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Loanees 12:29 - Oct 15 with 989 viewsderbyhoop

How many have we got out on loan, now?

Hammelainen - Kilmarnock
Kakay - Partick Thistle
Smyth - Wycombe
Phillips - Wycombe
Dieng - Doncaster
Oteh - Bradford City
Alfa - Billericay
Kefalas - Billericay
Tyla Dickinson
Charlie Owens - Barnet

Any I've missed?
Just seems like a lot of players, many of whom have got little or no chance of breaking into first team.
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Loanees on 12:50 - Oct 15 with 942 viewsRblockPrior

From those I can't see any of them making our first team, possibly Hammelainen who has had a great start up in Scotland and has been very important for Kilmarnock

Poll: Of the 3 linked away, who do you think will still be a QPR player come February?


Loanees on 13:34 - Oct 15 with 873 viewsEsox_Lucius

Themis Kefalas who came on in the second half at Billericay Town last Saturday.
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The grass is always greener.


Loanees on 13:45 - Oct 15 with 851 viewscyprusmel

Smythe must have a chance.

Loanees on 13:54 - Oct 15 with 838 viewsQPR_Jim

I think Oteh scored at the weekend for Bradford.

Phillips seems to be getting a decent amount of game time at Wycombe

Loanees on 14:01 - Oct 15 with 828 viewsaston_hoop

Given that Smith, Amos, Hugill, Wells and Mlakar could all return to their parent clubs next year and Eze, Chair, Manning, Maybe Lumley could attract cash offers that we accept, there is absolutely no harm this lot being out for a year and see if they are good enough. We might need them!
Loanees on 14:02 - Oct 15 with 825 viewsloftboy

Loanees on 13:54 - Oct 15 by QPR_Jim

I think Oteh scored at the weekend for Bradford.

Phillips seems to be getting a decent amount of game time at Wycombe

He did indeed. Hopefully be ready to step up when Wells/Hugill go back next season.

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Poll: Seeing as the bottom 3 have hit some form. How many points = safety this year


Loanees on 14:39 - Oct 15 with 772 viewssmegma

Apart from Kakay and Hamalainen, they've hardly kicked a ball for any length of time.
Loanees on 15:54 - Oct 15 with 703 viewsoldmisery

Loanees on 14:02 - Oct 15 by loftboy

He did indeed. Hopefully be ready to step up when Wells/Hugill go back next season.

Not sure about Hugill but Wells is out of contract in August (when he will have already turned 30) so there may be a reasonable chance that he could sign permanently if both parties are in agreement and his wage demands are acceptable to the club.
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Loanees on 15:11 - Oct 18 with 415 viewsLazyFan

I think these have a chance:


Given that our defence is leaky, if they can step up the defenders in the above list could make it. Remember Furlong actually excelled more in our first team than out on loan. So, we need to see them do the loans, not screw up and then test them in the first team. Risky, but no more risky than the massive risk we took this year in changing everything!

Smyth imho is already ready for the 1st team subs bench. We should have kept him and not loaned the Brighton player. Would have saved some money that. And prepped Smyth more for the Championship. A mistake that one. But that could be rectified in Jan. Bring him back and play him. What happens if Wells gets injured? I prefer Smyth than the Brighton loanee.

Dieng clearly has great potential, always seems to have an interest around him.

Oteh won't make it on current form I am seeing. Unless ther is a dramatic change. The rest must be too early to say.



Loanees on 15:26 - Oct 18 with 405 viewsaston_hoop

Only noticed today but Dieng is actually our oldest goalkeeper
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