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Happy Birthday 09:10 - Sep 20 with 1893 viewssimmo

To Clive.

I think we’ll all agree that the QPR world would be a much poorer place without the work he puts into the previews, articles, reports, etc that help us process the bad times and re-live the good. It opens him up to a lot of unnecessary abuse and grief too but he powers through and I think we’re all very glad he does.

Have a good one mate x

ask Beavis I get nothing Butthead


Happy Birthday on 09:11 - Sep 20 with 1886 viewsNorthernr

Are you still pissd?
Happy Birthday on 09:14 - Sep 20 with 1865 viewssimmo

Happy Birthday on 09:11 - Sep 20 by Northernr

Are you still pissd?

Nah I’m drunk on appreciation! (and beer)

Also I know how we live, there may not be many more birthdays to celebrate...
[Post edited 20 Sep 2018 9:46]

ask Beavis I get nothing Butthead


Happy Birthday on 09:20 - Sep 20 with 1838 viewsWokingR

Ale Faurlin says Happy Birthday Clive


Happy Birthday on 09:23 - Sep 20 with 1821 viewsDejR_vu

Bit old fashioned, so I've up-arrowed with a metaphorical, British stiff upper lip, pat on the back.


Happy Birthday on 09:24 - Sep 20 with 1815 viewsfrancisbowles

A very happy birthday Clive.

My Rrrrs experience would be a whole lot worse without this site.
It helps to keep me smiling through the bad times.

Happy Birthday on 09:44 - Sep 20 with 1762 viewsDorse

Cheers Clive - have a good one. May your Nandos be ever cheeky.

'What do we want? We don't know! When do we want it? Now!'

Happy Birthday on 10:25 - Sep 20 with 1703 viewssmegma

Happy Birthday on 09:44 - Sep 20 by Dorse

Cheers Clive - have a good one. May your Nandos be ever cheeky.

And the Peronis be ice cold and plentiful

Happy Birthday on 10:32 - Sep 20 with 1689 viewsMick_S

Happy birthday Clive. May your pen never run out of ink.

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
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Happy Birthday on 21:16 - Sep 20 with 1519 viewsLeedsR

Nice one Clive! Happy Birthday and all that!! Have a good one and I hope to one day be able to get you several drinks as a small token of gratitude for all your hard work and great writing on this site.

Happy Birthday on 21:22 - Sep 20 with 1509 viewsbosh67

Yeah but what has Clive ever done for us?

Happy birthday and thanks for keeping us poor souls together.

Never knowingly right.
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Happy Birthday on 23:10 - Sep 20 with 1441 viewsBenny_the_Ball

Happy Birthday Clive. Running this site may feel like a thankless task sometimes but believe me your efforts are appreciated.

Happy Birthday on 23:43 - Sep 20 with 1419 viewslondonscottish

Happy birthday Clive. Love what you and your crowd do. It's rare.

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Happy Birthday on 00:43 - Sep 21 with 1392 viewstimcocking

Happy birthday esteemed leader.

I haven't missed one of your articles...ever? You should release the match reports in a book...

Happy Birthday on 03:04 - Sep 21 with 1374 viewsSonofNorfolt

Wouldn't know a football if it hit him in the face by a fully fit 1975 Peter Lorimer.

I'm not sure whether I will ever let him buy me a pint again.

Routledge, all day long BTW x

Happy Birthday on 03:49 - Sep 21 with 1357 viewsjonno

Agree with everybody else, many happy returns Clive. Always thought the work you do was great, but it's even more important for us ex-pats who are a long way from Loftus Road! Cheers.

Happy Birthday on 05:47 - Sep 21 with 1340 viewsQPRski

Have a wonderful Birthday!

I have not missed an article in years. Your work is a fundamental part of my QPR experience, which is now even richer by access to QPR+ streams. Please keep up your great efforts.

“Sto Lat” and “Na Zdrowie” as they say in this part of the world.


Happy Birthday on 07:04 - Sep 21 with 1323 viewskropotkin41

Penblywdd Hapus, Clive, as some people in Wales say.

‘morbid curiosity about where this is all going’


Happy Birthday on 07:52 - Sep 21 with 1294 viewsfunkyworm

Happy Birthday Clive. Your writing style is most entertaining and gives a good account of QPR for someone who doesn’t have regular exposure to QPR. 🍻🥃🍸


An American

Happy Birthday on 09:09 - Sep 21 with 1246 viewsBlue_Castello

This site is incredibly special for all Rs fans worldwide, we are lucky to still be able to visit the ground every home game but there's a huge amount who have moved abroad for mainly family reasons. I can see how important it is for all fans who can't make the games for whatever reason but it's just as important for us who attend regularly and are addicted to all things QPR.

Without wishing to go overboard your journalistic professionalism and your superb sense of humour is superb creating excellent informed content, then we have the Forum which is a very enjoyable "Debating" society.

Belated Happy Birthday Mateeeeeee
Happy Birthday on 09:25 - Sep 21 with 1223 viewsToast_R

Happy Birthday on 09:20 - Sep 20 by WokingR

Ale Faurlin says Happy Birthday Clive

Happy Birthday Clive.

Quick quiz question...
This picture of Ale Faurlin, the shirt he is wearing is that of the promotion season of 2010/11. That year the Football League was sponsored by NPower but on his sleeve he's donning the previous Football League sponsor - Coca-Cola.

How can this be?

Happy Birthday on 09:45 - Sep 21 with 1205 viewsNorthernr

cheers kids
Happy Birthday on 10:05 - Sep 21 with 1177 views18StoneOfHoop

Happy Birthday on 09:45 - Sep 21 by Northernr

cheers kids

Maybe belatedly birthday beatles
(Less off-seasons,snaps and gratuitous americanisms,
more long bizarre brilliant intros in the next year,please.)

[Post edited 21 Sep 2018 10:15]

'I'm 18 with a bullet.Got my finger on the trigger,I'm gonna pull it.." Love,Peace and Fook Chelski! More like 20StoneOfHoop now. Let's face it I'm not getting any thinner. Pass the cake and pies please.


Happy Birthday on 10:12 - Sep 21 with 1161 viewsDesertBoot

Happy Birthday Clive and thankyou for the outstanding writing that informs and entertains.

Wish I could be like David Watts


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