one up front we need one of the three mids to do a Kevin Nolan and bomb forward to add support in the centre.
Seems like tempramentally each of our mids prefer to stay centre park and pick a pass. Problem is - to whom? Suggest Diakete is best placed to do a Vierra and add some support to Cisse with strong runns from mid.
Sparky- you're hangin by a thread. Hope your luck turns

gobbles added 21:15 - Nov 10

Can't see how anyone can see that as the best possible team. We lack bodies in the box and some threat in front of goal, yet persist with a lone striker. The very brief period that Zamora and Cisse played together last season they looked fantastic. Yet Hughes doesn't seem keen on that possibility at all. Faurlin, Granero and Diakite look great passing sideways, I'd rather have players who stick the ball in the net.

snanker added 21:24 - Nov 10

Gee a goal conceded from a set piece the usual lack of fortune, the same old Hughes blurb, the same old relegation ingredients, please Southampton score a late equaliser next week and give the R's board enough spine to rid us off this amateur hour shite ! How grim does this has to get before someone at the top makes the call on this "management" team ! Nineteen games without a win ! For crying out loud !

MelakaRanger added 22:12 - Nov 10

We had the greater possession yet come the 18 yard box we were gutless, as we have been all season.

Taarabt currently fans MOM. No way!

Once again his selfishness cost us at least one goal. Does he ever look up to see who is around him to pass to? Does he ever stop showboating? Always trying to be too clever.

I haven't heard the after match press conferences but I am sure it will be full of the usual excuses. I have been a supporter of Hughes throughout but enough is enough. Hughes is utterly clueless on how to get this bunch of players playing as a team.

There is no way Tony F is going to sack him this week. He would look completely stupid in light of all his recent comments. But I feel anything but a win next week against Southampton will see him go


Nov77 added 00:33 - Nov 11

Melaka, who do you think set up the chance for Granero?

MelakaRanger added 00:39 - Nov 11

True at times he has a spark of brilliance but far too often he is selfish and doesn't think. He should have scored last week but chose to be 'clever'. He should have scored this week but chose to be 'clever'.

If we were in the top 10 you could perhaps excuse such behavior but rooted to the bottom we need team players not showboating individuals.

We will only get out of this mess if we play as a team, so far Adel and regrettably many others do not play as members of a team.

Kaos_Agent added 00:54 - Nov 11

Lots of possession means nothing if we can't create scoring opportunities and then finish them. This team has looked unconvincing all season in the final third. The result is particularly annoying given that MH finally fielded the side that we wanted to see.

Dennick added 01:58 - Nov 11

Agree with Melaka on Taarabt, Bosingwa frustrates the life out of me he gives the ball away so often and I doubt the chairmans "total support" speech will feature again for the current managment group. I'd like to see us get Raheem Stirling back or someone of similar talent and age and build a team round them, to many playing for their retirement to do QPR any good at the moment.

MelakaRanger added 05:19 - Nov 11

Yes Dennick. Bosingwa blows hot and cold. Its like he is simply here for the ride. He looked great on paper but in real life hes shown to be less than satisfactory.

There's a reason why the 'stars' that QPR have picked up recently have not had their contracts renewed or have been let go - Barton, SWP, Ferdinand, Bosingwa, Green, Zamora, Park to name but a few.

But in all of this I feel for Tony F. He has backed the manager, he has backed the players (paying them fortunes) and tried his best to encourage Hughes and his entourage, yet bottom with no wins is his reward. If this performance had been from Air Asia staff and management I am sure they wouldn't still be employed by Air Asia!!

Next week is looking even more like the make or break game for this season. Even Tony is saying its a 'must win' so I guess he too is considering it to be decision time next weekend


QPRNZ added 05:50 - Nov 11

You would normally say that this was a good away performance, and that QPR deserved at least a draw, but the preceding 10 games colour this feeling. At last we got the line-up everyone has been asking for with Granero, Diakite and Faurlin all in midfield. To me it seemed to have the desired effect, although there still seems to be a dearth of clear cut chances produced up front. I thought we defended well although once again an awful goal conceded where we had at least 3 chances to clear. I feel less despondent this week despite the result although time really seems to running on whilst we wait for the results to come. If we carry on playing like this surely results must start to come!!???

snanker added 10:58 - Nov 11

QPRKiwi......wishful thinking,fingers crossed scenario is a sign of the times desperate reach coz if it wasn't for your compatriot showing antipodean spine we wouldn't even have 4 points on the board ! Hughes is rapidly on his way to becoming the new Brian Robson in managerial terms ! What's Brian up to these daze, maybe MH can touch base for a pep talk !

Doughnut added 11:21 - Nov 11

This team haven't got a win in them. You can see it every weekend. We've been playing since early August and STILL haven't won a game! I actually didn't feel the usual hurt yesterday, I've become insensitive to defeat and that bothers me. What does it take for the penny to drop?? This guy's a loser and will take our team down with him if something isn't done very soon. Yes, 'much more possession', 'right team'....'not getting the results we deserve, 'unlucky''....blah blahh...blah
We've played 11 games, nearly a third of the season, with MH. Can't afford to squander any more. A new manager is a must, but a haunting thought, that troubles me more and more every week now is.... is this team good enough?? I know on paper it should be, but is it?? Or do we have a team not good enough for the Premier League, despite all the millions lavished on it?

e1337prodigy added 16:14 - Nov 11

Same old story. We are not taking our chances. Saw Swansea's highlights last night, Nathan Dyer had one chance and took it. We are not taking ours, either poor decision making or just terrible shooting/ball control. Also there were a few times when a QPR player would run at Stoke defence and no other players would support him. Just all stand there ball watching. MH did nothing wrong as far as I can see, picked the right team, right tactics. Everything was going well, just one poor mistake and Stoke take there chance and we didn't take ours.

derbyhoop added 19:39 - Nov 11

Our season in 90 minutes. Good possession football, not enough threat, one mistake, one goal conceded. Game over.

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