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Wales v Romania 1993 S4C 23:22 - Aug 23 with 3498 viewssketty_jack

Anyone watching this right now? Was only 9 at the time but remember the flair and the penalty well. Could hear the bangs on the tv after the eaquliser....very chilling.

Wales v Romania 1993 S4C on 23:28 - Aug 23 with 3484 viewsepaul

was that the 5-0 drubbing?

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Wales v Romania 1993 S4C on 23:31 - Aug 23 with 3477 viewsDevz00

I haven't bothered watching this just in case I spew when Paul Bodin hits the bar.

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Wales v Romania 1993 S4C on 23:35 - Aug 23 with 3474 viewssketty_jack

No think we needed to win to go to the world cup in america but we only got a draw if i remember right. Paul Bodin hit the bar with a pen straight after we equalised and a guy was killed by a flair that went straight across the pitch into the other stand.

Wales v Romania 1993 S4C on 05:20 - Aug 24 with 3415 viewsEdmundo

Watched 2nd half, knew what was coming, whick made it hard to accept, how close we came...was bodin the official penalty taker att?

Thought there were other better quality pwn takers on the field!

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Wales v Romania 1993 S4C on 07:12 - Aug 24 with 3394 viewsorion3016

That's the most disappointed I had ever felt watching a game
Awful what happened to the bloke from Merthyr after some idiot let off a flare

Be over there now after


Wales v Romania 1993 S4C on 08:05 - Aug 24 with 3376 viewshooplehead

remember it very well....I was actually a steward at the game.........the only time i ever did it

Wales v Romania 1993 S4C on 14:16 - Aug 24 with 3270 viewsjack_lord

I was completely gutted as the atmosphere was bouncing and I was going to the States anyway.

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Wales v Romania 1993 S4C on 14:27 - Aug 24 with 3260 viewsdameedna

cant remember anything about the game but sat about 20m to the left the guy hit by the flare

i recall it was by somone from north wales or england, the police told me, what happened to the guy who let it off?

i remember bodin hitting the bar as i was with cardiff mates so at least i had something to wind them up about
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Wales v Romania 1993 S4C on 17:24 - Aug 24 with 3224 viewsJacksawayatWalesgame

I think the guy who set off the flare was from somewhere in North-East Wales. He went to jail for a few years as a result, if I remember rightly.

Also, I think the particular flare was set off a few moments after the final whistle, not after the equaliser.

The son of the man who died was sitting right next to him, must have been awful.

I couldn't watch the programme last night, didn't really want to re-live it. We'd really thought we were on our way to USA '94.
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Wales v Romania 1993 S4C on 18:00 - Aug 24 with 3189 viewsGiff

The following Saturday Bodin scored a penalty for his club - Swindon I think.

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